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We all age, but ageing is still an individual process that everyone experiences in their own way. The older we get, the more our body wears out and with this in mind, various diseases or symptoms of ageing may appear that everyone wants to get rid of. And in order not to cause further harm to the body, many are looking for alternatives, one of which is cannabidiol. What are the TOP 7 benefits of using CBD for seniors?


We have written a lot about cannabidiol, a substance derived from the hemp plant, and how it works in our bodies. Still, if you do remember how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, then you can check out our articles below:

Unfortunately, many older adults do not know what and how much CBD can improve their quality of life. Additionally, CBD has many uses - oral, topical, etc. that can help you choose the right one for a variety of problems.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits CBD can bring to the elderly.

1. CBD is excellent at relieving pain

Pain is a condition that almost every elderly person experience. Most of them suffer from chronic pain or arthritis. Since these issues are significant, they are high on our list. And the good news is that CBD can help alleviate these conditions.

Research has shown that it can reduce inflammation and relieve pain in conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and multiple sclerosis (MS).

By activating the C1 and C2 receptors, according to another study, CBD reduces pain-related symptoms and above all with little or no side effects.

In such cases, topical creams and gels that can be applied directly to the affected area are also effective remedies for various muscle and joint pains.

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2. CBD can improve bone health

This is also very important as our bones wear out and become brittle as we age. In such cases, a condition such as osteoporosis can occur. During osteoporosis, our bones lose vital minerals and become brittle and fragile, making them more prone to deterioration.

According to the research, consuming CBD may help you heal from a fracture faster and support bone health.

It turns out that osteoporosis is the leading cause of death in men over 60 and 33% of women and 25% of men over 50 suffer from osteoporotic fractures, making this a serious problem for the older generation (US statistics).

Research has shown that cannabinoids like CBD can not only reduce inflammation and repair cells but also strengthen bones and even support the healing process in the event of a fracture.

3. CBD can help improve sleep

Insomnia is a disease that affects half of humanity, regardless of age or gender.

Experts speculate that this is caused by changes in sleep patterns with age, as well as chemical imbalances due to illness and medication.

Since sleep is the time our bodies detoxify and repair itself, conditions that interfere with sleep are extremely harmful to the elderly. By combating conditions that cause sleep disorders such as stress, anxiety, anxiety, and general imbalances in the body, CBD can improve and naturally promote healthier sleep. More importantly, it can help prevent harmful sleeping pills from being taken. 

4. CBD helps fight drug addiction

When our health deteriorates, the first thing we do is get medicine. Almost many have side effects, and most importantly, their effects are temporary, and to continue them we need an increased dosage, which leads not only to addiction, but also to harm to the body.

Because the elderly suffer from many different diseases, they are constantly being prescribed medication. As they continue to rely on medication to relieve their symptoms, they eventually develop an addiction.

A 2018 study found that in addition to reducing the side effects of harmful drugs, CBD can help fight addiction and prevent relapse.

5. CBD can improve heart health

According to the American College of Cardiology, heart disease is the most common disease in the elderly and the leading cause of death in this age group.

Based on studies of the latest research from 2017, CBD may be an effective and natural aid for high blood pressure. In addition to lowering high blood pressure, research has shown that the antioxidant properties of CBD can help reduce heart inflammation and prevent cell death caused by oxidative stress.

The researchers also believe that the results "strongly suggest that it [CBD] has great therapeutic potential in the treatment of diabetic complications and potentially other cardiovascular diseases by reducing oxidative/nitrosative stress, inflammation, cell death and fibrosis reduced." By lowering blood pressure and preventing inflammation and cell death in the heart, CBD (cannabidiol) can greatly improve overall heart health and serve as a preventive measure against serious illness.

6. CBD can curb neurodegenerative diseases

Experts believe that CBD could be a potential treatment for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis.

  • A 2007 study found that CBD may reduce the neuroinflammation associated with Alzheimer's by weakening the neuroinflammatory responses caused by Abeta.
  • A 2015 study discusses how cannabinoids can reduce arousal and aggression in Alzheimer's disease.
  • A 2014 study explains how CBD can prevent the development of social awareness and recognition associated with Alzheimer's.
  • A 2012 study showed how CBD can slow down the degenerative process and relieve pain and cramps in multiple sclerosis.
  • A 2017 study looked at the effectiveness of CBD in treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and ALS.

7. CBD can improve mood and lightness-related disorders

Although we all deal with mood swings when we start experiencing major changes related to ageing, such as: Oftentimes, these mood swings can worsen significantly, such as deterioration in health, disability, or the loss of a loved one.

With prolonged exposure, they can lead to serious health problems, with a high chance a person will develop the mental illness if they feel separated, forgotten, isolated, or lonely.

Based on the results of numerous studies, CBD oil can help alleviate this condition.

By interacting with receptors that are involved in regulating our mood (such as the receptors for serotonin and adenosine), CBD can reduce stress, calm the mind, and improve cognitive functions. Taken together, these three things go a long way in how your mind perceives the current situation and can have a major impact on your mood.


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