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Although there is a lot of information about cannabinoids, the dosage issue can confuse many a consumer. Cannabigerol is available in many forms, but mostly in the form of CBG oils. So far, there have not been many articles about CBG dosage, so we decided to write one and talk specifically about the proper CBG dosage and how much should you take.

CBG dosage

For CBG dosage, it depends on many factors such as weight, age, genetics, the rate at which your liver metabolizes the compounds (which affects the size of the dose), disease, and the concentration of CBG drops. CBG in our body works with the endocannabinoid system, which is differently sensitive in each individual and therefore the response varies.


Health condition Dose/day
Prevention 2 - 4 mg per day
Health problems 7 - 50 mg per day 
Recovery (after training)  2.5 - 25 mg per day
By stress 2 - 5 mg several times a day
Insomnia, sleep problems 10 - 20 mg one hour before bedtime


CBG oil dosage 

However, the basic rule is to start with a small dose and gradually increase it. Divide the dosage into 2-3 doses per day, e.g. 2 drops in each dose. You can increase the doses every 5-10 days until you feel the effect. It is important to note that this is a natural supplement and therefore you cannot expect an immediate effect as you are used to when taking medication. Give your body, specifically your endocannabinoid system time to start working with cannabinoids.

Dosage of CBG oil 2%

2% is suitable for the prevention and for strengthening of human health and immunity. For prevention, it is sufficient to take 2 drops 2 times a day. 

1 drop of oil with 2% CBG = 0.76 mg CBG


Health condition Dose/day
Prevention 2 x 2 per day 2%
Mild health problems Start with 2 x 2 or 3 x daily 2% oil and gradually increase every 5-7 days
Insomnia, sleep problems 10 - 20 drops an hour before bedtime


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CBG oil dosage 5%

If you have health problems or high age, choose oils with a stronger concentration - 5%. Start with 2 drops 2 times a day - morning, evening and possibly afternoon - and gradually increase until you get the desired CBG effects.

1 drop of CBG oil 5% = 1.68 mg CBG


Health condition Dose/day
Severe health problems Start with 2 x 2 or 3 times a day of 5% oil and gradually increase every 5-7 days
Recovery (after training) 3-4 drops 2x a day or after training
By stress Start 2x2 daily 5% oil and gradually increase every 5-7 days
Insomnia, sleep problems 5 - 10 drops one hour before bedtime

If you follow the dosage recommendations, i.e. start with a lower dose and gradually increase it, the risk of side effects is low. Giving the substance gradually will help your body get used to it (CBG is not addictive), start to cooperate with it and avoid side effects. However, if side effects do occur, you may experience nausea, diarrhoea, or vomiting. 

Dosage of CBG liquids when vaping

Taking CBG liquid results in a rapid onset of effects, but the effects wear off more quickly compared to drops. If you choose to vaporise, it is advisable to vaporise the liquid using a vaping pen. The recommended daily dose is about 1 ml - the optimal effect is achieved by spreading the doses throughout the day and in the evening before bed.

CBG tea dosage

Drinking hemp tea is not just a ritual tradition, there are many benefits behind it. Tea with CBG cannabinoid is a great aid for falling asleep, which is why it is recommended to take it an hour before bedtime - the ideal recommended daily dose is 2 cups of a mixture of about 400 ml.


Several factors determine what doses of CBG you can take, which we have outlined above. It is always important to review these factors before taking CBG. 
Cannabigerol is not a psychoactive substance and does not have intoxicating effects like THC. 

When making your choice, please do not hesitate to contact our hemp counselling, where we will also be happy to advise you. Remember that the quality of the product also plays a key role in how CBG works in your body - only a quality product will do the job! 

If you are more interested in CBD, read more: How to dosage CBD?

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