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Endocannabinoid system - What is it and how it effects human body?


The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a recently discovered group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. The endocannabinoid receptors that make up the ECS are located in our Central Nervous System (CNS), Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), and Immune System. Our CNS includes our brain and spinal cord, while the PNS acts as a communication network linking our CNS to the rest of our body.

Our brains contain the heaviest concentration of cannabinoid receptors, but there’s no shortage of them in our organs, tissues, glands, and more. The saturation of ECS receptors throughout our body is part of why CBD has so many uses and is so effective.

Components of the endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system is made up of various components that work together and form a complete and fully functional system, which helps to regulate and control the response of the body, associated with the effects of cannabinoids. These components include:

  • Cannabinoid receptors on the surface of the cell wall
  • Endocannabinoids
  • Enzymes

Functions of the endocannabinoid system

Endocannabinoid system is important for many fundamental functions of the human body, such as appetite, immune function, metabolism, digestion of food, pain, sleep, memory, mood, digestion, response to inflammation, and many others. In addition to regulating these basic bodily functions also has an effect on the physiological response to the disease. A very good example is the treatment of cancer and fights against cancer cells. Tumor cells have much more cannabinoid receptors than healthy cells and tissues of the human body. There are also cases where a higher level of endocannabinoids has been demonstrated in people suffering from arthritis, Parkinson's disease, anxiety, or chronic pain. That is why many scientists and medical researchers believe that the function of the endocannabinoid system lies in homeostasis - regulation of the body system and preservation of the balance of the internal environment in all circumstances. Sick body and his condition is in large part a consequence of the inability of the body to achieve homeostasis. Therefore, the role of the endocannabinoid system and its maintaining of the physical balance for medicine is crucial. Endoсannabinoid system is a real treasure for scientists and medical professionals. Although this is a complex system, it plays an important role in many body processes and it seems to have a promising potential in the targeted treatment of many diseases.

Why can cannabinoids have an effect on the human body?

The main reason why cannabinoids such as THC, cannabinol have psychoactive and / or health effects on the human body is that there are places in our body's system that they can react to.It was discovered that THC has the ability to bind to two receptors in the body and activate them as well as they do natural endocannabinoids, that the body itself produces. However, rather than binding directly to them, operate on the principle of the interference effect of the enzyme FAAH, which is responsible for the decomposition of anandamide. When is the effect of the FAAH suppressed, the process of degradation of anandamide is disturbed and this leads to the accumulation of FAAH in the brain – the effect then lasts longer than usual and it causes a feeling of intoxication and psychoactive state, which the user feels? The action against the enzyme FAAH turned out to be an effective means in the struggle with other mental illnesses. Some of the characteristics of the CBD, which suppress the manifestations of anxiety may be associated with the inhibitory effect on the enzyme FAAH and therefore leads to increased presence of endocannabinoids in the bodily system.


Cannabidiol(CBD) - What is it and for which disease can be used?


Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, naturally occurs within the tiny hairlike structures known as trichomes that grow on hemp and cannabis. The first cannabinoid molecule to be discovered in 1940, researchers have been studying CBD’s numerous health benefits ever since. CBD has been shown to promote healthy sleep, relieve occasional joint pain, speed athletic recovery, enhance relaxation, improve mood, reduce stress and frustration, alleviate occasional nausea, and support immune system health.

Cannabidiol exists in two states, CBD and CBD-a. Both are being studied to discover their individual effects on the body. CBD-a, which grows directly on hemp and cannabis, shows a great potential for different types of treatment. However, its effects haven’t been researched as extensively as CBD. When CBD-a is heated to 248°F, it loses its acid chain in a process called decarboxylation (also referred to as “activation”) and becomes CBD. All our products go through this process. CBD has been well studied and has a more pronounced effect than CBD-a due to more efficiently binding to the body’s Cannabidiol receptors.

An organic product, CBD is a safer, natural alternative to synthetic options with little to no side effects. In hemp’s multi-thousand-year history, there has never been a recorded fatality. While CBD has been shown to be non-toxic even at extreme doses, you should consult your doctor if you plan on taking more than 300mg in a 24 hour period.

Here are 7 medical use for CBD that you might not have known about:

1. Diabetes

In a study using CBD, the development of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice was prevented. Although there wasn’t a direct effect of cannabidiol on glucose levels, the treatment prevented the production of IL-12 by splenocytes. Preventing this cytokine is important because it plays a huge role in many autoimmune diseases.

2. Acne

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and the National Institute of Health discovered that CBD can provide treatment for acne. Researchers used hemp-derived cannabidiol on the human sebaceous glands and came to the conclusion that CBD acts as a highly effective

hemostatic and an anti-inflammatory agent by inhibiting lipid synthesis.

3. Fibromyalgia

Common treatments for fibromyalgia are anti-inflammatory medications, opioid pain medications and corticosteroids. A 2011 study that focused on CBD treatment for fibromyalgia produced very promising results for future uses in treatment. Half of the 56 participants used CBD, while the other half used traditional methods to treat their condition. Those that used cannabis saw a great reduction in their symptoms and pain, while those using traditional methods didn’t see much of an improvement.

4. Schizophrenia

In 2012, a group of German researchers published a study in the journal Translational Psychiatry. The potent antipsychotic Amisulpride and CBD were compared between 42 schizophrenia patients. The two treatments were deemed effective, but the short side-effect profile of CBD 

outshined the pharmaceutical option.

5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CBD is known to produce anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects when ingested by slowing everything down and calming the user. Those with PTSD are often overcome with anxiety and stress, so patients frequently find relief by using cannabidiol. The antipsychotic benefits provide a stable mental environment for those that need it most.

6. Crohn’s Disease

Some scientists say CBD could be an effective treatment for bowel diseases like Crohn’s Disease. THC and CBD interact with the system that controls gut function in the body, something that Crohn’s patients suffer issues with. The component of cannabis’ anti-inflammatory ability brings a lot of relief to those suffering from this condition.

7. Multiple Sclerosis

Scientists at the Cajal Institute used animal models and cell cultures to find that CBD reversed inflammatory responses and served as durable protection from the effects of multiple sclerosis. Mice with 10 days of CBD treatment had superior motor skills and showed progression in their condition. Using this information, researchers concluded that CBD has the potential ability to reduce various aspects of MS.

Cannabinoids - What are they and how is their effect on health?


Cannabinoids are organic molecules naturally produced by hemp and cannabis which activate two of the body’s central nervous system receptors: CB1 and CB2.* CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain, while CB2 receptors are spread throughout the rest of the body. Because CBD does not activate the brain’s CB1 receptors, it is largely non-psychoactive.

Each of the 100+ known cannabinoids have unique receptor interactions, producing individual results. Research has also shown that cannabinoids’ benefits multiply when used together, producing what is called the “entourage effect.”

The most known cannabinoids

From all the cannabinoids, there are only these two are most known: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Even though THC has healing effects, it is psychoactive, at the same time it is psychoactive and higher dosage can cause anxiety and paranoia. CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid but it does have calming effects and helps to cure different types of inflammations and neurological illnesses.

The Endocannabinoid system

The Endocannabinoid system exists for about 600 million years and was developed even before the Dinosaur era. Since then it is constantly developing and it is present in all animal species. That is why all living organisms, including humans and animals, are capable of absorbing these cannabinoids, that are found only in hemp plants, thanks to the CB1 receptors which are a part of the brain and neurological system and CB2 receptors which are building blocks of the immunity system.

The Endocannabinoid system has a key influence in supporting several important functions of the body, reproduction, emotions, sleep and food intake.
Cannabinoids work in synergy, meaning altogether, and therefore synthetically produced cannabinoids which are usually on sale in pharmacies are not really efficient. It is necessary to use them in a complex way (hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, CBD extract, etc.) so that their healing effects on our health can be absorbed fully.

How do you prefer to use hemp products? Share your experiences in the comment section below!


CBD oil use - should I swallow or take it sublingually?

You can take the oil sublingually by holding the product under your tongue for five to ten seconds. This process may increase the uptake of the product.


Do Cannadorra CBD products contains any THC?

There are trace amounts of THC present in most hemp-derived CBD products.  Our products comply with the federally mandated 0.2% THC limit.


CBD oil - What is made from?

Hemp oil with CBD is produced by combining the two most suitable extraction methods - using alcohol and CO2. We use the alcohol method for its ability to extract from the plant all types of cannabinoids and other beneficial substances such as amino acids, flavonoids and others. Also for its purity and the most natural way to obtain herbaceous substances. Distillation is a method known from antiquity, for the body known and suitable.

CO2 extraction then adds other substances that are lost at the high temperature of the alcohol method - acid forms of cannabinoids (CBDa ..), fatty acids as well as waxy natural waxes.
The resulting extract obtained by combining these two methods is then mixed with hemp seed oil to produce Hemp oil enriched with CBD and other beneficial substances.

More about production ... HERE


CBD - is it legal?

Currently, hemp-derived CBD products are legal in over 40 countries. You should always check with your local government officer, police department, or customs office for the most up to date information regarding the legality of CBD in your area to ensure that you are happy with the level of the legality of consuming these products before you buy them.


Are CBD and THC the same thing?

No. There are over 100 known cannabinoids, each with their own effect on the body. Though THC and CBD have a similar chemical composition, their atoms are arranged differently. Because of the way THC is arranged molecularly, it is the perfect compound for interaction with Cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors. This connection is the one that provides an intoxicating effect to the brain. CBD, however, is not a good connector to CB1. Instead, CBD connects with CB2 receptor. This produces a completely different effect on the body.


CBD - Knowledge Base

CBD dosage - How much should I take?


CBD is rapidly gaining attention as a wellness supplement, but there is still a lot of confusion surrounding it. We created this CBD serving guide in hopes of helping our customers understand how CBD can be beneficial, and to help our customers figure out where to begin with our CBD supplements. This article and all other information on our website is not intended to provide medical information and our products are not intended to cure or treat any disease. We strongly recommend consulting your doctor if you have any questions regarding CBD.

What Serving of CBD should I take?

A number of factors determine your ideal CBD serving. This can include your weight, metabolism, and genetics, among others. Because each individual’s endocannabinoid system is unique, some people may only require a small amount of CBD to receive their desired benefits, while others may require much higher serving to experience the same effects. If this is your first time trying CBD, we recommend starting with a small serving of only 10-25mg and increasing it later if desired. CBD can take time to work, so wait up to 2 hours before ingesting another serving. Some people may require up to 100-150mg per serving of CBD to get the desired effect.

Remember this rule of thumb: you can always take more, you can never take less.


Hemp oil and CBD extracts - What is the difference between them?


Hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, is extracted by pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. While hemp oil does possess a number of health-related benefits, hemp seeds do not contain any cannabinoids, so products labeled as “hemp oil” do not provide the reported benefits of CBD, or other cannabinoid-based products. The Hemp Industries Association makes the distinction between hemp oil and CBD extracts, stating, “CBD is not a product or component of hemp seeds and labeling to that effect is misleading and motivated by the desire to take advantage of the legal gray area of CBD under federal law. Hemp seed oil does not contain any significant quantity of CBD.” 


CBD - is it psychoactive?


CBD is largely non-psychoactive, meaning it has no intoxicating effects and will not get you high. This has to do with how CBD interaction with cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body.

Like all cannabinoids and endocannabinoids, CBD works within our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a part of the nervous system. The endocannabinoid system is comprised of cannabinoids that the body naturally produces, called endocannabinoids, and two primary cannabinoid receptors.

The first receptor, CB1, can primarily be found throughout the central nervous system (CNS). The other primary receptor, CB2, is primarily found throughout the peripheral nervous system (PNS), with smaller quantities found throughout the immune system, the gastrointestinal system, as well as the aforementioned central nervous system. 

Because CB1 receptors are located primarily in the brain, they are responsible for the intoxicating effects of cannabinoids, whereas CB2receptors are responsible for many of cannabinoids’ other effects in the body.

Δ9-THC is psychoactive because it fully binds and activates the CB1receptor. In addition, it fully binds and activates the CB2 receptor, leading to a number of other benefits that can be had from THC intake.

By comparison, CBD will bind to both the CBand CB2 receptors, but does not exhibit a strong binding affinity to them. In the case of the CB1receptor, this leads to CBD providing some neurological benefits with no psychoactive effects


Hemp products - what you should know

CBD coconut oil - what it actually is?

CBD coconut oil is made according to a secret recipe from BIO CBD hemp herb, BIO coconut oil and hemp oil. It is a unique product and the most natural way to use the CBD.

Content of CBD - 1000 mg in one glass. Which corresponds to 32 mg CBD per spoon = 7 drops of 10% CBD oil.

CBD coconut oil is a great alternative to classic CBD oils. The advantage is, in particular, its coconut flavor and a rigid structure that allows us to consume it with a spoon.

For CBD to work properly, it must be absorbed through the intestinal wall. By using CBD coconut oil with other fats, CBD efficiency increases up to three times!

Effect of CBD coconut oil:

  • strengthening cardiovascular health
  • inflammatory regulation
  • metabolism improvement
  • a great nutritional supplement for autism
  • dietary supplement for prevention of cancer and epilepsy
  • pain reduction
  • help with fear, anxiety and depression
  • it has beneficial effects on the natural defenses of the organism and its cells
  • it promotes hair growth, nails and human skin health
  • it harmonizes natural processes in the body 

CBD coconut oil vs. CBD hemp oil

Thinking about purchasing a CBD product, but you can not choose between CBD hemp oil and CBD coconut oil? Here are the basic differences:

1. Production

  • CBD coconut oil is made according to a secret recipe from BIO CBD hemp herb, BIO coconut oil and hemp oil. It is a unique product with maximum absorption. Does not contain alcohol and chemicals. CBD coconut oil is in BIO quality.
  • CBD hemp oil - produced by combining the two most suitable extraction methods - alcohol and CO2. We use the alcohol method for its ability to extract from the plant all types of cannabinoids and other beneficial substances such as amino acids, flavonoids and others. Also for its purity and the most natural way to get substances from the herb. Distillation is a method known from antiquity, for the body known and suitable.

2. Structure

  • CBD coconut oil - has a solid structure that makes crystals and allows us to use it simply using a spoon.
  • CBD hemp oil - this oil is slightly turbid and has an ideal oil consistency. Color is light green. It is consumed by the oral dropper directly under the tongue.

3. Taste 

  • CBD coconut oil is known for its pleasant nut-coconut flavor (thanks to this flavor it is better received by children)
  • CBD hemp oil - characteristic is typical hemp taste, which is a bit bitter

4. Bioavailability

  • CBD coconut oil - for CBD to work properly, it must be absorbed through the intestinal wall. By using CBD coconut oil with other fats, CBD efficiency increases up to three times!
  • CBD hemp oil - its absorbability and efficacy is highest if you put it directly into your mouth and under your tongue.

5. Package size

  • CBD coconut oil - large pack 170 ml (i.e. it is 17 times more than CBD hemp oil)
  • CBD hemp oil - 10 ml


Whether you decide for one or the other product is always a 100% quality, properly tested food supplement. One package of CBD coconut oil contains approximately the same weight of CBD as 10% hemp oil, the difference being in the volume of the total product. It also depends on your preferences - what products flavor and structure is closer to you. 

What are hemp products and how are they made?

Hemp products - tea, seeds, oil, protein, and others are cultivated from food strains of Cannabis Sativa. 

The most common strains grown are Bielsko cannabis from Poland, Futura from France, Uso from Russia, and Finola from Finnland.

Hemp products are 100% natural. Hemp seeds are peeled, cold-pressed for oil or used after extraction as a source of protein. Tea contains only hand-picked flowers of young cannabis plants. 

Are hemp products legal?

Hemp food products are 100% legal as well as the hemp strains that are used for their production. Hemp seeds, oil and protein do not contain any THC (the psychoactive substance). Hemp tea can contain a maximum of up to 0,2% THC which is the permitted amount according to EU legislation. 

Hemp products can be carried through customs or sent internationally (EU) - there are no restrictions stated. 

Hemp and marijuana - what is the difference?

"Marijuana" is a Mexican expression for hemp with high levels of THC. Products of Cannadorra products are made exclusively from certified food strains of cannabis (from the production of seeds and flowers) and contain no THC. 

How are hemp products beneficial?

Hemp products contain many essential nutrients - those that our bodies cannot produce by themselves but needs for functioning properly - therefore they can only be replenished through nutrition. 

They especially have unsaturated fatty acids, valuable proteins, vitamins, and minerals. All these are necessary for functioning and for the development of various organs. 

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are some of the most valuable sources of nutrients that are essential for a healthy life. 

Hemp protein is one of the most valuable plant proteins with high absorbability, moreover, it is lactose-free and gluten-free.

Hemp tea contains cannabinoids that stimulate the endocannabinoid system of the human body, which is responsible for a whole scale of basic life processes. Drinking hemp tea contributes to an overall calming of the neurological system and helps to start the body´s natural immunity. 



What do you mean by "THC free"?

 The “THC Free” icon means that there are no traceable amounts of THC that were detected in our third party testing.


CBD and drug test - Will I test positive?

 There is a possibility for a false positive on a drug test if you take CBD products. We hold no liability if that were to happen. If this is a major concern for you then we suggest not taking CBD.


Are Cannadorra products vegan?

 Most of them! All our products do not contain any preservatives.


What do you test for?

Upon receiving a bulk shipment of hemp we test for heavy metals and potency.

In the next step, we use ethanol to separate CBD from the plant material. Afterward, the raw oil is tested for potency and for solvents—it’s important to note that the solvent we use (cane ethanol) is the same as what you find in alcoholic drinks and is safe for human consumption. You can find potency results on each product’s page.

If the raw CBD oil is refined into distilled CBD we test again for potency. Testing for solvents is not performed twice due to the distillation process removes any remaining alcohol.

If it is refined into CBD isolate we test again for solvents and potency.


Do you test the quality of the hemp you use?

Yes! Our products undergo a rigorous testing protocol to ensure we sell the highest quality and safest products possible. When we receive a bulk shipment of hemp to our laboratory, we test for heavy metals and pesticides. Post extraction, we test the raw oil again for heavy metals and pesticides, in addition to testing for potency and residual solvents. We send all batches made in-house to a 3rd party laboratory for potency and quality analysis.


Cannadorra products - Are they any heavy metals or pesticide in them?

 We third party test all of the hemp by a supplier for heavy metals and pesticides. Our test results can be found on individual product pages.  


Hemp - health effects

Hemp seeds and their benefits

Hemp seeds are one of the healthiest and nutritious foods for the human body. They contain an ideal ratio of omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, what ensures an optimal absorption of these essential substances, and they are also rich in protein and essential amino acids. 

From proteins, they contain the valuable protein Edestin which is similar to those that are naturally occurring in human plasma. Intake of this protein also helps to optimize the functions of the immunity system. 

Hemp seeds, thanks to their nutritional composition, supports brain activity and development, and regenerates organs, decreases cholesterol levels and has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect on the body. 


Hemp tea - how does it help?

Hemp tea is prepared as a regular infusion of young cannabis flowers. These flowers contain apart from cannabidiol (CBD) also other valuable cannabinoids. However, the most valuable among them is CBD, as also stated in Wikipedia: 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis.It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant's extract. CBD is considered to have a wide scope of potential medical applications – due to clinical reports showing the lack of side effects, particularly a lack of psychoactivity (as is typically associated with THC), and non-interference with several psychomotor learning and psychological functions.

This cocktail of cannabinoids effects CB1 and CB2 receptors, are distributed in our neurological system and calibrate their function. Cannabinoids, in general, affect the endocannabinoid system of the human body and through this influences basic human processes like sleep, digestion, metabolic processes, and immunity. 

From our experience we know, that hemp tea works effectively against migraines, diabetes Type I, loss of appetite, digestion problems, the Crohn illness, heart arrhythmia and insomnia. It is also effective against symptoms of multiple sclerosis and other auto-immunity illnesses. 

Hemp seed oil - how is it beneficial?

Hemp seed oil is obtained through cold-pressing of hemp seeds and contains all the necessary fatty acids omega 3-6-9. Hemp seed oil helps to speed up your detoxification, supports your immunity and lowers the level of cholesterol.

Hemp seed oil can be used internally - as a delicious ingredient for dishes of cold cuisine or externally as a hydrating care full of nutrients for your skin. 




Hemp protein and its effects

Hemp protein is the most valuable and best absorbable protein as it is a 100% natural ingredient. Therefore your digestion is not burdened by metabolizing whey. Also highly valuable is the content of proteins like albumin and edestin (their plant variation is not prohibited), 90% absorbability and presence of all 23 naturally occurring amino acids.

Hemp protein can be prepared in form of a shake and can be added to any meal. It is a 50% protein in BIO quality with additional flavors: cocoa and banana, coconut and pineapple or in form of a gainer with rice milk and barley malt.

Hemp protein helps to regenerate muscles, supports endurance and higher performance. It is a great food supplement for everybody, especially for active athletes or people in recovery after surgeries or accidents.

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Affiliate cooperation

Affiliate program Cannadorra

Make money with affiliate program - provisions up to 15%

Would you like to earn some extra money? Do you have a website or a blog? Read further! Integrate your website or blog to our Cannadorra affiliate program and turn your visitors into customers. On each order from your website, you can earn up to 15% provision.

How to begin?

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  Send the discount to your friends
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Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain the legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for the production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for CBD extraction, tea, and ointments & cosmetics. All our products are NOT psychoactive. offers a complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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CBD oil and hemp - sale products

Cbg 2 Percent Cbd 5 Percent
Zz Cbd Cbg Kapky Krabicka Mockup   All Bamboo Eng 200x200

CBD 5% + CBG 2% hemp oil, 10 ml

5% CBD + 2% CBG hemp oil - food supplement. It promotes immunity and has a ...

Sales price: 45,00 €
 474.39 kr
Cbd 1000 Mg
Cbd Coconut Oil 1000mg Cbd  200x200

CBD coconut oil, 170ml

CBD coconut oil - a food supplement is a unique blend of high-quality ...

Sales price: 52,99 €
Before discount60,78 €
 558.62 kr
Cbd 2 Percent
Zz Cbd Kapky Krabicka Mockup   En Bamboo 2 200x200

CBD Hemp oil 2%, 10ml

CBD Oil - food supplement, full-spectrum of cannabinoids, 190mg CBD, mixed ...

Sales price: 24,90 €
Before discount22,61 €
 262.49 kr
Cbd 5 Percent
Zz Cbd Kapky Krabicka Mockup   En Bamboo 5 200x200

CBD Hemp oil 5%, 10ml

CBD Oil - food supplement, full-spectrum of cannabinoids, 475mg CBD, mixed ...

Sales price: 28,90 €
Before discount33,83 €
 304.66 kr