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CBD oil 10%, broad-spectrum, (no THC) 10ml

CBD oil - Food supplement, broad-spectrum of cannabinoids, mixed with ...

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CBD hemp tea 1,6%, 35 g

Hemp herb with a high content of CBD grown in EU, 35g.

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CBD capsules - 100 pieces (* 1000 mg CBD)

CBD capsules - this dietary supplement combines the high-quality coconut ...

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CBD Hemp oil 10%, 10ml

CBD Oil - food supplement, full-spectrum of cannabinoids, 970mg CBD, mixed ...

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CBD warming gel

CBD warming gel - contains 50mg of CBD. It is suitable for rapid relief of ...

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CBD coconut oil, 30ml

CBD coconut oil - a food supplement is a unique blend of high-quality ...

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Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin,...

Hemp ointment with hemp and marigold extract is beneficial for skin ...

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CBG hemp oil 5%,10ml

Hemp oil enriched with CBG 5% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

Sales price: 39,90 €
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    10 best recipes with hemp and CBD

    The benefits of hemp and CBD products for human health are undeniable. Yet hemp is still finding its way into our kitchens. Perhaps we can speed up this process and tantalise your taste buds by presenting the 10 best recipes with hemp and CBD.


    MMA loves CBD - why?

    A tough and demanding sport, which MMA undoubtedly is, puts the highest physical and mental demands on the fighters. It requires discipline, the best physical form, and mental stability. CBD can help fighters significantly in this regard. The properties of this substance suit the needs of this sport (and not only) perfectly. Let's find out more...


    Principles of dog nutrition - should I add hemp to my dog and why?

    How often to feed the dog and what are the principles of dog nutritionists? What should I consider and what should I use to choose the right way to feed my dog? How to determine the correct feeding ratio? And why is it a good idea to give them hemp? These are all common questions that every new dog owner wonders about at first. Read this article and maybe it will help you to find your way around.


    CBD has few side effects - what are they?

    CBD has a lot of positive effects, but there are also a few side effects. Although not many, these include fatigue, nausea, and changes in appetite. If you do experience side effects, it will usually be within the first few days of taking CBD.

CBD and Hemp Cookbook

  • Would you like to prepare something light and healthy? Try this simple and quick salad recipe which is suitable either as a main course or as a side-dish. 

    10 min
    2 portion
    50 kcal

    Prepare delicious homemade chocolate from hemp butter and quality cocoa.

    20 min
    5 portion
    556 kcal

    A smoothie that will cleanse your body not only during the spring detox.

    25 min
    3 portion
    156 kcal

    Do you have guests and want to make something special for them? Bake a quick and hearty hemp banana bread.

    40 min
    8 portion
    420 kcal

Why use CBD oil & hemp every day?

  • CBD has great neuroprotective & anti-inflammatory
  • Hemp oil and seeds have the best ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • High level of super quality proteins
  • Essential oils to support the improvement of the brain and organs
  • Ideal for cold and warm cooking

CBD oil? Why choose Cannadorra brand

  • legal and registered food supplement
  • the full spectrum of cannabinoids or CBD isolates
  • regularly tested & EFSA safe product
  • finest nutty taste
  • maximal bioavailability thanks to unique production

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