What is CBD?

CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoid species discovered in the hemp plant. "Unlike its 'brother', THC, CBD is not psychoactive and studies have already shown its therapeutic effects on human health.

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What are the effects of CBD?

CBD has a wide range of effects, some of the most important of which are: sedative (lower doses), stimulant (higher doses), anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and antipsychotic.

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How CBD is produced?

CBD is produced by extraction and blending in a suitable carrier oil (hemp, MCT,...). Extraction methods are further broken down into alcohol, CO2, or a combination of CO2 and alcohol.

Cannadora CBD oil is made with the most effective alcohol extraction.

Does CBD oil appear on the drug test?

No, it won't. It can only occur if you consume very large amounts of CBD oil. Basically, you should consume several full 10 ml bottles of CBD oil per day.

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Can I use CBD during pregnancy?

Yes, CBD can be used during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women find that CBD helps with the side effects of pregnancy - such as nausea, mood swings, migraines and poor sleep.

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Can I drive after using CBD?

Yes, you can drive normally after using CBD.

However, if you are a sensitive person who finds CBD more sedating, we recommend that you ideally time your CBD use at least an hour before your planned car journey.

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Does CBD cause addiction?

No, CBD is not addictive.

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How long does the effect of CBD last?

The effect of CBD depends on how CBD is used. Vaporising CBD is the fastest way to produce the effects (within 20 minutes), but here the CBD effect wears off very quickly (within about an hour). For example, CBD capsules take about 50 minutes to start working, but can take up to 8 hours.

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Can CBD be given in children?

Yes, CBD can be used for children. However, we recommend starting with lower doses and choosing a lower concentration of CBD.

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How to use CBD?

CBD can be used in different forms, the most common are:

It always depends on the problem to be solved and the speed and duration of the effects. Although vaping is the quickest to take effect, it does not last as long as, for a CBD capsule.

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Additional information

Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain the legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for the production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for CBD extraction, tea, and ointments & cosmetics. All our products are NOT psychoactive. offers a complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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