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Many of you are interested in information on whether you can drive normally after taking CBD products. The answer is simple: Yes, you can. Take a look with us at the first study of its kind, which found that CBD does not have a negative impact on driving.


The first study of its kind

The first study of its kind, published in December 2020, found that CBD has no negative effects on driving, while THC intoxication has an effect on driving that lasts approximately four hours.

The study was led by the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney and was conducted at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

The study included 26 participants who inhaled hemp containing various ratios of THC and CBD and then drove a motor vehicle about 100 kilometres (~ 60 miles) under controlled conditions on public highways, both 40 minutes after the first dose and four hours later.


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Did CBD hemp affect driving?

The use of CBD (cannabidiol) had no effect on driving, while the use of THC or a mixture of THC / CBD caused a slight deterioration measurable 40 minutes after application, with the deterioration disappearing after four hours. Study leader Dr. Thomas Arkell said that "road safety is a primary concern" of legislators and, in fact, of all stakeholders. The aim of the study is to make it possible to amend the laws so that people can use medicinal cannabis and medicines more freely.

"With changing global hemp laws, jurisdictions are facing the challenge of driving after hemp use. Our results provide much-needed insights into the extent and duration of the impact of different types of hemp and can help manage road safety policies not only in Australia but around the world, "Arkell said in a statement.

The researchers used an established scientific test that measures the standard deviation of a vehicle's position - lane-keeping index, yaw - which increases under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

You can now drive completely calmly

The study, therefore, concludes that the use of CBD does not affect driving - however, when using CBD products, it is always important to carefully choose the CBD brand that you will get and at the same time follow the recommended daily dose indicated on the product packaging.


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