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CBD oil is known to everyone. But do you know CBG hemp oil? The novelty that has enriched Cannadorras assortment last year? What is the difference between these oils? Is CBD or CBG hemp oil better for you?


What is CBD?

What is CBG?

CBD is otherwise known as cannabidiol. One of the most well-known cannabinoids in a hemp plant. It has no psychoactive effects and comes with promising effects. Every creature has an endocannabinoid system that helps the body to maintain a healthy balance. CBD indirectly slows the excretion of natural cannabinoids produced by the human body. It binds directly to cannabinoid receptors involved in physical and mental health. Helps in anxiety, chronic pain and arthritis. It helps in the treatment of cancer and reduces the growth of cancer cells.


CBG is the abbreviation for cannabigerol. It is also an effective substance in a hemp plant like CBD. It is not psychoactive, it does not act narcotically. It is represented in about 1% of the entire hemp plant. CBG is a very promising cannabinoid for the treatment of glaucoma - the use of CBG reduces eye pressure. CBG is also known for its ability to soothe pain due to its analgesic abilities. It also helps in the treatment of skin diseases. Increases the production of natural "humidifiers" on the skin - which helps dry skin. It is also a great helper in bone healing. We, therefore, recommend that you use fractures and convalescence during treatment.

Here's a brief overview of what oil we recommend choosing:  

CBD hemp oil

  • pain relief
  • help against anxiety
  • act antibacterial
  • reduces tumor growth and metastasis
  • helps with energy
  • reduces epileptic seizures
  • helps with diabetes
  • supports a healthy heartbeat
  • soothes ADS / ADHD symptoms

CBG hemp oil

  • promotes healthy brain function
  • helps with sleep
  • helps with bone growth
  • helps with stomach problems
  • reduces glaucoma

Both CBD and CBG hemp oil can be used

  • relieve inflammation
  • mitigation of depression
  • stimulates appetite
  • relief from nausea
  • helps with skin problems
  • supports immunity

Products with CBD by Cannadorra

In Cannadorra there are plenty of CBD products - oils with natural CBD content, hemp tea, liquids with CBD, coconut oil, herb for vaporization, hemp butter or cosmetics.

How to use CBD products is key to their action - we recommend always using food supplements orally, ideally half an hour before or after a meal. 

Products with Cannabigerol by Cannadorra

CBG products in our e-shop are mainly oils with CBG content, liquid and favourite CBG tea.

CBG oil is recommended to be taken orally, the tea 30 min before bedtime and the liquid serves as a filling in CBD vaporizers.

Tis CBG tea harmonizes all processes in the human body, thereby supporting ...

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Hemp oil enriched with CBG 5% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

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Hemp oil enriched with CBG 2% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

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Conclusion CBD vs. CBG hemp oil

Whatever you choose for CBD or CBG, it's always important to think about why you really want to use hemp "medicine" and choose a suitable product accordingly. If you're still unsure, you can contact us at any time. In general, CBG only works on certain issues - it can be much more effective than CBD, but the range of these issues is not comprehensive. For other issues and common, we recommend CBD products.

If you are interested in the experience of others with hemp products, check out the reviews of our customers here.

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Pavel has a great knowledge of hemp and its healing potential. In Cannadorra he advises and helps customers, he cares about their education and about the general sale.

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