Everyone knows Pavel in hemp health, mainly thanks to the hemp advice center, where he has been helping customers for years to choose and properly use hemp products. He was introduced to hemp in school, where he learned about its recreational use. Later, due to his arthritis in both ankles, he got his hands on a hemp ointment that helped him a lot with his pain. He became very interested in it and became very familiar with hemp.

One day, when he was riding the streetcar to a lecture, he saw an advertising poster for magazine. He did not hesitate and bought a subscription. The first article, which he still remembers clearly, was about a man who had cured his hereditary prostate cancer with this herb, and that was the impetus for him to look into it more deeply.

He devoured the new issues of Legalization like no other reading before. In the meantime, he bought almost every publication currently available that dealt with cannabis, and thus began his self-study.

He runs a hemp clinic in Hemp Health and also handles wholesale distribution for the Czech Republic with due diligence.

If you are unsure about choosing the right product or dosage, do not hesitate to contact him.

Contact with Pavel for hemp consultation: 

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Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain the legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for the production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for CBD extraction, tea, and ointments & cosmetics. All our products are NOT psychoactive. offers a complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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