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CBD patches have quickly become a popular remedy, especially for pain relief. Their use is discreet and yet very effective. So let's look at the actual possibilities of the effects and uses of CBD patches and real testimonials.

What are CBD patches?

Imagine a transparent patch (also called a transdermal patch) that contains CBD. That's exactly what our CBD patches are. Plus, our products have a great scent and a proven effect.

CBD from patches is released slowly through the skin into the bloodstream (reportedly within 24 hours). This way of taking CBD is particularly suitable for pain patients. But it may not just be about pain. CBD patches are also preferred by other CBD consumers who find their use more convenient than, say, dropping CBD drops or swallowing CBD capsules.

How do CBD patches work?

They work similarly to nicotine patches, releasing CBD directly into the bloodstream.

The advantage of this transdermal method is the rapid release of CBD into the area around the patch, from where it enters the bloodstream.


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The difference is that when CBD is taken orally - for example in the form of oil - it must first pass through the digestive system. The body can then utilise it, break it down or even just excrete it as a waste product. Therefore, a large part of the orally ingested CBD dose can be lost in the digestive system (this is called bioavailability).

With the transdermal patch, CBD is applied directly to the skin where it is absorbed and enters the bloodstream. As noted in the Molecules study, CBD can bypass the digestive system through this application and increase the bioavailability of the product.

This application is particularly useful for relieving localised pain.

How do CBD patches help with pain?

Cannabinoids, like CBD, work against pain in two different ways:

  • First, they act on the body's endocannabinoid system, blocking receptors for different types of pain. Even those that are difficult to treat, like nerve pain.
  • Secondly, they have anti-inflammatory effects on the body, which can help relieve pain caused by inflammatory sites.

Because of these effects and the transdermal delivery, CBD patches may be best for treating inflammation, nerve pain and localised pain.

Advantages of using CBD patches for pain relief

  • permanent and long-term use of CBD
  • minimal side effects
  • local anti-inflammatory effect
  • localised pain relief

These benefits show that patches containing CBD can be effective for localised inflammatory or nerve pain, such as arthritis pain in the knee, inflammation and nerve pain in the back.

A 2019 study also confirmed that local application of CBD helps control myofascial pain (changes in local muscle tension). The study focused on the muscles around the head and jaw in people with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJD). The study concluded that CBD is a potential treatment option for people with this condition.

The study, published in the journal Postgraduate Medicine, looked at the effects of CBD on people with chronic pain who were taking opioids for pain relief. Of the 97 participants, 94% reported that their quality of life improved after taking CBD.

In addition, more than half of the people who added CBD to their treatment reduced or stopped taking opioids altogether within eight weeks.


CBD patches - 20 mg, 12 Pieces. Certified cosmetics Vegan

Sales price: 12,99 €

The CBD patch - 20 mg - lasts for a whole month. Certified ...

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Real experiences with CBD patches

We asked you, our customers, how the CBD patches have worked out for them. Here are their reviews:

"I was in the hospital for almost a month after surgery. My herniated disc was bothering me the most. I started using the patches after I returned 14 days ago, 1 a day. They have reduced the pain in my lumbar spine and are much easier on my digestive system, which is heavily loaded with medication. Thank you so much for this and I recommend them to everyone."


I have already tried them and can only recommend them. They work great on my thighs, which have become quite sore by now, and relieve the pain. And it has also worked great on my overworked Achilles tendons. Even the effect lasts, I would say, longer than 10 hours. But that's my personal impression."


"For my cervical spine they worked great, I can highly recommend them."


,,Great, the patch relieves the pain, for me on my cervical spine, I am after an operation."


Use of CBD patches

Do not use the patches on mucous membranes or damaged skin. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging before use, but generally follow the steps below:

Remove the plaster from its packaging and stick it to the sore or injured area. Adhesive patches are best for soft tissue areas such as the lower back. Joints and elbows are not suitable as they can come off with movement. Wear the patch for the maximum time recommended on the packaging (in the case of Hemp Health, it is 24 hours), then remove it and apply a new one if needed.

Do CBD patches help with pain better than CBD gels?

CBD patches offer a more consistent solution than other topical methods such as CBD gels.

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While gels need to be applied several times a day (once the creams are absorbed into the skin, their effect wears off), CBD-containing patches release the CBD into the body over a longer period of time, which can lead to longer-lasting symptom relief.

However, in hemp counselling, we recommend combining both products for maximum effect. Ideally, CBD should be used both internally and "externally", i.e. the use of CB patches (or CBD gels) should be combined with CBD drops.

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