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CBD Cosmetics

Discover our wide portfolio of CBD cosmetics and learn more about their health benefits! With us, you have the warranty of buying directly from the manufacturer the highest certified quality! 


Sampon Mockup Eng 200x200

CBD shampoo, 125ml

Intensive care and regeneration for all hair types containing CBD. Dermatologically tested. 125ml

Sales price: 8,00 €
Before discount10,00 €
 81.58 kr
Cbd Oral Spray Cannadorra 200x200

CBD oral spray, 50 ml

Oral spray with 250 mg CBD and colloidal silver - for a fresh feeling and to maintain oral hygiene, 50 ml

Sales price: 20,00 €
 203.94 kr
Cbd Herbal Toothpaste With Cbd 200x200

CBDent - toothpaste with CBD, 50 ml

Toothpaste containing CBD - 25 mg CBD Fluoride-free. 50 ml

Sales price: 6,00 €
Before discount8,26 €
 61.18 kr
Zz Cbd Gel Hrejivy Eng Mockup 200x200

CBD warming gel

CBD warming gel - contains 50mg of CBD. It is suitable for rapid relief of stiffness of muscles, ...

Sales price: 15,90 €
Before discount21,90 €
 162.13 kr
Hemp Oil With Rosemary 200x200

CBD hemp oil with rosemary - regenerating...

Hemp oil with rosemary - regenerative serum for the skin - certified cosmetics

Sales price: 30,00 €
Before discount35,45 €
 305.91 kr
Konopna Mast Chilli 100ml Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp ointment with chili for muscles and...

Hemp ointment with hemp and chili is ideal for muscles and joints after extracting. 100% natural – without ...

Sales price: 7,99 €
Before discount9,50 €
 81.47 kr
Cbd 156 Mg
Cbd Kokosovy Olej Eng Maly Mockup7 200x200

CBD coconut oil, 30ml

CBD coconut oil - a food supplement is a unique blend of high-quality coconut oil, CBD oil and hemp oil ...

Sales price: 9,99 €
Before discount10,43 €
 101.87 kr
Zz Cbd Gel Chladivy Eng Mockup 200x200

CBD cooling gel

CBD cooling gel - contains 50mg of CBD. It is suitable for rapid relief of stiffness and pain in muscles, ...

Sales price: 15,90 €
Before discount21,90 €
 162.13 kr
Konopna Mast Mesicek 100ml Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin,...

Hemp ointment with hemp and marigold extract is beneficial for skin healing. 100% natural – without any ...

Sales price: 7,99 €
Before discount9,50 €
 81.47 kr
Konopna Mast Mesicek Eng 12ml Mockup 200x200

Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin, 12ml

Hemp ointment with hemp and marigold is beneficial for skin healing. 100% natural – without any ...

Sales price: 3,90 €
 39.77 kr
Konopna Mast Chilli Eng 12ml Mockup 200x200

Hemp ointment with chili for muscles and...

Hemp ointment with hemp and chili is ideal for muscles and joints after extracting. 100% natural – without ...

Sales price: 3,90 €
 39.77 kr
Cbd 1000 Mg
Cbd Coconut Oil 1000mg Cbd  200x200

CBD coconut oil, 170ml

CBD coconut oil - a food supplement is a unique blend of high-quality coconut oil, CBD oil and hemp oil ...

Sales price: 52,99 €
Before discount60,78 €
 540.34 kr
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About Cannadorra

We grow premium hemp to manufacture 1st class hemp products for your healthier life.

CBD Cosmetics for Daily Use

Why not enjoy all the advantages of CBD properties? Inserting these kinds of products into your daily life couldn't be easier! Inspect our offer and choose from various options for skin, hair and dental care, CBD ointments and gels!

Do you need help or suggestions? Contact our professional Consultants!

CBD Products: Cosmetic or Drug?

CBD Cosmetics Drugs Or Not


There is no need to worry, we can absolutely ensure you all the presented products and services are totally legal.

  • It is all manufactured from legal agricultural strains of hemp.
  • The content of less than 0,2% of THC is within the legal level.
  • None of the products are psychoactive.

Benefits of CBD in Cosmetics Could Appreciate Anyone No Matter the Gender and Age

Use For Everybody



The application and beneficial properties of CBD are so wide-ranging, so we can recommend it to any user regardless of age, sex, and even health conditions. Forget about the prejudice and let yourself be convinced!

CBD Oil Cosmetics Are Suitable for Any Age Category

For the question of who are CBD products ideal, in fact, everyone can appreciate their effects regardless of their age! We can highly recommend its use to active athletes and seniors. Let us convince you! 

  • Pain relief 
  • Bone health improvement 
  • Improvement of sleep, post-activity recovery, heart health and many others. 

CBD Beauty Cosmetic Products for Women

CBD Beauty

Did you know CBD can effectively improve some of the many, specifically women's health problems and struggles? Here are just a few examples! 

  • Skin care and regeneration 
  • Painful menstruation, menopausal symptoms 
  • Migraines 
  • Weight loss 

Do you wish to get into the details of this topic? Read more about pro-health benefits in our article - hemp for woman - where and who it helps?

Why Are CBD Cosmetic Products Recommended for Men?

CBD Cosmetics For Man

Stress and unhealthy habits or lifestyle can definitely have a negative impact on men's health. What are the most common issues which could be helped to use CBD products? 

Chronic pain regulation 

High pressure 

Muscles recovery 

Sleep and concentration disorder 

Problems of sexual character

Do you still have some doubts about CBD effects and applications? Take the opportunity to be advised by our professional hemp consultants

What Is the CBD Function in Cosmetics?

By application of the cosmetics, CBD stimulates the body production of its own cannabinoids, so-called endocannabinoids. These substances regulate and preserve the balance of the internal environment. Try this unique effect on yourself! 

We Only Choose Best Quality CBD for Cosmetics

Trusted Shops

We never compromise the quality of our product and only use the first class ingredients from EU certified & BIO production. The confirmation is over 20.000 satisfied customers throughout six years we have been active on the market! 

We are proud holders of the Trustmark award! Learn more about the strict requirements we should fulfil and the benefits it brings to you! 

What Are the Main Benefits of Using CBD Isolate in Cosmetics?

The hype about CBD is definitely worth it, the list of its beneficial features is pretty impressive. Let's inspect! 

  • Suitable for all the skin types 
  • Ability to reduce the inflammation
  • Fasten the healing process 
  • Improving acne and calms redness 
  • Highly nourish for especially sensitive skin

Why Are Nanoparticles of CBD in Cosmetics So Popular?

The connection between CBD and nanotechnology might surprise, the results should not be left without special attention! CBD oil as tiny droplets enters the bloodstream faster and in significantly higher quantity, because just its small amount is destroyed by livers before showing the actual active effect.

  • Nano CBD the effect comes much faster with. 
  • It is absorbed more. 
  • The effect however lasts less. 

Would you like to know more about how nano CBD works? Check out our articles about many other interesting facts in the subject!

Nano CBD - what is it and how does it work?


Not Into the Cosmetics? Try Other Hemp Products!

You do not have to use only cosmetics to improve your health and well-being! The possibilities are plenty! 

Check out also our hemp recipes and be inspired by several creative ways to use hemp in the kitchen!

Shop CBD Cannadorra Cosmetics Safely

CBD Cosmetics Safe 2



Shopping online is anonymous and sometimes it lacks security. However, you can count the buyers´ protection we guarantee being a part of the Trusted shops! You can totally rely on our real customer reviews and the money-back guarantee. 

Using CBD As Medicine and Cosmetics

CBD has incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties suitable for skin eczema or psoriasis cure and treating serious diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s and combatting anxiety. Choose from a variety of forms such as food supplement, gels or even oral sprays up to your preferences! 

Do You Want to Cooperate with CBD Companies That Offer Cosmetics?

Join our Cannadorra Affiliate program and earn some extra money from provision! We encourage you to read more about the affiliate conditions and get in touch with us! 

Contact our team

Are You Interested in Private Label CBD Cosmetic production?

If you are looking for white-labeling, we can definitely help you out! Contact us, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Shipping of Cosmetics with CBD Oil Available for Entire Europe

No one likes to wait! We process your order within 24 hours and ship it to anywhere in Europe as soon as possible. We also inform you about every step and successful progress.

CBD cosmetics reviews

  • CBD paste for a perfect smile

    The paste is perfect, gentle on the gums and pleasant

    5 / 5
  • Hemp cosmetics as the number one choice

    Hello, my grandmother uses hemp ointment for musculoskeletal pain when she has back pain. She cannot praise hemp products. She even bought hemp tea, which she drinks regularly before going to bed so that she can sleep in peace at night. She even has a lot of hemp creams for healthy and beautiful looking skin. She cannot praise hemp products and definitely recommends them to anyone who has health problems. It's her number one choice for back and joint pain.

    User Icon Review
    5 / 5
    Richard Byrne
  • Hemp ointment for acne

    The hemp ointment for skin is excellent for acne for teenagers, after a month of treatment with antibiotics nothing improved in the skin, we chose hemp ointment and it helped a lot, it also helps my daughter's face

    User Icon Review
    5 / 5
  • Hemp ointment for eczema

    So far, I only have experience with the hemp ointment for the skin and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how it works. Even my grandmother tried her on sore knees and praised her.

    Hemp Ointment For Eczema
    5 / 5

Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain the legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for the production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for CBD extraction, tea, and ointments & cosmetics. All our products are NOT psychoactive. offers a complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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CBD oil and hemp - sale products

Cbd Hemp Tea Portioned 30 G 200x200

CBD hemp tea portioned 30 g

CBD hemp tea 30g – 20 servings x 1,5g. Hemp herb with high content of CBD ...

Sales price: 5,66 €
Before discount6,08 €
 57.72 kr
Cbd 5 Percent
Cbd Hemp Oil 5  200x200

CBD Hemp oil 5%, 10ml

CBD Oil - food supplement, the broad spectrum of cannabinoids, 475mg CBD, ...

Sales price: 28,90 €
Before discount33,83 €
 294.69 kr
Cbd 1000 Mg
Cbd Capsule En 200x200

CBD capsules - 100 pieces (* 1000 mg CBD)

CBD capsules - this dietary supplement combines the high-quality coconut ...

Sales price: 49,00 €
Before discount60,78 €
 499.65 kr
Cbd 10 Percent
Cbd Kapky Krabicka Zvireci 10 Eng Mockup 200x200

CBD oil for animals 10%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (10% by weight) for animals Containing CBD ...

Sales price: 43,00 €
Before discount52,09 €
 438.47 kr