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Terpenes are a very important part of hemp and they are responsible for the specific smell and taste of the individual varieties. We usually recognize that we are dealing with hemp according to its smell. The fact that the scent is not always just scent, we are going to explain to you in this article.

Hemp Terpenes - What is it?

Hemp plants produce very important aromatic oils, or terpenes, in addition to the known THC and CBD cannabinoids. They are then responsible for a very broad range of aromas and flavors of hemp varieties. In recent years, science has drawn attention to how terpenes affect the use and healing effect of hemp. Each variety contains different ratios of certain types of terpenes, and each terpene has different characteristics.

Hemp contains over 200 different types of terpenes, the main ones are about 30. We will describe the most important ones and we will recommend the varieties where these terpenes are found.


Caryophyllene is a very sharp, peppery terpene contained mainly in black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, basil or rosemary. Caryophyllene reacts with peripheral CB2 receptors and acts anti-inflammatory - therefore, it is often found in medicines and especially anti-inflammatory ointments. Its other potential effects include: helping with pain, inducing a relaxing state.

The varieties that you can bet are rich in caryophyllene secretion are the classic OG Kush, sweet Bubba Kush, or the highly aromatic Chemdawg.


Myrcen (or beta-myrcene) is a terpene commonly found in mango, hops, bayleaf, thyme, basil, and last but not least in cannabis flowers. Researchers from Steep Hill Lab estimate that it can be a myrcen that lends some of the varieties the typical effects of cannabis Indica, a very sedative effect.

Interestingly, myrcen is also found in the mango. Some cannabis users often eat mature mangoes to prolong the effect of cannabis, which could be explained by the synergy of myrcene with THC.

If you are looking for varieties rich in myrcene, we recommend, for example, typically purple Mango Kush, Purple Kush or the famous White Widow.


Humulene is found in nature mainly in cloves, basil, hops and hemp. Its aroma is very earthy and woody with occasional spice tones. Although the effects of cannabis are commonly associated with appetite increase, humulene acts on the contrary: the sense of hunger can be successfully suppressed.

This terpene can be found in the world-famous White Widow, the mighty Sour Diesel or the popular Skywalker.


Citrus-like aroma in Super Lemon Haze or Jack Herer can be Limonen. This terpene already has its place in medicine because it is known for its therapeutic properties. It is no wonder, therefore, that limonene contained in hemp brings these effects as well. Among these confirmed studies are: mood improvement, stress relief, antibacterial properties, antimycotic properties, help in heartburn, plus it improves absorption of other terpenes when applied to skin, mucous membranes or digestive tract.

Hemp terpenes and their synergy with cannabinoids

Exploration of cannabis terpenes is a new trend. The focus of scientists is mainly in cannabinoids. There are more than 150 aromatic hydrocarbons that form an essential part of resins or essential oils and affect not only the scent but also the taste and color of the plants.

The effects of cannabinoids and their interaction with terpenes have been scientifically proven several times. For example, Dr. Ethan Russo in his 2011 study Taming THC: Potential Hemp Synergy and Phytocannabinoid-Terpenoid Entourage Effects trial showed that non-cannabinoid components, including terpenes, suppress the THC's narcotic effects, thus increasing its so-called therapeutic index, while helping to better absorb CBD. This means less narcotic effect at increased therapeutic doses.

If you are looking for the right variety for you, rely on your nose. If it smells good to you, that's it!


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