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You probably know Ghee, the clarified butter. Probably you know hemp too. But what about their connection? Have you already tried it? Hemp Ghee is a suitable food supplement that easily integrates into your diet. At the same time, it is a natural and delicious way to get these beneficial cannabinoids from hemp.

What is Ghee?

Ghee or clarified butter is waterless fat obtained from fresh butter. This is the traditional butter treatment that our grandmothers have already used and is widespread throughout the world. Today, in Europe, popular Ayurvedic medicine also believes that ghee strengthens the source of life energy, which is the foundation of immunity and physical and mental well-being. It supports a healthy flow of all body fluids and strengthens our nerves and our tired mind. Through its effects, it strengthens the digestive fire, which is so important for the harmonious digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Production of Ghee with hemp

Fresh butter with a mixture of hemp herb is cooked on a mild fire until the translucent layer is on the surface. The crust is removed, and the golden-green fluid is what we need. Butter is further filtered from tiny parts of hemp to absolute purity. Both butter and hemp are ideal to use in bio-quality. Durability of a properly prepared Ghee kept in closed containers in a cool, dry place is in the order of months.


Hemp Ghee containing CBD and CBDa. 220 ml. Gluten & lactose-free.

Sales price: 10,60 €
Before discount13,90 €

What is the charm of Ghee with hemp?

  • Hemp Ghee is stable, and you do not have to keep it in the fridge, even if you can. However, the refrigerator also replaces the cool and dark pantry or larder. According to some sources, ghee matures like wine, which means that its effects increase over time.
  • It is known that beneficial substances in hemp, predominantly cannabinoids, dissolve in fat.
  • This means that this fact makes Ghee an ideal way to ingest cannabinoids (CBD) in a natural way.
  • Can withstand even high temperatures, it falls into the 250 ° C category, which is more than ordinary oils. Heat does not degrade Ghee. Only a small amount is needed compared to oil or regular butter.
  • Here meet the amazing properties of Ghee and the beneficial effects of hemp.
  • It does not contain lactose.
  • It's easy to include it in the menu.

Using of hemp Ghee

The use of Ghee is varied. We can put it in sweet corn pulp that will add hemp-hazelnut flavour. Gin also softens, so it can be used in various vegetable spreads, and sweet desserts, as a good basis for stewed vegetable mixtures, for baking, and frying. It can also be spread over a variety of grain plaques, which then smell good. Just use a small amount, a shaved or half a teaspoon, and so the result is guaranteed.

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