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Christmas in Cannadorra

Are you wondering how Christmas takes place in Cannadorra? What are our family traditions? What gifts do we have and how much do we look forward to Advent time? :-) You don't know us like this!


Christmas by Jakub

Jakub handles customer requirements for Czech and German customers. He is also in charge of wholesale. She will spend her Christmas with her girlfriend and their dog.

Jakub And His Christmas

When you say Christmas, what do you imagine?

Certainly peace, quiet and no unnecessary stress.

What do you like most about Christmas? Do you have any traditions that you follow?

At Christmas, I like to spend time together with my family. And tradition? We try to follow them with my girlfriend. For example, we cut apples, but most of all we love to cast lead because we keep the castings as a keepsake.

What about gifts?

Since I work with many great products in the company, I have largely taken care of gifts. Hemp oil is in the first place at our home. A girlfriend cannot praise him because she uses it in the kitchen, as well as on her body and hair.


Christmas by the invoice clerk Lucie

Lucie From Cannadorra

Lucka takes care of all our invoices and ensures the operation of the Jihlava office. She is the mother of two small children ... but you will find out for yourself :-).

Luci, what do you like the most at Christmas?

I have two young children, so I look forward to their joy at the tree, the smell of candy, with which the children love to help me and watching fairy tales together.

Do you follow any traditions?

With children, we mistletoe hanging on the ceiling.

What about gifts? How does it work for you?

Of course, gifts are carried by our baby Jesus, but we have to help him so that he does not have much, such as products of Cannadorra. For me, the most popular is hemp tea, suitable for both children and adults.


Sasha and her Christmas

Alexandra And Christmas Time

Alexandra - Sasha is not from the Czech Republic, but still speaks fluent Czech and she and her boyfriend honor the Christmas holidays. He is in charge of a lot in Cannadorra, most of which is now devoted to foreign trade.

Christmas - what do they mean for you?

When I hear the word Christmas I immediately imagine a snowy village with ornate houses and warmth in the windows. Christmas is also associated with rest and peace, home comfort.

What do you like most about Christmas?

Most of all, I like Christmas when the whole family meets and after a busy day of cooking they relax and celebrate. Certainly very important to me is the pre-Christmas atmosphere - drinking mulled wine, Christmas songs, the chaos around gift shopping, snow (I still hope this year it comes :( )

What about gifts? Have you already solved?

I love giving, especially when I see the joy on the faces of the gifted. It is more difficult for parents to choose, because drawing is not enough, as it was in childhood :D In many ways it helps me to choose a gift from our products. Over time, I realize that one of the most important is the health of parents. And because we recently released a new product - CBD capsules - this year it will surely lie under their Christmas tree.


Soňa Fašínová and her concept of Christmas

Sona Fasinova

Soník is currently on maternity leave and is working part-time for Cannadorra. It checks bank accounts and pays for everything that is needed. She also takes care of the good mood in the team. Helped by her husband (and at the same time production director of Cannadorra) and their two cute children.

Soní - Christmas .. what does it mean for you at home?

Fairy tales, gifts, family gatherings, and homemade egg liqueur, yummy...

How about gifts this year?

The family traditionally receives gifts from Cannadorra. I prefer CBD hemp oil for its versatile use. 

Christmas at Renata in Jihlava

Renata Cannadorra

Renata Šimoníková prepares packages in Jihlava warehouse and sends them to customers. She also has a beautiful little daughter with whom she spends Christmas.

When you say "Christmas" - what do you imagine?

Meeting the whole family, peace and beautiful Christmas atmosphere.

What do you like most about Christmas? Do you have any traditions that you follow?

Family is a pile - this is probably the greatest tradition for me :-) We like to watch fairy tales, go to mass, let go of nuts and cut apples.

How about gifts?

I have very good experience with hemp and tea tree oil - it helps me personally with aphthae, insect bites, various abrasions, I use with my daughter to prevent everything that is a common problem at school ... it is a versatile gift that makes you happy and my loved ones :-)


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Cannadorra wishes you a wonderful Christmas, full of peace and quiet and we look forward to seeing you next year! 




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