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Sazeni Konopi

The spring is coming, the sun is warming up our cheeks and the earth is waking up. It is a clear signal – PLANT SOMETHING! Let’s talk about germinating hemp seeds,  grow a seedling from them, and let it grow into a splendid green beauty that will make you happy both with its looks and its effects. 



1. How to chose proper seeds and a variety of hemp for growing

If you have a chance, it is always better to get FEMINIZED HEMP SEEDS. They are specially selected hemp seeds with 99% chance that they will be of female gender. That means you shouldn’t have any males that can pollinate the females, which then have seeds – seeds are frequently undesirable for future processing. The males themselves are basically only plants full of pollen, that’s why we want the females. Of course, if we want seeds, the males are indispensable.

Cannadorra recommends seeds of a CBD variety

CBD Candy Dawg Kush Fem is photo-periodic indica with inflorescences after 8-9 weeks. The variety has a distinct, sweet taste, and also a rich OG Kush fragrance. It is of middle size, bush-shaped. This variety is suitable for making concentrates and extracts. If it gets one or two extra weeks of blooming, it will reward you with a huge production.

The ratio of CBD/THC 1:1. Acquired by crossbreeding of varieties Candy Dawg Kush X OG Kush CBD. The seeds are feminized.

2. Choosing the place for growing hemp


We can grow it outside, in a garden or on a balcony, in the woods, on a field…The advantage is that it is quite easy because nature is the gardener. The plant has more space, and that promises a bigger, taller plant. The disadvantages are attacks of pests and animals, the drought, storms, and least but not last a possibility that the police discovers the plants and can confiscate them.


This method has an advantage of control over the growth because we have the plants in a growing box or a wardrobe…That means we don’t risk being caught. On the other hand, it requires our care for ideal conditions and investment in equipment, that is necessary for indoor growing. 

The best compromise seems to be growing hemp in a glass or plastic greenhouse. 

Indoor Hemp

3. Germinating of hemp seeds

We have two options, either we put the seed directly into the substrate, approximately 1 cm deep, water it, and keep it behind a window. The ideal temperature for germination is 25 degrees. We water and ventilate the area regularly. The shoots will emerge in a couple of days. If you have sown more seeds and they sprouted, divide the seedlings before their roots get tangled. The manipulation has to be careful, so as not to damage the sprouts. 

We can also let the seeds sprout in the water first, on a cotton wool piece, soaked with water, which will only later be placed in the substrate. This although means more manipulation and thus a higher risk of destroying the seedlings.

The germinability is never 100%, that’s why it is better to plant more seeds.

Germinating Of Hemp Seeds

4. Planting the hemp in a greenhouse or outdoors

After we germinated the seed, and the seedling is about 15-20 cm tall, it is ready for planting in soil or in a bigger pot, if you chose a small one at the beginning. 

Hemp needs a lot of sun in all the phases of growth. It is thus necessary to pick a sunny, yet protected spot. The quality and fertility of the soil is also a very important factor. The pH of the soil ideally should be slightly alkalic (pH 7 to 7.3).

It is recommended to plant the hemp plants together with tomato seedlings. The hemp gets necessary irrigation. And at the same time hemp drains the moisture and this helps the tomatoes not get mould.

5. Hemp growth

Consider that the plant has to have space for further growth of its roots. Keep watering the plant steadily.

The growth phase lasts approximately to the end of August, and subsequently, the plant starts blooming (approx. until the end of October). It is good to trim the plants and maintain their height with it.

6. Collecting/harvesting hemp

Only the buds of female plants are harvested. The buds can be used for making teas, tinctures, ointments etc. First, we dry the buds in the temperature of 20°C for 14 days, or in 15°C for about 3-4 weeks. Of course, we can shorten the time by using a dryer.

 Hemp Plant









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