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Cbd Vaporization Novelties From Cannadorra

Do you vaporize CBD hemp or hemp e-liquids? This is great because vaporization increases the bioavailability of CBD in your body. Let's take a look at the vaporization novelties that we have prepared for our dear customers.

Vaporization of CBD herb vs. CBD e-liquids

Surely you have already tried both, or you have decided which of these two methods suits you better. Let's just briefly recap the difference between vaporization of herb and E-liquid.

CBD e-liquid combines a mixture of hemp terpenes, plant glycerin, and propylene glycol. CBD hemp herb is a specially modified hemp herb that is bred for vaporizing.

Vaporizing e-liquids is, therefore, suitable for those who like the choice of many flavors and it is more comfortable for them to have a smaller CBD vaporizer and replenish it with liquid, while the herb vaporizer is suitable for true connoisseurs who want to fully enjoy the CBD herb, possibly supplement it with other herbs.

Novelties in vaporization of the CBD e-liquids

Our product range offered 4 flavors of E-liquid with 0.5% CBD content.

Cbd 100 Mg
Zz E Liquid Cbd 1  Eng Mockup8 200x200

CBD E-liquid 1%, taste of hemp - 10ml

E-liquid with CBD suitable for electronic cigarette or vaporizer, OG KUSH ...



Sales price: 24,00 €
 255.85 kr
Cbd 50 Mg
Cbd Liq26 200x200

E-liquid with CBD, hemp flavor - Mangokush,...

E-liquid with CBD suitable for electronic cigarette or vaporizer, ...

Before discount13,99 €
Sales price: 11,99 €
 127.82 kr
Cbd 50 Mg
Skywalker4 200x200

E-liquid with CBD, hemp flavor - Skywalker,...

E-liquid with CBD suitable for electronic cigarette or vaporizer, ...

Before discount13,99 €
Sales price: 11,99 €
 127.82 kr
Cbg 100 Mg
Zz E Liquid Cbg 1  Eng Mockup3 200x200

CBG E-liquid 1%, taste of hemp - 10ml

E-liquid with CBG suitable for electronic cigarette or vaporizer, OG KUSH ...



Sales price: 28,90 €
 308.08 kr

But now we offer 1% CBD E-liquid and even 1% CBG E-liquid!

Cbd Liquid Cbg Liquid

In addition, we were withdrawing vaporization pens at the beginning of this year because we were not satisfied with their quality. After demanding weeks of testing, we can introduce a new kind of vaporization pens, which is already in our assortment. But aren't our new vaporizing pens just amazing?

Vaping Pen

Novelties in vaporization of the CBD herb

The vaporizer for CBD herb and hemp has been in our range for about a year, now it has become more efficient and easier to use. There has been an improvement such as a strong magnetic connection of the mouthpiece to the device and an additional filter for airflow has been added. In addition to each such vaporizer, the original packaging is free.

Vaporizer For Cbd Herb

CBD herb for vaporization

For CBD vaporizer for hemp and other herbs are 2 kinds of herbs available at the e-shop.

You can choose between classical hemp for vaporization or CBD buds.

Hemp for vaporization contains up to 4% CBD, while CBD buds even have up to 5% CBD!

Hemp For Vaporization

All products have undergone rigorous analytical analysis in certified laboratories. Vaporization is non-psychoactive, and CBD herb and CBD, CBG e-liquids do not intoxicate the human mind.

Limited Edition of Vaporizers for Herbs!

For all fans of vaporization, we would like to announce a contest for a limited-edition vaporizer for herbs. Classically you can buy black vaporizers, but the limited edition includes silver vaporizers for the usual price! Be original!

Just place an order for a CBD vaporizer for herbs and other hemp and include a LIMITED EDITION in your note.

To those individuals who will be among the top ten, we will send a design silver vaporizer for herbs and CBD hemp!

Hemp Vaporizer Limited Edition

Be original and unique with these novelties of Cannadorra :-)


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