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MMA fighter: "I exchanged whey protein for hemp"

Dusan Pala, trainer and MMA fighter, likes hemp products - from CBD vaping, CBD oils, to hemp seeds - it can be said that he has already tried a large part of the assortment in person. Recently, however, he decided to completely eliminate whey proteins from his training plan and include plant - hemp proteins instead.


Dusan, why did you decide to change proteins and stop taking whey?

I have been using whey proteins from the very beginning since I started actively with martial arts and it has been 15 years. During that time, I went through X marks, flavours... until I came across - thanks to Cannadorra - hemp proteins. I can't say that I would somehow lose the taste of whey proteins, or that I would somehow resent them, but hemp products have entered my daily life and I am excited about them, they suit me, they fit me, they convince me of their qualities in terms of scope in my body (especially regeneration), so it was a logical way to move to hemp proteins as well.

What do you value most about hemp proteins?

I especially appreciate the absorption and the fact that I am sure that I will get everything I need into my body. From vitamins, amino acids and other things the body needs. I enjoy that. I don't have to have x more supplements because I have everything in one.

Mma Fighter Dusan Pala

Did something about hemp protein surprise you?

At first, I was struck by the taste. In fact, I struggled with it a bit :) And then the solubility of the protein - who has already tried it knows that the whole protein will not dissolve completely, but part of it will remain at the bottom. It is the "rest" of the hemp seeds from which the protein is made. I was confused and not sure if I was preparing the protein properly. So, I called Pavel, who is in charge of Czech hemp counselling, and he explained everything to me. Then I was calm and started enjoying new tastes and qualities.

Lots of athletes are discouraged by the taste - what about you? How was it when you first tasted hemp protein and how do you rate it now?

I believe that a lot of athletes who use whey protein and then just try hemp, so they knock and say this is not good at all and return to their flavours, which resemble a strawberry shaker from Mc Donald :)

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Therefore, I will return to the fact that I have incorporated hemp products into my daily life and I started to "live" with hemp, and in the end, my taste came completely normal. It's definitely not a shaker from MC Donald, but unlike whey "shaker" I'm not so bloated after a hemp lifetime and I regenerate at least as well, so the taste is not number one. And how do I feel about it now? After 3 months of use, I picked up various recipes, so to speak :) and I can prepare the protein very tasty. For example combinations of strawberries, peaches, melons are at least absolutely great for me. So, I gradually picked it up according to my tastes and now I'm already in the phase when I'm really looking forward to my protein after training :) and that's the basis - everyone should look forward to their protein, that's why we choose the tastes, that's logical.

What is your favourite protein and why?

I like classic BIO, without flavour. Thanks to the already mentioned fruit mixes, I will make the taste I want, and I really enjoy it.

Do you have any recipes - how to enjoy hemp protein?

So the recipe for me is probably definitely peaches but beware - from the can :)))))))) are just sweet and terribly good :)))))) but also fresh strawberries from the garden are of course very good :))))) 

Czech Mma Fighters

You recently had the opportunity to try CBD coffee from Cannadorra, what do you think of this novelty?

Take great care of this product :)) I'm a big coffee lover and I can say that it succeeded sacramentally. So as soon as you taste it, you're a clear fan of this coffee. The only big minus that I would give to this coffee is that it comes in a small package :))))))) was quickly gone :)))) so for me at least two kg :)))

Now seriously - really great and tasty coffee, I definitely recommend.

I think you've managed to incorporate hemp into everyday life - can you tell us what your hemp day looks like now?

Exactly hemp is my everyday partner that really fits me. What does my day look like?

In the morning I eat muesli with milk and add a teaspoon of hemp seeds, then 5 drops of CBD x CBG oil, CBD coffee is without debate ... during the afternoon I drink liquid with vaping pen, before training again coffee on a boost and after training cannabis protein and sometimes before sleeping excellent hemp tea and sleep :)))

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