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If you use hemp regularly, you can tap your shoulder, or actually better your head, and silently praise yourself. Your brain wants to thank you because using weed helps the grey matter to stay healthy! And here are the promised 5 reasons, why your brain loves hemp just as much as you do:

1. Anxiety

Just one dose of hemp oil or one bite of any hemp products, and you will immediately start to feel happier and calmer. It happens because the cannabinoid receptors are located in the center of the human brain which controls our mood, behavior, and thoughts. Relaxing and euphoric effects that hemp has on our bodies and souls, will help you get rid of anxiety.

Hemp can sometimes increase the anxiety though, but this can be easily avoided. If you chose the right variety or breed of hemp, which has the right ratio of cannabinoids for your needs, the relief will be enormous. Weaker varieties are usually a perfect combination for treating anxiety. (in smaller doses)

2. It increases the growth of brain cells

Hemp is one of the few plants that are growing in nature and its use helps the brain to develop. Hemp actually supports neurogenesis – which is the developing of new neurons. Some lifestyle diseases, including depression and anxiety, are caused mainly by insufficient neurogenesis in the adult age. This unique attribute of Hemp is also good for people who survived a stroke, a seizure, or a severe brain trauma because it helps to promote regeneration of the brain tissue.

3. Alzheimer

Over 44 million people suffer from Alzheimer disease worldwide. The disease is caused by deposits of pathological proteins in the brain. Hemp can cure and even reverse the progress of this disease with decomposing these proteins. Dr. Chuanhai Cao, a neurologist working in Byrd Alzheimer Institute, explains this phenomenon: “THC is known to be a strong antioxidant with neuroprotective attributes. THC has a direct impact on the pathology of Alzheimer disease by lowering the level of pathological beta proteins, stopping their accumulation in the brain and supporting mitochondrial function of the cells.”

Previous studies, such as the one from 2008 agreed that THC “simultaneously cures both the symptoms and the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease.” The study came to the conclusion that “THC is much more effective in comparison with usual pharmaceuticals which you get upon prescription for treating Alzheimer’s disease.”

4. THC protects the brain from injuries

NFL Players (National football league in the US) know it works and the science knows it as well. The hemp works as a prevention and protection in the human body. Studie, conducted on mice in 2012 and 2013 has proven that hemp protects the brain of these mice from a severe injury and from carbon monoxide poisoning.

During the testing of the effects of hemp on humans in 2014, it showed up that those, who have traces of THC in their bodies, have 80% less chance of dying from a traumatic head injury, such as impacts that often happen to sportsmen or car crash victims.

Nearly 52 000 people die of a traumatic head injury every year in the US on average. Using hemp products at least once a week could lower this number to 41 600!

5. It cures brain cancer

It is proven that hemp destroys cancerous cells without doing harm to the normal cells. The studies from 1998, 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2014 can also prove this.

Why does it work like that? Cannabinoid (CBD), which can be found in weed, destroys gene ID-1, which causes spreading of cancer. On the other hand, THC causes the death of the cells of the type C6 Glioma, which is an aggressive form of brain cancer. Other cannabinoids, mainly when used together in combination, support this effect not only by stopping the growth of cancer but also by making the large tumors smaller.

So next time someone will try to tell you that hemp can damage your brain, tell them that it is exactly opposite. Using hemp is healthy and it also protects. You can think of it as of some kind of protection for the future, and you can be sure that it is a good thing for your body.

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