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Recently, we have been getting many questions about the difference between human CBD products and CBD for pets. So, we decided to write this article to explain why you should definitely not confuse the two products and what to look out for when choosing the right CBD product for you or your pet. Animal CBD oils are specific and different from human CBD oils in many ways. What are the specific ways? Let's take a look at it together.

CBD oil for humans

With human CBD oils, it must first be determined whether it is a full-spectrum product. These are products containing, in addition to CBD, a full spectrum of other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN as well as, for example, THC up to 0.2 %). Several cannabinoids together create an even more powerful cocktail, which can then be more effective for various diseases and imbalances in the human body.

Of course, don't forget to check for certificates and analyses, which should always be available for human CBD oils that confirm the safety and authenticity of the product.

If possible, buy CBD products from trusted manufacturers who are not afraid to show exactly who is behind the brand, and who are happy to provide you with full support and advice on proper selection, use, and dosage.

You might think that all of the above also applies to CBD for animals. If you do, we will surprise you! This is not the case at all.

Endocannabinoid system of humans vs. animals

It has been scientifically proven that cannabinoid receptors are located differently in all mammals as well as other animals, such as some invertebrates. The highest concentration of receptors is in the brain, large organs, and bones. Normally the body can create its own endocannabinoids to regulate its functions. However, sometimes their production is disturbed, which can lead to various diseases. A proper supply of cannabinoids from outside, for example CBD oil, can restore balance throughout the system and thereby help to harmonize the body's natural processes.

However, the difference in animals is that they have more receptors in the brain and are therefore more sensitive to delivered cannabinoids. They can become toxic faster even at much lower doses of cannabinoids, especially THC. 

CBD oils for animals

For the reasons mentioned above, CBD oils for dogs can only be officially registered as veterinary products if they contain zero THC. In other words, only those products in which no THC content is detected will be registered by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines (SCVBM - CZ: ÚSKVBL). Only such products are completely safe for animals and do not pose a risk of toxicosis after use.

This very important point is also stressed by the veterinarians themselves, who regularly use CBD in their practice. Only in this way can they be sure that the CBD they recommend to their patients is safe for them.

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Registration of veterinary medicinal products is a complex legislative process that takes place through the ÚSKVBL, where an expert committee meets to evaluate and advise on the application for registration of a veterinary medicinal product. In addition to the content, composition, and production process, the product description and label are also strictly monitored to ensure that misleading or false information is not provided and that everything is clear to the consumer. If you do not find products marketed as animal products in the list of approved veterinary products, it means that they have not been tested and approved by the ÚSKVBL and their use for animals has not been approved - neither has the manufacturing process. Thereby it is not possible to be sure of the composition and therefore we strongly recommend not to use them for your pet.

What happens if I administer human CBD oil to my dog?

If you are able to buy a special CBD oil intended only for animals, it is certainly better to do so. However, if you need to give your dog a quick dose of CBD and you don't have any other CBD drops at home, only human ones, be very careful with the dosage. Always start with a low dose, increasing by 1 drop after a week. Always choose a lower dose than recommended on the human oil box.

In the worst cases, your dog may show signs of overdose, called toxemia. These include excessive salivation, drowsiness, dizziness and loss of coordination and balance, nausea; more serious ones include reduced blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, respiratory disorders and urinary incontinence.

However, an overdose requires a much higher dose than what is available in ordinary legal drugs. Therefore, if you handle human oil carefully, your dog should not experience the symptoms described above.

CBD oils for dogs from Cannadorra are approved veterinary products

Thanks to already approved registration, the use of animal CBD oil from Cannadorra is safe for your four-legged pets. You can choose from three different concentrations, making the oils even safer for small dogs (up to 5kg), for which the weakest 2% concentration is suitable, and conversely, more convenient for larger dogs (over 20kg), where thanks to the oils with higher concentration, the dosage can be low and dozens of drops need not be administered. A dose of 2-3 drops twice a day is usually sufficient. But the dosage is still very individual and should be gradually adjusted according to need, and ideally after consulting your veterinarian.

Our hemp counselling is also available for you to contact at any time with questions about the appropriate concentration and dosage for your pets.

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Lucka is our always positive colleague, which you can meet only with a smile. She has an online manager position, supports and promotes sales on the Czech and German markets. Lucie loves nature, animals, and likes sport.


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