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In an effort to feed horses in the most natural way possible, emphasis has recently been placed on low-grain feeds, or completely grain-free, molasses-free, free of chemical vitamins, minerals, flavours, colourings and preservatives. Since there is a real shortage of these "healthy" feeds on the market, we have decided to invent a special feed with hemp for your horses: Hemp muesli for horses.

Feeding muesli to horses

Horse breeders often mistakenly believe that the necessary nutrients are found in pellets and that muesli is just a "luxury treat". This is why they often feed granules as a "main course" and muesli is more for the horse's diet. However, muesli is a complete feed and can be compared to pellets. It can therefore be considered as a complementary feed but also as a complete feed. Muesli is a supplement to nutrients that are lacking in roughage.

Introducing: hemp muesli for horses

We have taken into account all the nutritional requirements of horses and wanted to bring something to market that will meet the basic nutritional requirements while you know that your horse always has only the best in his bucket. Hemp is very important in horse nutrition! And that's why it was created: Hemp muesli for horses from Cannadorra, which is grain-free, and contains balanced ingredients of 99% Czech origin because we support local producers.

Hemp muesli for horses - composition and effects

We guarantee the quality of the composition of the hemp muesli. It is a balanced 100% natural feed without preservatives, oats and molasses. You do not have to worry about the presence of mould or dust. You will find only high-quality hemp bran, oil and a mixture of carefully selected ingredients including herbs.

An amazing benefit of Cannadorra muesli is the ease of preparation, as it does not need to be soaked. So you can prepare food for your pet literally in the blink of an eye.

Individual ingredients in hemp muesli and their effects

  • alfalfa 

- harvested from fresh, guarantees the content of amino acids and vitamins A, B and E

  • hemp bran

- high fibre content (75 %), guaranteeing good digestion and elimination

  • hemp oil

- contains an ideal ratio of omega 3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acids, has a beneficial effect on the skin and coat of the animal, promotes proper digestive function

  • linseed pomace

- source of lignans, antioxidant

  • corn flakes

- another source of vitamin B and at the same time guarantee good digestibility of muesli

  • apple pomace

- boost immunity

  • carrots

- known for its high carotene, vitamin B content

  • beetroot

- beneficial for the stomach, liver and gallbladder

  • carob

- counteracts diarrhoea and problems with digestion or excretion, supports the natural condition of the skin, coat, and hooves, has the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses, hypoallergenic

  • lemongrass

- ability to lower cholesterol and promote digestion

100% natural hemp feed for hobby horses. Molasses and preservatives free.

Sales price: 33,00 €

For whom hemp muesli is and is not suitable

According to the recommendation of the horse nutritionist Mrs Bc. Lucie Hájková, hemp muesli is suitable for all categories of horses. Especially for horses with the need to stabilize digestion, for horses suffering from summer rash, for horses with weight deficit or for young and growing horses and ponies.

"Hemp in its various forms (bran, pomace, oil and whole seeds) is my favourite ingredient when formulating feeding plans."
Bc. Lucie Hájková
nutritionist and livestock feeding expert

If your four-legged pet has digestive problems, then hemp muesli is more than suitable for him. However, if your horse is in a higher sports load, choose a feed with a higher energy content in the form of cereals (barley, oats, etc.).

Dosage of hemp muesli

The appropriate dosage must be adapted to the specific size, condition and load of your horse. In general, however, the daily dose ranges from 800-1500 g/day.

You can reduce the dose in summer and increase it in winter due to the availability of grazing.

If you are still hesitant to include hemp muesli in your four-legged friend's diet but would like to give him a boost, we recommend using one of the components of hemp muesli: cake and bran or hemp oil.

What to look out for when choosing the right muesli for your horse?

It is definitely worth looking at the calcium/phosphorus ratio. If phosphorus predominates, these feeds are not suitable as a main feed source in the long term. They can acidify the body and lead to imbalances, not only indigestion.

Always consider carefully whether a cereal-based feed mix is really suitable for your horse. Focus on the digestibility of the individual ingredients and the fibre, vitamin and mineral content. Ideally, consult the contents of your chosen mix with a specialist.

When choosing muesli for your horse, you will probably also come across different types of bran, seeds, cakes, vegetables and fruit, with herbs or oils. Here, be careful of the quantities used. Sometimes they are included purely to 'impress the customer' and are in such negligible quantities in the finished feed that the effect is really negligible.

Article author:

Lucie Garabasova

Lucka is our always positive colleague, which you can meet only with a smile. She has an online manager position, supports and promotes sales on the Czech and German markets. Lucie loves nature, animals, and likes sport.


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Lucie Garabasova
Online manager | Cannadorra

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