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Do you know the difference between hemp oil and so-called CBD hemp oil? How can the animal benefit from the use of hempseed cake and hemp bran? When and for what reason does it make sense to try hemp ointment for your animal?

This article summarizes the effects of CBD oils for animals and other products from the animal range of hemp products (oils, treats, hempseed cake, bran) and hemp ointments.


What is CBD?

The abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol – a cannabinoid, a compound found in a hemp plant, such as THC. However, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it has no intoxicating effects. It is an approved veterinary medicinal product that can be used without any problems. The safety of the use of CBD in animals is declared by the approval of CBD oils for animals from Cannadorra as veterinary products by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines.

How does CBD work in the body of animals?

Not only humans, but all mammals, and even some invertebrates, have specific receptors throughout the body that respond to cannabinoids and act with them as a lock and key. The set of these receptors forms the so-called endocannabinoid system. If there is an imbalance anywhere in the system, the correct supplementation of cannabinoids can restore the balance.


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BIO hemp oil for animals

When is it appropriate to add hemp oil to a dog's food? Cold pressed hemp seed oil is suitable for dogs fed with the so-called BARF method. If you regularly give the oil in a dose of about 10 ml a day, the coat will be soft and soon especially shiny.

The main benefits of the hemp oil ingredients:

  • a balanced ratio of omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids
  • phytosterols
  • chlorophyll
  • gamma-linolenic acid (GLA 1-4%)
  • plant origin

Helps with:

  • maintaining healthy skin
  • regulating cholesterol levels
  • regulating blood glucose levelsl
  • harmonizing bodily processes & supports natural immunity

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CBD oil for animals

CBD drops for animals are most often given to dogs with health problems such as epilepsy, osteoarthritis or cancer, however, they can also be used by healthy dogs to support immunity, appetite or to relieve stress and anxiety.

The main benefits of CBD hemp oil for animals from Cannadorra:

  • three different concentrations of 2%, 5% and 10%
  • high content of CBD
  • therefore low dosage – 1 drop per day per 4 kg of weight
  • approved by The Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines in Brno
  • non-psychoactive, without intoxicating effects
  • pleasant nutty taste, smells and tastes good to the animals

CBD oil for animals harmonizes the natural processes in the body and thus supports the immune system. It has a positive effect on heart rate, blood glucose levels, normal skin condition and muscle and joint function. The truth is that oil has a beneficial effect on a whole range of problems.

It helps with:

  • pain (osteoarthritis)
  • epilepsy
  • cancer
  • stress and anxiety (from travel, loneliness, storm and noise, etc.)
  • it stimulates appetite
  • relieve nausea and vomiting
  • inflammation
  • skin diseases

Hempseed cake and hemp bran

These are hemp feeds that are suitable for animals – from horses, dogs, cows to sheep, goats and rabbits. Even parrots like to eat hemp seeds, the peels of which are used to make a loose mixture of hemp bran. Bran can also be given to fish.

Benefits of hempseed cake ingredients:

  • high protein content - 55%
  • hemp pomace (granules)
  • has all the benefits of hemp seed oil (balanced ratio of omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterol, chlorophyll, GLA content, plant based)
  • suitable for: the elderly and sick, animals in convalescence, animals with weight deficiency and when gaining muscle mass.
  • dosage: 10 g of hempseed cake per day per 10 kg of dog weight

Benefits of hemp bran ingredients:

  • high fiber content - 75%
  • easily digestible proteins - 13%
  • all 23 amino acids
  • loose mixture of hemp seed peels
  • have a low calorific value and are therefore suitable for animals with excess weight
  • dosage: 2 g of bran per 1 kg of weight

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Hemp dainty for dogs

Hand-dried dog treats, available in 3 different flavours (chicken, liver and beef) with a minimum of 25 % meat content. They also contain hemp oil and hemp flour, thanks to which they have a high content of easily digestible proteins, as well as edestin and albumin, all essential amino acids and fiber. They are a kind of "healthier" form of reward.

In addition, you can also use hemp ointment or tea, or hemp herb from the human range, which can be made into an infusion for animals.

Hemp dainty for dogs - liver flavor, 100g

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Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin

Hemp ointment with marigold is useful for skin care of the whole body not only for humans but also for animals. It can be used on dry areas – paws, pressure sores or dry snouts and ears. It is also great for smaller abrasions as it has a beautiful healing effect.

For more information on the hemp products range for animals, write to email:


We have been on the market since 2010 and focus exclusively on hemp and CBD products. We currently have the widest range of hemp and CBD products in the Czech Republic. Our products come from our own Czech production – we carefully select all ingredients to offer only the best quality.

Our portfolio of hemp products ranges from food supplements (hemp tea, seeds, oils, proteins, CBD coffee, CBD oils and capsules) to cosmetics (ointments, serums, CBD oral spray and toothpaste, body milk, shampoos, etc.) and vaporization as well as a range of animal products.


Article author:

Lucka is our always positive colleague, which you can meet only with a smile. She has an online manager position, supports and promotes sales on the Czech and German markets. Lucie loves nature, animals, and likes sport.


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