There are more than 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The most popular and well-known of these are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Although CBG is not so popular, it is also one of the main cannabinoids and plays an important role in the plant. Learn more about the CBG products reviews.

Tis CBG tea harmonizes all processes in the human body, thereby supporting ...

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Hemp oil enriched with CBG 5% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

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Hemp oil enriched with CBG 2% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

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CBG hemp oil for osteoarthritis

I have had arthrosis for a long time and conventional medicine has not really been able to help me. The combination of CBG hemp oil and hemp tea gives me more relief than all previous medications, which also have strong side effects.

5 / 5

CBD and CBG products for diabetes

Dear team, I have had the experience that both the CBD and the CBG oil have a very good effect on the stomach and intestines. I find hemp tea, in general, to be beneficial and promote sleep. Let's see how it becomes noticeable on my next diabetes appointment. Yours sincerely, A

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CBG hemp oil for better sleep

In the evening I take drops of a few drops of CBG hemp oil and sleep like a baby.

4 / 5

CBG is great!!

It helps my skin very well and it can also work very well for my fears. Because of my histamine tolerance, even my gut is better. Great CBG !!

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CBG oil and joint pain

My husband and I take CBG oil regularly. Since then my husband has had much less joint pain and we can both sleep better. In addition, there are hardly any colds left. We are totally convinced of the oil and recommend it to others.

5 / 5

Without stress with CBG

I tried the hemp oil with CBG on a recommendation from the Internet. I can confirm that with regular use the organism is balanced and I felt very comfortable. I also observed calming mainly in stressful situations and overall I would say that I did not experience as much stress as before. I was adding a drop to my smoothie.

5 / 5

Healthy with CBG

I have been using CBG oil for about 3 months and since then I have not been ill and overall I am mentally calmer.

4.5 / 5

CBG and MS

I bought CBG oil after consultation on your site for multiple sclerosis. I had problems with rubbing my legs, I was a little depressed and a had a lot of fatigue. After 2 weeks I began to feel relief, mood improvement and even fatigue retreated.

5 / 5

Benefits of the CBG

I ordered Cannabigerol hemp oil by mistake. I wanted to order CBD oil, which I had experience with. I didn't know anything about the beneficial effects of the CBG hemp. I was very satisfied with it.

4.5 / 5

CBG and restful sleep

I only take it for the second week, along with CBG hemp tea. So far I have been much calmer and finally, I slept well for a few nights without morning numbness. I will continue to use it.

5 / 5

Additional information

Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain the legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for the production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for CBD extraction, tea, and ointments & cosmetics. All our products are NOT psychoactive. offers a complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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