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5 Reasons why you should make juice from cannabis rather than smoke it

Did you know that if you add cannabis leaves to your morning juice or smoothie, you are not going to get the “high” feeling as if you had smoked a joint?

With juicing give your body all the important nutrition from hemp at the beginning of the day - fiber, minerals important for bone-building, terpenes, and CBD 's together with other cannabinoids - and this all without any psychoactive effects. Are you also surprised how healthy and nutritious cannabis leaves are? This is just a fraction of the overall effect that the juicing of cannabis can have on our body. But let´s take a closer look on the benefits when consuming cannabis in raw form...

1. Cannabis Juice has no psychoactive effects

The juicing of cannabis leaves doesn't cause mood swing as it does with smoking. In despite of that, if you decide to juice the leaves of marijuana the psychoactive "high" effect will not be as strong as with smoking. According to the Report from Leaf Science “Juice from cannabis only contains THCA (A for acid) and is only psychoactive when exposed to heat.

2. Cannabis Juice - Dosage

If you decide to use juice hemp you may use higher doses per day and enjoy even more health benefits. Dr. William Courtney, founder of the Cannabis International Foundation says: “THC in the Form of THCA (acid) can be taken in hundreds of milligrams a day. However, when it is heated, the dosage needs to be lowered to 10mg during a day. 

3. Hemp-juicing and breathing

During regular consumption of hemp juice, there have been no side effects discovered so far. For people who suffer from breathing problems, juicing cannabis is the best option for cannabis intake. On top of that, the distinct, pungent smell of cannabis smoke will be eliminated.

4. Hemp extract vs. Hemp juice

Juice made out of hemp can be combined very well with some other juices, for example with fresh apple juice. Thanks to the development of technologies it is possible nowadays to find juices containing cannabis extract in stores. Cannadorra is also preparing a concentrated juice which is suitable for home-made drinks or as an ingredient in smoothies. Soon to be found in our products and E-shop.

Hemp is a plant which contains plenty o organic compounds that are very supportive to our health. It is recommended to consume hemp juice especially during detoxing because of its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities. During the consumption of technical hemp, the psyche and perception are not influenced and one can drive a car, go to work or school without any problems.

5. Hemp juice and its health benefits

Healthy Living states that juice from hemp is suitable as prevention and support during cures for: 

  • autoimmune disorders
  • cellular dysfunction
  • chronic inflammation
  • cancer cells
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