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CBD oil 20%, 10ml

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1970mg CBD, broadspectrum of cannabinoids, 10 ml, 270 drops, with organic Hemp Seed Oil, food supplement.
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CBD oil 20%, 10ml – food supplement

This registered food supplement is the strongest and most powerful CBD oil from Cannadorra. It is a mixture of purified broadspectrum distillate from hemp leaves (with CBD content of about 70%) and organic hemp seed oil. The final product contains 20% CBD, ie.1970mg of CBD per 10 ml bottle. 

Hemp oil with 20% of CBD – how it works

CBD (cannabidiol) is combined with the broad-spectrum of other cannabinoids for the best effect. Organic Hemp oil harmonizes natural processes in the human body and therefore supports its immunity. It has a positive influence on heart activity, cholesterol level, glucose blood level, the normal state of skin, and function of muscles and joints.

Ingredients of CBD oil 20% 

Ingredients: Organic Hemp seed oil, a broad-spectrum purified distillate from hemp leaves
CBD oil content: 1970mg +-5% (20% of weight)
Volume: 10ml ~270 drops
Weight: 9,9g

Dosage and use of CBD oil 20%

  • 1-5 drops – 1-2 per a day - start with lower does and continuously increase the dose until the desired effect is reached
  • take at least 30 minutes before a meal
  • drip underneath your tongue, wait for 60 seconds, then swallow. You may add it to any fresh fruit or vegetable juices. 

CBD oil is not a replacement for a balanced and varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dark place.

Why choose Cannadorra?

  • CBD oil 20% is the strongest oil from the Cannadorra product portfolio
  • it´s a unique combination of bio hemp seed oil and CBD purified broadspectrum distillate from hemp leaves
  • laboratory results always available 
  • products directly from the producer
  • money-back guarantee from Trusted Shops

Why use CBD oil?

  • Taking CBD oil is the most common usage of CBD. 
  • Small bottle - easy to have your CBD always with.
  • Use it orally or apply locally (acne, inflammation,..).
  • Increasing/decreasing your daily dosage is very easy with CBD oil drops.

As you probably know, more and more people know the benefits of CBD on the mind and body. CBD can help you to relax and get much better (deeper sleep), it helps to reduce stress. There are many studies proven it has great effects on several illnesses, for example:

  • autism
  • Alzheimer´s disease
  • Crohn disease
  • epilepsy
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraine
  • Parkinson disease
  • ...

CBD oil 20% - Analysis

CBD                   19,9 %
CBDA             < 0,005 %
CBG                  0,418 %
CBC                  0,146 %
CBN                  0,073 %        

Production of CBD oil 20%

Hemp oil with CBD is produced using alcohol distillation. We use the alcohol method for its ability to extract from the plant all types of cannabinoids and other beneficial substances such as amino acids, flavonoids, and others. Also for its purity and the most natural way to obtain herbaceous substances. Distillation is a method known from antiquity. No alcohol remains in the final product.

From Hemp To CBD EN


The taste and aroma of CBD oil may slightly differ in reference to the production batch. The reason is that we process only raw natural materials that do not necessarily have the same attributes. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@cannadorra.com or use our online chat. We are here for you.

The Team of Cannadorra

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    The cold months periodically start the season of colds, followed by the cough season and later the season of the flu. Winter just has our immunity regularly asked what we did in the summer. And who takes good care of himself, he does not have to spend money on medications in the winter, and he can still enjoy life. For those who want to look after themselves and solve causes rather than consequences, we have the right nut or more precisely coconut: coconut CBD oil!



  •

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    As the use of CBD is growing, many people wonder how this may affect children. There is definitely a good reason for this, because no one wants to give their children something they are not sure of. Therefore, this is the reason why people are increasingly asking the question "Is it possible to use CBD for children?"



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    CBD - why daily use will be useful for you

    CBD is increasingly becoming a new trend. Many people want to use it to enjoy and experience all the benefits. It is also important to share your experience with others, as CBD helped you. Many believe that it can be the next breakthrough, so they use it every day.


  • CBD   Help With Insomnia

    CBD can help relieve insomnia

    At the moment, the demand for CBD is growing, and all this is due to the endless health benefits. But some people are still skeptical about CBD. All this by the fact that so far it has not been tried. There is so much what you can get from CBD using, of course at the right dosage.



  • CBD Hemp Oil And The Story Of Roman

    CBD hemp oil and the story of Roman

    Roman is a heavily disabled 21 y/o boy to whom the use of CBD hemp oil has changed a life. And not only to him but to his whole family. Romans Mother was so kind she agreed and gave us a life story about the use of CBD hemp oil and its effects on her son.



  • CBD Benefits For Athletes

    CBD benefits for athletes

    The more the popularity grows, the more we learn about the advantages of CBD. In most cases, it is even used as an alternative therapy. Can athletes use it? Of course. More and more professionals and amateurs are choosing CBD to feel about its benefits during training.


  • Coconut Oil

    CBD coconut oil - the most effective CBD product on the market!

    Are you using CBD or are you thinking about it? Are you looking for a quality, natural and effective product? So you just found it. Find out all about this unique CBD product that was born of the most beautiful intent - gently, naturally and effectively enjoy the beneficial effects of hemp.




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    COPD is a group of lung diseases that block airflow and make breathing difficult. Studies show that cannabis can help patients treat lung disease, reducing inflammation of the airways and causing bronchodilation.



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    CBD oil - can you vaporize CBD oil?

    An industry of CBD is growing more and more. There are so many ways to consume CBD that more people start getting confused. The most common question is whether you can also vaporize CBD oil. 



  •

  • CBD And Asthma

    CBD helps in the treatment of asthma

    Studies show that CBD can help patients with asthma or at least minimize the disease. Asthma is an atopic disease. This means that it causes immediate allergic reactions. This chronic disease slows the airway, which leads to airflow limitation.


  • CBD Oil Can I Fly With It

    CBD oil can I fly with it?

    Summer is already behind the door and with summer time is coming summer vacation time. Many people are planning an aviation holiday, and along with such a holiday, the CBD oil users also have a question. Can I take the oil with me into the plane? We have prepared an article for you that will give you some tips to enjoy your vacation without unnecessary worries.



  • Hemp   5 Essential Scientific Findings

    Hemp - 5 essential scientific findings

    Scientists are constantly discovering new ways in which hemp benefits human health. The results and findings of these studies are mostly published by specialist researchers in journals, but many findings about hemp will not appear in the mainstream media at all. The eyes of the wider public remain confidential. Here are five examples of research into the effects of hemp, which are worth paying attention to.


  • Is Cbd Oil Addictive

    Is CBD oil addictive?

    Are you worried that CBD oil and generally CBD products might be addictive? Whether or not CBD is addictive is the most common question for users of these products and those who justwant to start using. It is true that marihuana addiction (THC) exists. But what about CBD oil? It's also from hemp but ... In short, no. CBD oil is not addictive. Here's the explanation.


  • CBD Oil And Why It Wont Work For Everyone

    CBD oil and why it won’t work for everyone?

    While for many CBD hemp oil is salvation, for some it is not. There are many known reasons why CBD oil does not always work and everyone in the same way. However, this fact has nothing to do with its effectiveness in general. Here are a few options why it can be and how to correct it. 


  •

  •   2018 04 18  12.15.16

    Hemp substances and how do they work

     Have you ever wondered, where is the healing and psychoactive effect of hemp taken? Here is a quick overview of chemicals that are involved, including their effects on the human body. Of course in the name of science.



  •

  •

  •

  • Cbd Oil Rick Simpson Oil

    CBD Oil and Rick Simpson Oil shook the world of medicine!

    A few years ago, there was no one interested in cannabis and its beneficial effects. Yes, the ointments were always made at home and handed out to friends. Nowadays we can hear about cannabis even on national television, read about it in newspapers and on the internet. What happened?


  • What Are Cannabinoids

    What are cannabinoids?

    Cannabinoids are natural substances which can only be found in hemp. One hemp plant contains about 500 organic compounds and about 85 of them can be classified to the group of cannabinoids.


  •   2018 03 16  11.22.47

    10 questions about CBD

    A lot of our customers are still asking the same questions about hemp products. So we have put these questions together and answered. We hope, that you can find your answer 


  • Endokanabinoidni System Lidskeho Tela

    What is an endocannabinoid system?

    What is an endocannabinoid system? The endocannabinoid system is the construction of components inside the human body that play an important role in our internal biological system.



  • Cbdvs

    CBD hemp oil vs. CBD hemp oil crystal

    We currently offer two types of CBD hemp oil which differ not only in the manufacturing process but also in the content of cannabinoids. But what exactly is the difference between these two CBD oils?


  • Sleep Disorders

    CBD hemp and sleep disorders

    According to the latest research, nearly one third of the population suffers from sleep disorders. In the short term, this is not a problem that needs to be treated. However, if insomnia takes a long time, you can begin to experience many undesirable side effects.



  • Cbd Oil Quality

    CBD oil – 4 qualities you should look after

    „CBD surely helps to cease many health problems or diseases, however, the market is full of low-quality products. And this is the problem.“ States ICCI Prague – International Cannabis & Cannabinoids Institute.


  •

  • Leipzig May

    Hemp for back pains and degenerative diseases of spinal discs

    Degenerative diseases of spinal discs are caused by the changes which occur due to getting old. Spinal discs are soft, squeezable, and they divide the vertebrae which create the spine. It is very important for the discs to be healthy because they work as shock absorbers and they help its flexibility during everyday work.





  • Cannabidiol Cbd

    7 little-known uses for CBD

    Recent cannabis research has identified CBD as the component responsible for great medical benefits. Looking to try CBD? Checkout www.cannadorra.com. We sell a large variety of CBD products like teas, oils, ghee and others. Use coupon code “kristynal” for 5 percent off any purchase.



  • Cbd

    5 reasons your brain loves hemp just as much as you do

    If you use hemp regularly, you can tap your shoulder, or actually better your head, and silently praise yourself. Your brain wants to thank you because using weed helps the gray matter to stay healthy! And here are the promised 5 reasons, why your brain loves hemp just as much as you do:


  • Konopi Leci

    The youngest patient treated with hemp extract

    Two-month-old daughter of a young couple from Albuquerque is struggling with a severe form of epilepsy, but the conventional pharmaceuticals do not offer any help. According to the request from her parents, the doctors have decided to try out the treatment with hemp extract. With that, the newborn became the historically first patient, legally treated with hemp extract in the hospital. Amylea Nunez suffers from seizures since being born, and the doctors are not successful in finding out the cause.

    “She has a very rare type of epilepsy, which is not treatable at the moment, “ the mother Nicole Nunez explains.


  • Cbd As Prevention

    CBD oil as a prevention, yes or no?

    It is known that CBD – cannabidiol has a great medical potential in the treatment of some serious diseases. My question in this article is whether it can also be useful for healthy people as a prevention. However, as my friend medicine man says „I have not met a healthy person yet“, in other words, everybody has something or some inclination. In order to answer this question, I have tried 5% CBD oil on myself for almost 2 months and I have prepared little research either.


  •

  • CBD Hemp Helped Me With Pain

    CBD hemp helped me with pain

    In hemp counseling, we advise many customers on a daily basis, listen to the diagnosis, and recommend suitable products and dosages. Feedback is extremely important to us! The customer Mrs. Alena also shared her feedback with us, who entrusted us with her story with hemp today….



  • TV Report What Exactly Is CBD

    TV report: What exactly is CBD?

    We shot several episodes of reports for TV Relax about hemp. The first report is on the topic: CBD. Hemp therapist Pavel Čermák answers the moderator's questions.


  • Hanf Kann 8 Gefahrliche Drogen Ersetzen

    8 Medications which can be replace by hemp

    Does exist medicine that can be completely replaced by hemp? Both scientists and the public continue to find more and more medicinal properties and healing effects of hemp. More and more people are turning to hemp for help. It is able to relieve pain, anxiety and depression.


  •

I have lymph node cancer, and I feel much better from using hemp oil and my liver values have improved a lot. Now I'm able to work again with hemp oil! I have lymph node cancer, and I feel much better from using hemp oil and my liver values have improved a lot. Now I'm able to work again with hemp oil!
I can only recommend it.

User Icon Review
4.5 / 5

Hemp oil I do not use myself, but my mother. He suffers from cancer. With hemp CBD Oil 10%, it does better, it does not have so much pain. We all believe it helps her body and even metastasis is no longer growing! I'm glad my colleague brought me this oil!

User Icon Review
5 / 5

After reading the article that hemp oil helps autists I decided to order after consulting with your hemp oil and at home I did not tell the man whether it will see any difference in our 7 year old autistic boy so I tested and our little man started to repeat the words after us for a week of using the oil, which my husband pointed out to me so I banged him and found articles about the benefits of this hemp oil with the administration we continue and that over the year we already have homeopathic because we do not want medication from the doctor but we go the way of treatment we would say that with hemp oil really jumped to better communicate with us ... no longer has such a bubble, it really does notice everything and especially our eye contact, we still have to sing to him, we are not bored now; -)

User Icon Review
4 / 5

The story does not concern me directly, but my husband. In March 2016, a malignant brain tumor was discovered. Immediately followed a successful operation. In two months, he had 30x radiation, and I was looking for information to help him and read about your oil. Now her husband has been honestly enjoying her second year and everything is fine. Even doctors do not believe he is still alive. The medication is not used, just 5% CBD HEMP OIL.

User Icon Review
5 / 5
Jitka and her husband

The doctor says, "What will we do with your heart?" ... and I "do nothing" about it. I have 10 years after ablation (birth defect removed). But something did not seem ... I'm not talking about cholesterol. He is high, even though I'm slim, sporting and not eating smoked meats and animal fats. So, I started using CBD Hemp oil. On another cardiac check, the doctor found the heart healthy. I'm already looking forward to checking blood for cholesterol levels. And that's just the second bottle. Autumn regular rhinitis did not come, muscles and joints did not hurt and that feeling before falling asleep? As It says, “asleep as a toddler”. Cannadorra, thank you!!! Yeah, and I'm fifty ... by the citizen :-D

5 / 5

My problems were from panic attacks to depression with heartburn, reflux, and diarrhea! With the CBD oil, my status was noticeably better during the week. The pressure has disappeared. I feel my stomach has improved .. Even though I had to start with two drops because I was hypersensitive and with 4 drops too relaxed. Even my sleep problem was gone! I am amazed at how well this hemp oil has helped! I still enjoy it regularly because it really does me well! Thank you

User Icon Review
5 / 5

I had breast cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, irradiation, and hormone therapy. Today, I know I would not choose it all and treat natural medicine like hemp. Now I live differently, I am informed about alternative possibilities and I do not place my life helplessly in the hands of the doctors. When my father also became ill for prostate cancer, I was just getting to read about the possibility of hemp treatment, namely CBD and THC, and these are stunning. It is a pity that marijuana, especially the THC component, is still considered to be a dangerous drug (even though no one has ever died on it), which has been on the ground for over a hundred thousand years and has always treated it before it has banned it to produce its "cancer-causing" drugs. CBD oil is a great versatile medicine, a food supplement, and it is important that it be enriched with THC. I just have to add that I took CBD in pregnancy even now during breastfeeding and I have been managing for 5 months without sleep. I love your products and I am happy to support you.

5 / 5

It personally helps me the hemp tea in the evening before going to bed to relax.  It calms down in a very gentle way.

User Icon Review
4.5 / 5

For about a year, my family and I have been drinking CBD and CBG tea daily with oil. In the evening for a better sleep, during the day when stressed or unwell. In pain with a drop of CBD hemp oil 5%. So we hardly need any more painkillers and no other drugs for reassurance. My heart rhythm disturbances became less frequent, the sleep deeper, falling asleep faster. Tea and oil are excellent, have no side effects and we got used to the harsh taste quickly. We also apply the CBD hemp oil drop by drop on the skin to achieve an intensive regeneration.

User Icon Review
4 / 5

I use 2% or 5% CBD oil. Because of my fears, depression and sleep disorders, I can calm down without feeling tired as with psychotropic drugs. With regard to my epilepsy, I was able to reduce my medication. I gave it to my father for back pain and was also thrilled.

User Icon Review
4.5 / 5

I like to use CBD hemp oil before going to sleep. It's like a nice herbal ritual and it has greatly improved my sleep over the last months. I fall asleep more easily and I don't usually wake up during the night. If you're in need of deep sleep, try it.

User Icon Review
4 / 5

My mother has Alzheimer's disease and classical treatment causes unpleasant side effects - aggressive states that are suppressed by damping agents. My mom was apathetic after them, motorically very bad, incontinent, and with no interest in the surroundings. I tried to try alternative therapy and I was looking for what could help. CBD Hemp oil alias Phenix tears I discovered on your site and tried to feed my mother. We have been using it since June, and my mom has improved dramatically. We reduced the dosage of damping drugs, aggression disappeared, improved incontinence, motor skills, and communication skills. I know that this terrible illness cannot be cured, but I am grateful even for a small improvement, and I can just ascribe hemp. Nature has a solution for all, we are part of it, and we should use ourselves with the humor of what it gives us. So thankfully I thank you for using hemp to treat my mother.

4.5 / 5

I am suffering from depression and anxiety. The hemp oil made me safer. I am much less anxious and less shaky. Highly recommended.

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5 / 5

Our story has just begun. Martinek, our son, has changed after vaccination. I'm afraid she's not an autistic or if she has no developmental dysphasia. He sleeps bad and does not understand the instructions. Otherwise, it is a loved angel. I have just started to deal with it, but the first step was to recommend ordering CBD hemp oil. We take it for 3 weeks, and we start to make changes right in front of our eyes ... more focus, sleeping better, sleeping without problems, and it seems to me that understanding improves! The oil does not taste him, and we gave him it with "violence", and suddenly one night, as always, he repeated how it would help him that it was medicine, and he looked at me, listened, and suddenly opened a wide mouth and let drop himself! I was moved, and I believe in a miracle that everything is good in our country.

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It's the story of my son Tommy. It is an epileptic, and psychogenic seizures have evolved. It's the story of my son Tommy. It is an epileptic, and psychogenic seizures have evolved. After I informed my doctor about the special epilepsy clinic that I did not want his medication to change again, the doctor was surprised. That day I first ordered hemp oil and gave it to my son .. the seizures were like a miracle gone for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Then we had to start giving more drops. It was a miracle for us.

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I have come to use the CBD because my son has epileptic seizures. Since he started using the CBD, his bouts have fallen dramatically!

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Agnes and her son

It's actually the story of my 21-year-old son. Mine was 15 years ago when I used hemp oil instead of chemotherapy. My son is 21 years old and has (had) pronounced borderline and depression. With the CBD oil, he got it under control. We are all enthusiastic that hardly anyone can imagine this path of suffering, with the ups and downs, the years of fears and the 24 hours a day, whether the police are at the door and opens it to us, our son, this time has done and is no longer alive. It is cruel. He takes CBD oil, hemp proteins, I also bake and cook with hemp seeds and hemp oil. This plant is a gift from God.

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Hemp oil is used by my husband for over 2.5 years as an add-on to cancer treatment. Thank you very much for being able to buy it on your site because I think this oil also helps make it feel a bit better in difficult treatment. Even our family members are being ordered by our recommendation, which we have just recommended. Thanks again, and greet you in the Cannadorra :-) oil is unique !!!

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Alena and her husband

I have sleep disorders and anxiety .. I bought hemp tea 4% and I drink 1 cup every evening ... I was very critical whether the tea worked ... but I have to say that I sleep better now and that my anxiety states are not gone but now I get along better in everyday life ... I will definitely continue to drink tea ...

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I love hemp, I was worried by severe fear - anxiety, nausea, and head twitching. Problems occurred two or three times a day for several hours - that was hell. Since I use CBD every day, I feel much better and can work normally again.

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My son Valdemar has ADHD and when we tried the CBD hemp oil, we noticed that the oil improved its condition immediately. His sleep has improved as well and it's quieter.

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My first encounter with CBD oil was when my best friend in life - Labrador Buddy - got sick. He suffered great pain as a result of spine collapse and kidney failure. I was looking for a natural cure for him to keep the kidneys out of chemistry. Of all the natural resources, I found the best - hemp. I started giving him hemp oil. First 5% then 10%. The results were above expectations. My dog friend does not live anymore otherwise. But the CBD oil has made his life extended and more pleasant. And so, began my preference for natural medicine a few years ago. I myself use CBD oil that helps me with borreliosis, tried it and part of my family, and I'm also helping to bruise the animals and I really use it. Hemp in the form of ointment, oil, syrup, tea has become part of the life of our family and animal friends.

Labrador Buddy
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I have suffered from oral dermatitis for many years. For a woman, it is horrible, my face is as harsh as a shine. They were cheating me on skin corticoids, it was a journey to hell. When I bought a hemp cream, it was good, but when I discovered hemp oil, I bought it even though the price was higher. And after problems, the oil acts like a small miracle. This will help you in the skin and so I would like to make dermatological effects for other affected women as well.

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I have diabetes for years and I have to say that after taking the CBD oil and tea, my condition has improved, and doctors are surprised. Tea is also good to enjoy before bedtime, it helps me to sleep all night long. I recommend to all.

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Marie 78 years
retired | Czech Republic
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