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Hemp for back pains and degenerative diseases of spinal discs

Degenerative diseases of spinal discs are caused by the changes which occur due to getting old. Spinal discs are soft, squeezable, and they divide the vertebrae which create the spine. It is very important for the discs to be healthy because they work as shock absorbers and they help its flexibility during everyday work.




The most frequent symptom of a degenerative disease of spinal discs is usually a back pain, even when it differs from case to case. Some people do not experience any pain, while the others, who have the same symptom, suffer from such violent back pains that it prevents them from everyday tasks. The pain can go so far that the person experiences stronger or smaller pain after doing normal movements like bending forward or lifting a burden. The problems can also appear slowly and get worse during the time.

The treatment usually involves medicines against pain, opioids, ibuprofen and so on. These pills can, unfortunately, have serious side effects, and they can also be addictive.

How can hemp help?

A controlled study on animals, which was conducted in 2014 has shown that when CBD (cannabidiol) is used, good results in decreasing the damage on spinal discs due to degeneration of the vertebrae occurred.The researchers analysed 19 rats and they “damaged” their spinal discs with needles – especially in the tailbone area. The rats have been divided into 3 groups. Each group has been given CBD in various concentrations (30, 60 and 120 nmol). The scientists then checked the discs by RMI and under a microscope.

The MRI analyses have revealed that the rats which were given 30 and 60 nmol of CBD did not show big improvement. The ones who were given 120 nmol had a smaller damage. The improvement could be seen after two days of the treatment.

Considering that cannabidiol has a very safe profile and it is clinically used currently, these results indicate that the substance can be useful in the treatment of damaged spinal discs.

Most of the pains of the patients with degenerative disease of the spinal discs are actually caused by inflammation. We also know that hemp is an awesome natural remedy, which can help from chronic pain caused by various causes. It is no surprise that the people with the degenerative disease of the spinal discs can also find relief after using this plant.

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