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Are you looking for cosmetics that you will enjoy working with every day? Let us show you that CBD cosmetics are exactly what you need! In addition to natural benefits, it offers comprehensive care that your skin will undoubtedly be happy with, and if you are a beautician, so will your customers :-). Let's take a look "under the hood" of a new product that has recently enriched our green range: CBD creams.

CBD in cosmetics

CBD in cosmetics is said to be green gold, no wonder, it really has a wide range of positive effects.

Cosmetics with cannabidiol are becoming increasingly popular with all women. It is classified as a natural cosmetic because it contains ingredients of natural origin. All cosmetics from Cannadorra are internationally certified in the CPNP register and meet all the necessary safety conditions for placing on the market.

You'll especially appreciate the beauty benefits of CBD if you have problematic or sensitive skin. However, even with normal skin, this cosmetic is suitable for you. It is suitable for any skin type and will take care of even the most sensitive skin in the most gentle way. CBD hemp cosmetics have a praised effect on acne and also on the overall soothing of the skin, in addition, CBD has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Therefore, apart from the younger generations who are troubled by acne-prone skin, generations who are afraid of wrinkles and would like to reduce them should also reach for it.

Day Cream with 100 mg CBD, 50 ml Anti-aging - suitable for all skin types

Sales price: 17,90 €

Night Cream with 100 mg CBD, 50 ml Anti-aging - suitable for all skin ...

Sales price: 17,90 €

But you shouldn't neglect the effects of CBD, even if you have dry skin. On the contrary! You can often see hemp ingredients combined with hyaluronic acid, which is a lifesaver for dry skin, in just a few drops.  

SUMMARY: What kind of skin is CBD cosmetics good for?

  • for problematic skin with acne
  • for dry skin
  • for sensitive skin
  • for mature, wrinkle-prone skin

CBD day and night cream - the future in skincare

The most perfect thing about CBD is that it is a natural extract. You can rest assured that you are not putting something on your skin that could harm it, or even something containing chemicals. No! The right CBD cosmetics should be built on a natural base that will suit your skin, and rest assured that such cosmetics are truly the future of your skincare. What else could I want but look forward to applying something so pure and extra effective on my skin every day?

CBD day cream

Are you one of those women who feel that their skin is slightly dry during the day? Or do you struggle with the appearance of wrinkles? Or maybe you're just looking for the right foundation to go under your flawless makeup? Then be on the lookout! Because CBD day cream is the best option, it contains 100 mg of CBD and is ready to give you everything you've been looking for so far. 

Among other things, it spreads very easily and is quickly absorbed. Combining CBD with natural nourishing extracts, soothing oils, minerals, and vitamins, it cares perfectly for your skin and leaves it hydrated, nourished, soothed, and soft to the touch. 

The balanced formula protects your skin from the natural ageing process and restores freshness and elasticity to stressed skin.

And a great benefit that our customers appreciate is its really soft, but very pleasant scent that you will smell for the rest of the day. Regular use of the day cream restores elasticity and restores harmony to your skin.

Apply the cream in the morning on cleansed skin, the effects are multiplied by a gentle minute massage and tapping with the pads of your fingers.

CBD night cream 

Your skin has been affected by many factors during the day — impurities in the air, skin hidden under makeup, stress, improper diet, etc. That's why you should get a good night's rest so that it doesn't leave any “lasting effects” and is ready to face the next days fresh.

Moreover, oxygen reaches the cells better at night. During sleep, our skin rests, regenerates and replenishes its antioxidant protection. It gets rid of stress, signs of ageing and fatigue. CBD night cream can help it do just that! Compared to the day cream, it has a more nourishing and richer texture, which provides the skin with sufficient nutrition. It also contains a higher concentration of active ingredients. Again, its balanced formula protects your skin from the natural ageing process and restores freshness and elasticity to stressed skin.

Add to your evening skincare ritual a regular night cream with 100 mg of CBD to ensure your skin is deeply nourished, relaxed and soothed. After a routine of exfoliating and cleansing your skin before bed, apply the CBD night cream. Massage your skin with slow, soothing finger movements.

Don't forget about other influences

And it's not always just about cosmetics, although quality cosmetics can really make a difference! You also need to pay attention to your lifestyle and your diet, which should be as balanced as possible so that your whole body can benefit from it and ensure perfect harmony. Make sure you regularly exfoliate and cleanse your skin morning and night to ensure that your skin is ideally prepared to receive all the active ingredients in the CBD cream. And last but not least, don't forget to relax — take some time for yourself, enjoy it with your favourite hemp cosmetics and take some time for yourself. You deserve it! 

Day Cream with 100 mg CBD, 50 ml Anti-aging - suitable for all skin types

Sales price: 17,90 €

Night Cream with 100 mg CBD, 50 ml Anti-aging - suitable for all skin ...

Sales price: 17,90 €
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