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About a quarter of a century ago, the life I knew was unexpectedly stopped due to an almost deadly accident when a truck hit me. After the accident, my atrophy of the brain and body was diagnosed. Traumatic brain and spinal cord trauma have occurred. This was reflected in uncontrollable epileptic seizures.

Debbie's story about tragedy, epilepsy, hemp and hope

Although I tried very hard, I could not get back into everyday life among other people. I lost my digestive organs, and the total chronic wasting was visibly signed by me. I only had years of my life accompanied by severe chronic seizures that have been torturing me every day. I have tried to help with various medications and curative procedures, but they have fallen on a full line every time. Due to such serious medical complications, I could not even undergo the necessary brain surgery. 



Hope and help from a plant called Hemp

Today I feel like 27 years ago!
Hemp relieved me of my chronic seizures of pain.
Hemp has healing power equals the hundreds of prescription drugs I took daily.
Hemp replaced the helmet, the neck support and the diaper I wore for years.
Hemp taught me that the brain and all other organs can be cured.
Hemp opened my eyes to how many people suffered and died completely unnecessarily.
Hemp has allowed me to write and you can now read this article on the other end of the world.
Hemp taught me that treatment without regular hemp use is just cruelty.
Hemp was exactly the miracle I was looking for, and I'm glad that the hemp-made me once again a full-fledged person.

Debbie Wilson

More info: www.noahsarkconsulting.blogspot.cz, www.debbiemwilson.com


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