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You must have heard a lot about the therapeutic benefits of CBD, but what about the use of CBD oil and ADHD in children - does it really work? We will tell you how CBD works for ADHD, what are its advantages over conventional medication, and introduce you to other parents' experiences.

What research says


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How does CBD affect children with ADHD?

ADHD is characterised by low levels of dopamine (the neurotransmitter that controls the brain's cognitive abilities - memory, attention span and mood). It causes the manifestation of Attention Deficit Disorder = ADHD.

Cannabinoids have been shown to improve the transmission of a brain chemical neurotransmitter - dopamine. It is this chemical that helps to improve cognitive processes. CBD drops help to improve attention in ADHD patients by activating adenosine receptors in the brain, thereby reducing anxiety. They work to minimise distractibility and hyperactivity in ADHD patients.

CBD experience and ADHD treatment

ADHD improvements thanks to CBD

We have a good experience with CBD oil, tea and peeled and whole seeds. Our granddaughter has ADHD and ADD, and on the recommendation of your employee, we order these products from you and see improvements. Even at school, after talking to the teacher, she sees an improvement. We are very happy for that and thank you very much.

5 / 5
Sarah Miller

My experience: CBD and ADHD

Oil with CBD has been using my son for 2 months. He has ADHD. He is calmer. I can only recommend

5 / 5

Change for the better with ADHD and ADD

We use your products for the granddaughter with ADHD and ADD and we are satisfied. There is a change for the better.


4.5 / 5
Olive Williams

Improved condition of son´s ADHD with CBD oil

My son Valdemar has ADHD and when we tried the CBD hemp oil, we noticed that the oil improved its condition immediately. His sleep has improved as well and it's quieter.

4 / 5

Our daughter's experience with ADHD and CBD

Our daughter has a more severe form of ADHD with PAS (autism). She suffered from anxiety and was often aggressive, but with the use of CBD, the conditions have eased. She now concentrates better and can function a little.

I learned about using CBD from a FB group on ADHD. Many mums there were sharing tips with each other and that they were using CBD to relieve seizures and calm her down.

Up until that point I had only associated cannabis with the cannabinoid THC and was then very interested in the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD.

We wanted to solve our daughter's sleep problem first and I wondered if CBD oil could help with anxiety and aggressive states (the biggest problem was getting her dressed, she is very hypersensitive).

We ordered our first CBD drops from Cannadorra 3 years ago. I am a bit "self-taught" and adjusted the dosage by myself. When I felt the desired effect was coming, we left the dosage at the dosage we were happy with. As it has been 3 years, I don't really remember exactly the first days of taking CBD, but I do know that sleep was the first thing that started to improve, and hand in hand with that the anxiety and aggressive states improved.

We are currently taking 10% CBD drops and giving my daughter 6 drops a day. I also tried to stop taking the drops, but it was impossible as my daughter became completely different in a matter of moments and the aggressive and anxious states became more frequent.

Personally, I take CBD (20%) too, it makes me much calmer afterwards and that is really necessary sometimes.


How to use and CBD dosage for ADHD

CBD is available in several forms - CBD oils, CBD coconut oil, CBD vaporization, but also ghee butter with CBD, etc.

The most common product chosen is CBD oil and CBD coconut oil.

In order to dose CBD correctly, we recommend always starting gradually with a small dosage. Take CBD drops directly under the tongue, as this ensures maximum bioavailability (effectiveness).

In general, dosage recommendations for CBD for children with ADHD are as follows.

1 drop of CBD 10% = 3.88 mg CBD
1 drop CBD 5% = 1.9 mg CBD
1 drop CBD 2% = 0.76 mg CBD


Article author:

Lucie Garabasova

Lucka is our always positive colleague, which you can meet only with a smile. She has an online manager position, supports and promotes sales on the Czech and German markets. Lucie loves nature, animals, and likes sport.


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Lucie Garabasova
Online manager | Cannadorra


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