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If you're a bit knowledgeable about CBD oils, then you surely know that their standard CBD content rarely exceeds 10% and often hovers just around 5% or 2%. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Such oils certainly do have their uses and benefits. But what if we ramped up the CBD content to the incredible 20%?! Well, we at Cannadorra thought the same. And now it's you who can reap the results – introducing the strongest 20% CBD oil!

What to Expect From 20% CBD Oil?

Well, if you really wish to increase the CBD benefits, then this product is your go-to.

It's made up of high-quality organic hemp seed oil and a broad spectrum distillate made from hemp leaves. The oil makes up approximately 70% of the total product weight.
The remaining 30% consists of pure CBD!

Each bottle has a volume of 10 ml and weighs 9,9 grams. In total, it amounts to approximately 270 drops.

Our oil with CBD is manufactured using alcohol distillation -  which allows us to extract the most beneficial substances (not just cannabinoids, but also flavonoids, amino acids, and others) from the hemp plant.

And don't worry – though we use alcohol in the process, the final product itself contains no traces of it.

Neither it contains more than negligible amounts of THC. It won't get you "high" or into trouble with the law! 

So why not try it right away?

CBD Hemp Oil 20% is a unique dietary supplement that supports the immune ...

Sales price: 81,90 €

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How Can You Benefit From It? 

CBD, together with other cannabinoids present in hemp seed oil, has countless beneficial properties for your body.

It helps to coordinate and balance various processes in your body by influencing what is called the endocannabinoid system.

This system contains receptors sensitive to CBD and various cannabinoids. Through it, many other functions, including heart activity, immunity, glucose level, muscle and joint functions or pain sensitivity can be positively influenced.

Some studies suggest that CBD even influences what you dream of!

So far, CBD has been proven to work in treating or at least alleviating the symptoms of:

But of course, you can regularly use CBD even if nothing mentioned above is currently ailing you. It has been found to be just the right thing whenever you need a slight energy boost or wish to wind down with a little CBD-laced cuppa!

CBD can also help you fall asleep better after a hard day – you can simply
put it to good use in more ways than one!

How to Best Use This Oil? 

  • The recommended method of using this oil is to drip one to five drops under your tongue and wait 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. You can do this process once or twice a day.
  • Considering the strength of 20% oil, however, we recommend starting with smaller dosages before you consider increasing them. Remember, this is the strongest CBD hemp oil you're dealing with!
  • Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your drink.
  • We recommend using the oil at least 30 minutes before your next food.
  • And remember, CBD is great, but it is not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet!


Still unsure about it? We'll be glad to dispel your doubts. Contact our Hemp counselling if you have any further inquiries this article didn't satisfy!

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 Article author:

Eva Kellerová

Eva is our business manager for Germany and EU. She takes care of our wholesale partners and development of the German market. Her passion, hard-work, and responsibility help the progress of Cannadorra and the hemp industry in general. 

Phone: +49 157 541 189 08 - Email:

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Bc. Eva Kellerová
Business Manager | Cannadorra

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