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Mother reveals how her teenage son who was given days to live made a miracle recovery when she gave him cannabis tincture behind his doctors' backs.

Doctors were giving up on him

The pain was getting worse. The tips of my son Deryn’s fingers were hard and black from a superbug infection. His nails were peeling away and any remaining live flesh was covered in weeping sores. Every day, he begged me: ‘Please tell them to cut my hand off, Mum.

We couldn’t sit by and watch him spend his last days in a morphine fog. Enough was enough. I spent hour after hour researching on the internet, and that’s where I came across reports of cannabis-based painkiller that wasn’t available in the UK. Surely Bedrocan had to be a better option than mind-numbing morphine?

But the doctor told me that while it was effective, it had not been tested on children and she couldn’t prescribe it. But we still took a decision that will try it. Simon, my husband, arranged to meet someone to collect some weed and then work out how to make the tincture that could ease Deryn’s pain.

Was this a miracle?

Our son’s latest bone marrow transplant had failed. Doctors were giving up on him. It seemed Deryn’s death was a done deal and now all we could do to try cannabis tincture. I gave Deryn a small amount of cannabis tincture directly under his tongue. Deryn held it for a minute before swallowing. Half an hour passed, he looked peaceful. I asked him how he was feeling. ‘I feel relaxed,’ he told me. ‘I’m aware of everything. I just feel at peace, Mum. It’s beautiful.’

Over the coming days, my priority was allowing him to die with his faculties intact, so whenever Deryn felt a twinge somewhere, I would put another 5ml of the tincture underneath his tongue and, within a few minutes, he felt good again. One evening, I heard Deryn yell: ‘Mum – look!’ The bandage on his middle finger had worked its way loose and completely come off, showing his third finger – which had been blackened and dead – had now healed. How on earth had a child with no immune system and no way of fighting infection managed to heal himself after being off medication for more than three weeks?

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I called Deryn’s team to tell them what had happened. Not one of them could give me any answers. Was this a miracle? Later that evening, the hospice doctor arrived. ‘We’re no longer sure Deryn is dying,’ she admitted. They had no idea how this was possible. I was sure the authorities wouldn’t see it the same way as we did but if there was even a minuscule chance that the cannabis tincture was responsible for my son still being alive, I wasn’t willing to risk stopping it.

Whenever he didn’t have it, they dropped. It was enough hard evidence to suggest that cannabis tincture was playing a vital role in his recovery. I hadn’t imagined in my wildest dreams that it could have saved Deryn’s life. Since then, Deryn has gone from strength to strength. I have trusted many of them with the truth and pointed people towards the same path we took.

Back to normal life!

Deryn went back to school in Norfolk where he thrived among his friends and peer group. After he has decided to pursue a career as a vegan chef.  As each day passes, the prospect of cancer returning decreases. I am reminded of my miracle boy every time I look at Deryn and I know deep in my heart that whatever the future may throw at us, we can cope.

We always do.



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    dhtht · 4 months ago
    Mi è stato diagnosticato un carcinoma ovarico in stadio 3. Ho subito un intervento chirurgico a gennaio e hanno rimosso tutto il cancro dalla mia area addominale. Ho avuto un'isterectomia totale. Ma il cancro è arrivato ai miei linfonodi. Ho iniziato il 7 marzo, che sto tollerando bene, ma il cancro è rimasto. Ho sentito parlare di Rick Simpson nella sua e-mail Ricksimpsoncannabishemoil@gmail.com e ho effettuato un ordine per 60 grammi di olio di cannabis che è stato consegnato al mio indirizzo 471f8 giorni dopo senza problemi. Con mia grande sorpresa, in non più di 80 giorni di utilizzo, sono andato di nuovo per una scansione che ha dimostrato che il mio cancro è sparito. Saluti, Terri Sauser
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