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How to make hemp ointment? We will gladly give you advices. Make your own original hemp ointments! It surely will be original if you put your energy into it. Just the preparation itself is a healing process. Making your own medicine is the best healing thing you can do for your own body or for your beloved ones. The process is, of course, a bit more lengthy than just going and buying the ointment in the store, but it is all the more effective. And do not underestimate the process itself. The journey is the goal. It is also important to think positively during the preparation, thinking the ointment is healing for you or directly for someone you are making it for. Best of luck! Here you have a simple recipe...

Making of hemp ointment


  • Unclear Vaseline (yellow) or lard 1 kg 
  • 50ml BIO hemp seed oil extra virgin
  • 2x package CBD tea 35g
  • 20g blossoms of marigold
  • 2x chili peppers (for deep/heating effect – muscles, joints, pains)


  • pot (pot for milk is ideal)
  • fine cloth (or a fabric handkerchief)
  • jars or tubs with lids

Recipe for good hemp ointment

  1. dissolve Vaseline/lard (temperature up to 80°C)
  2. add the crushed parts of the plants
  3. for simple infusing and straining you can place the plants into a teabag (you can buy it for example in DM grocery store)
  4. Let the mixture steep for two hours and then let cool down
  5. Let the base for the ointment sit for 1 week in a cool, dark place
  6. After the ointment steeps, warm the ointment up again for 2 hours to approx. 80°C and repeat the infusing
  7. Let the ointment cool down and then let sit for 1 month in a cool, dark place
  8. Heat the ointment one last time until it liquefies and add hemp oil (do not warm up anymore afterwards)
  9. Strain the ointment through a fine cloth in order to get rid of the remnants of the solid parts of the plants
  10. Fill the warm hemp ointment into clean jars or tubs with lids.

AND THAT IS IT :-)! For the best results store in a dark and cool place. Use within 3 months from making. The ointment should have greenish color and have significant hemp smell. The ointment should not contain too many plant parts, because they could irritate the skin.

What you can use this magical ointment for? Actually almost anything :-)

Let us know how did it go, and what are the results, I will be looking forward to hear from you :-)


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