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CBD oil 10%, broad-spectrum, (no THC) 10ml

CBD oil - Food supplement, broad-spectrum of cannabinoids, mixed with ...

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CBD hemp tea 1,6%, 35 g

Hemp herb with a high content of CBD grown in EU, 35g.

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CBD capsules - 100 pieces (* 1000 mg CBD)

CBD capsules - this dietary supplement combines the high-quality coconut ...

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CBD Hemp oil 10%, 10ml

CBD Oil - food supplement, full-spectrum of cannabinoids, 970mg CBD oil ...

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CBD warming gel

CBD warming gel - contains 50mg of CBD. It is suitable for rapid relief of ...

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CBD coconut oil, 30ml

CBD coconut oil - a food supplement is a unique blend of high-quality ...

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Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin,...

Hemp ointment with hemp and marigold extract is beneficial for skin ...

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CBG hemp oil 5%,10ml

Hemp oil enriched with CBG 5% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

Sales price: 39,90 €
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    Allergies in dogs: how to treat without medication?

    Do you suspect that your dog suffers from an allergy? Is he constantly scratching, licking himself or having digestive problems? Ignoring the symptoms of an allergy is not a good idea, otherwise they can get worse. For most allergies, the vet will prescribe common medications - we tell you how to treat allergies in dogs without medication.


    What is HHC? Effects and uses

    HHC is a relative of THC. It has almost the same effect but is undetectable in drug tests. It also occurs naturally in small quantities in CBD hemp. However, there is so little of it in the hemp plant that it has to be obtained chemically. We will tell you what HHC is, its effects, and its uses.

    Aphthous Ulcers: Causes and Treatments

    Almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant pain caused by aphthae in the mouth. Some people suffer from them, others have them only occasionally. Find out basic information and practical tips on how to treat aphthous ulcers in this article.

    What are the effects and dosage of CBN?

    CBN - cannabinol is another cannabinoid in the hemp plant that can be produced synthetically, but it also occurs naturally in the hemp plant. When the THC compounds present in hemp plants age, they break down to form CBN. Recently, more and more CBD hemp users have become interested in it. In this article, we'll give you an overview of what effects CBN has (including side effects), talk about dosage, and what products you can find it in.

CBD and Hemp Cookbook

  • Vegetable salad with hemp seeds

    Vegetable salad with hemp seeds

    Would you like to prepare something light and healthy? Try this simple and quick salad recipe which is suitable either as a main course or as a side-dish. 

    Hemp chocolate

    Hemp chocolate

    Prepare delicious homemade chocolate from hemp butter and quality cocoa.

    Green Smoothie

    Green smoothie

    A smoothie that will cleanse your body not only during the spring detox.

    Hemp banana bread

    Hemp banana bread

    Do you have guests and want to make something special for them? Bake a quick and hearty hemp banana bread.

Why use CBD oil & hemp every day?

  • CBD has great neuroprotective & anti-inflammatory
  • Hemp oil and seeds have the best ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • High level of super quality proteins
  • Essential oils to support the improvement of the brain and organs
  • Ideal for cold and warm cooking

CBD oil? Why choose Cannadorra brand

  • legal and registered food supplement
  • the full spectrum of cannabinoids or CBD isolates
  • regularly tested & EFSA safe product
  • finest nutty taste
  • maximal bioavailability thanks to unique production

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