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Another approved veterinary product has been added to the Cannadorra range, this time a novelty in the field of animal skincare. We are talking about veterinary cosmetics: hemp ointment for animals. Want to know how it works? Read about all this and more in today's article.

For whom does hemp ointment for animals work?

The ointment is used for minor superficial injuries in dogs and horses.

It is intended primarily for the treatment of minor skin injuries (allergic reactions or mechanical damage), superficial injuries, and scars, but it is also excellent for the treatment of dog feet or mallenders in horses. 

What are its main advantages?

The biggest advantage of ointment is its composition. It is purely natural and contains no chemicals or petroleum products. It also contains no corticosteroids and does not cause allergic reactions

Thanks to its mild composition, the ointment does not cause irritation and can be used even on the most delicate skin - puppies, foals, and pregnant or lactating animals.

It is definitely worth noting that the ointment does not contain petroleum jelly, but lanolin. Lanolin is sheep fat, which has proven to be very useful in wound healing as a much larger protective layer is formed once it is applied to the wound and lasts for several hours.

Ointment for pets is very affordable, we currently offer 100ml and 12ml ointments for 7.99€ and 3.5€. This is a very reasonable price that is definitely worth a try for a natural product with a great set of benefits

Although it is a veterinary cosmetic, it does not need a veterinary prescription and is freely available both in good pet shops and various online shops - so you can order it from the comfort of your own home. 

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How does hemp ointment for animals work?

Thanks to its lanolin content, the ointment works by leaving a protective filter on damaged or irritated skin, which prevents surrounding dirt from penetrating the wound and at the same time allows the natural composition of the ointment to act on the wound continuously for several hours.  

Thus, in the first stages, the ointment creates a protective filter on the wound, then it soothes the irritated skin and in the next stage, it accelerates healing.


Apply the ointment to the affected area up to 3 times a day. It is always important to get as close as possible to the wound, which must be cleaned (disinfected) before applying the ointment.

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Lucie Garabasova

Lucka is our always positive colleague, which you can meet only with a smile. She has an online manager position, supports and promotes sales on the Czech and German markets. Lucie loves nature, animals, and likes sport.


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Lucie Garabasova
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