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Hemp cosmeticts - pamper yourself with a new line!

 Summer was full of great news for us and one of them is hemp cosmetics. Now you can find a complete range of skincare, from hair to fingertips :-).



Hemp cosmetics - with love for nature

Our entire cosmetic line is designed to be suitable for every skin type. So, women, as well as men and children can be pampered. Cosmetics is completely natural, free of petroleum products, which is also guaranteed by its international certification. Now you can enjoy nature with our shower gel, shampoo, body milk, lip balm and hemp, and tea tree oil.

Pamper Yourself With A New Line Of Cosmetics From Hemp

Hemp certified cosmetics

The certificate guarantees that the product meets the prescribed conditions. For example, cosmetics do not contain petroleum products such as vaseline, it also contains no synthetic fragrances and preservatives, genetically modified raw materials and others. One condition is also that the raw material and the resulting product are not tested on animals. 

Hemp shower gel

It is a gentle, non-drying, pleasantly perfumed shower gel with 5% hemp oil, D-panthenol and olive oil. The shower creates a dense foam, removes dirt and odors but does not dry out. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin, and for children's skin.

Hemp shampoo

Unique hemp shampoo leaves your hair hydrated, smooth and supple. Does not smear the scalp. The shampoo forms a fine dense foam, removes dirt and odors, but leaves beneficial ingredients. Suitable for any type of hair.

Hemp body milk

Hemp body milk contains hemp oil, D-panthenol, shea butter, and vitamin E. Body milk is easily spread and has a pleasant fresh smell and soothing effect. Thanks to it, your skin will always be in great shape!

Zz Konopny Tea Tree Olej Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp & Tea Tree Oil, 30ml

Hemp & Tea Tree Oil - Antiseptic and regenerative serum on skin - 30ml

Sales price: 6,00 €
Before discount7,43 €
 62.06 kr
Zz Balzam Na Rty Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp lip balm - 4,8ml

Hemp lip balm with Beta-carotene and D- panthenol, 4.8ml

Sales price: 3,50 €
 36.2 kr
Zz Konopny Sampon Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp shampoo, 200ml

Hemp shampoo with Bio hemp seeds oil and D-panthenol, 200ml

Sales price: 5,60 €
Before discount6,60 €
 57.92 kr

Hemp lip balm

Hemp lip balm with hemp oil and D-panthenol, beta-carotene for all-year use - to the sea or to the ski slope. The moisturizing and regenerating balm is finely perfumed and dermatologically tested.

Hemp Lip Balm

Hemp And Tea Tree Oil

Hemp & Tea Tree Oil

Hemp & Tea Tree Oil has an antiseptic and regenerative effect on your skin. The protective and regenerative power of pure hemp oil with 20% Australian tea oil brings together a product that combines the benefits of both exceptional nature gifts. The oil does not contain synthetic perfume and is dermatologically tested.

Instructions for using hemp cosmetics

It's quite simple - when you return home in the evenings after work, you'll have a hot shower, just pamper yourself with a hemp shower gel, care your hair with a shampoo, and then massage your whole body with hemp body milk. Every morning, anoint your lips with balsam and if the bites of mosquitoes have stayed with you from summer, do not forget to drizzle them with hemp oil with tea tree oil.

Zz Konopne Telove Mleko Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp body milk, 200ml

Hemp body milk with 5% hemp seeds oil, D-panthenol, shea butter and ...

Sales price: 6,00 €
Before discount6,20 €
 62.06 kr
Zz Konopny Sprchovy Gel Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp shower gel, 200ml

Hemp shower gel with Bio hemp oil and D-panthenol, 200ml

Sales price: 5,60 €
Before discount6,60 €
 57.92 kr
Hemp Oil With Rosemary 200x200

CBD hemp oil with rosemary - regenerating...

Hemp oil with rosemary - regenerative serum for the skin - certified ...

Sales price: 30,00 €
Before discount35,45 €
 310.28 kr


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Hemp products and legislation

All presented hemp products are 100% legal according to EU legislation. They are made from legal agricultural strains of hemp which contain the legal level of THC (less than 0,2%). Hemp seed is used for the production of oil, protein and also for direct consumption. Hemp herb is used for CBD extraction, tea, and ointments & cosmetics. All our products are NOT psychoactive. offers a complete range of hemp, CBD products & foods. All EU mostly organic production. 

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CBD oil and hemp - sale products

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CBG hemp oil 2%,10ml

Hemp oil enriched with CBG 2% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

Sales price: 27,90 €
Before discount30,35 €
 288.56 kr
Cbg 2 Percent Cbd 5 Percent
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CBD 5% + CBG 2% hemp oil, 10 ml

5% CBD + 2% CBG hemp oil - food supplement. It promotes immunity and has a ...

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 506.8 kr
Cbg 5 Percent
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CBG hemp oil 5%,10ml

Hemp oil enriched with CBG 5% - 10 ml A unique dietary supplement that ...

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 309.25 kr
Cbg 200 Mg
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E-liquid with CBG suitable for electronic cigarette or vaporizer, OG KUSH ...

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