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Cannadorra has been cultivating hemp and producing hemp products for healthier and tastier life for all of us since 2012. Our goal is to make hemp, hemp products and hemp medication accessible to all people. 

Company info:
Zelená Země s.r.o.
ID: 24728993 
VAT ID: CZ24728993

Seat of the company:

Jugoslávských partyzánů  34
16000, Praha 6,
Czech Republic 

Our office (where you can find us): 
Wuchterlova 5,160 00, Praha 6, Czech Republoc -> 6th floor


Areál firmy Serviscentrum Vysočina
Kosovská 10
58637 Jihlava
Czech Republic

Info about products: info@cannadorra.com
Customer Service: support@cannadorra.com
Wholesale: kristyna@cannadorra.com

Get to know the team of Cannadorra: 

We are a family company and we are trying to project our values and believes to all our relationships - with customers, suppliers, purchasers and partners. We are also using all the hemp products in our daily lives and therefore we sell only what we all believe in.   

Ondřej Šťovíček

Ondřej is a founder and CEO of Cannadorra. He is mainly taking care of strategic managment and development of the interantional cooperation. His vision is to make hemp available for medical and practical purpose to everybody.


Andrea Lengyelová

Andrea is the director of the company Cannadorra. She takes care of development of new products, strategic business partnership and wholesale. She loves her work what can be recognized at first sight. Her daughter Anežka is of a freat help to her :-)

Andrea Lengyelova

Zoltán Batki

Zoltán is responsible for Hungarian market and helps also to maintain our web presentation. He takes care at the same time of the English customer service. He does everything calmly and helps gladly wherever it is needed.  


Kristýna Lengyelová

Kristýna is the youngest member in our team. Her main responsibility is to take care of all english speaking clients. She helps, explains, recommends and delivers. Always with a big smile and genuine effort to do her best and make everybody happy. 

Kristynka Lengyelova

Eva Kellerová

Eva is our business manager for Germany and EU. She is taking care of our wholesale partners and development of the German market. Her passion, hard-work and responsibility helps the progress of Cannadorra and hemp industry in general. 

Eva Kellerova

Pavel Čermák

Pavel has a great knowledge about hemp and its healing potential. In Cannadorra he advises and helps customers, he cares about their education and about general sale.


Jana Praščáková

Jana takes care of international online marketing and at the same time she masters all translations and communication within DACH and EU region. She is always in a good mood, full of energy who is interested in hemp and environment protection. 


Jakub Dufek

Jakub is our Expert adviser regarding hemp treatment for the DACH area. Feel free to contact him in case you have any questions about our hemp products or usage and dosing of our CBD products.


Soňa Fašinová

Sona is our business and logistics manager. She cares for flawless delivery of hemp products to your homes and companies. Thank you!

Sona Manazerka Obchodu V Zelene Zemi

Monika Michálková

Monika is our photographer, always in a good mood and her creativity has no limits. Her hobby became her job! ;-)


Kateryna Shaposhnyk

Kateryna is responsible for marketing and translations for the Russian market. She is a hardworking person, always smiling and in good mood. 

Michal Kozelka

Michal is responsible for the wholesale in Czech Republic, region Moravia, and Slovakia. He is very sociable, curious and keen to learn. 


Eva Andrýsková

Eva is our amazing warehouse helper - she completes orders and sends them together with Jana to your homes. She is a very positive woman with a big heart. 

Kateřina Tvrzová

Kateřina helps us with all the activities related to the running of the company. She takes of administration, helps with development courses of new products, organizes courses and supports our team. 


Jana Šindelářová

Jana works in our warehouse where she makes sure that all of your orders are complete before sending them to you. 

IMG 20161125 1842241

Dáša Martínková

Dáša takes care about our storage house, production and distribution of hemp products. She helps with product development and improvment of our overall services. Her energy helps everyone around. 

Dasa Martinkova Zelena Zeme

Rudolf Baláš

Endlessly communicative Ruda. He takes care of our Cannadorra web presentation, dances salsa and he desires to know about everything. He always surprises us with his areas of interest and how long he can speak. His patient work is fascinating us and at the same time is of a great hobby to Ruda. :)


Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for tea, CBD extraction and ointments & cosmetics. All products are NOT psychoactive. 

Cannadorra.com offers complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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Sale products

Zz Mast Kuze Mockup De 200x200

Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin,...

Hemp ointment with hemp and marigold extract is beneficial for skin ...

Sales price: 9,90 €
Before discount11,50 €
 95.04 kr
TOP! Sale
Konopny Olej 500ml 240x240

Hemp oil BIO extra virgin 500 ml

Hemp seed oil is the best source of omega 3 and 6 fat acids, tastier and ...

Sales price: 9,90 €
Before discount11,91 €
 95.04 kr
TOP! Sale
Bio Konopny Caj 200x200

Hemp tea BIO leaves and flowers 40g

Tea made out of BIO hemp tea relaxes body and mind. Supports immunity, ...

Sales price: 4,90 €
Before discount5,90 €
 47.04 kr
Cbd Hemp Oil 2 Crystal 200x200

CBD Hemp oil crystal 2%, 10ml

CBD Oil - Hemp seed oil enriched with crystalic CBD 2%. Unique food ...

Sales price: 27,90 €
Before discount29,90 €
 267.84 kr
Hemp as Natural Medicine

Hemp has a great medical and nutritional potential. It can be used against many civilisation diseases or just as a prevention and source of vitality & longevity.  

Learn how to use it in your everyday life. Get receips, articles, news, useful infromation and studies...