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Hemp In The Treatment Of The Epilepsy

Unfortunately, patients suffering from epilepsy suffer from epileptic seizures. Of course, there are medicines against them - but what to do when seizures come back and are strong and frequent? More and more people with epilepsy choose to treat it with hemp - specifically CBD. To what extent can CBD really help with epilepsy? The article provides a brief overview of the epilepsy treatment with hemp.

The clinical picture of epilepsy

There are a number of epileptic seizures by type. Patients have either major seizures (disturbed consciousness, convulsions) or minor seizures (sight).

Today, however, the most widely used division according to the International League Against Epilepsy, which divides seizures into two main groups: partial (partly) and generalized.

Partial seizures (focal) begin in a certain restricted area of the brain and their manifestations are determined by the location of this area (the so-called epileptogenic zones). This type of seizures is the most common in adulthood and the most commonplace of origin are sleep lobes. Some of the patients feel the foreshadowing, or aura, before the attack. Aura often appears as an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen, upper abdomen, upwards; furthermore, as feelings already experienced, seen, feelings of alienation, olfactory hallucinations, etc.

If the seizure spreads further, it develops into a so-called partial complex picture where consciousness is already broken (partially or completely), the patient performs automatic and ineffective movements (licks, swallows, chews, manipulates surrounding objects, adjusts clothing), it can aimlessly go on or even continue the more complex activity that it started before the seizure. He can even speak, mostly unintelligible, meaningless. Sometimes, on the contrary, physical activity is minimal and the patient gets stagnant.

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Confusion, agitation, and aggression are no exception after a seizure. The patient usually does not remember the seizure. Even this seizure can spread further and become a “large” seizure, secondary generalized. Partial seizures from other lobes tend to have consciousness preserved and manifest themselves, for example, with twitches or convulsions on only one side of the body, or even in a particular muscle group from which they can “travel” further.

In a generalized seizure, the entire cerebral cortex of both hemispheres is affected by epileptic activity. Therefore, the patient immediately loses consciousness. There are more such types of seizures. In adulthood, the most common seizure with convulsions. In the beginning, the sick often shouts, tries his tongue, falls down. He is stiff, not breathing and turns blue. Gradually breathing, salivation and rhythmic symmetrical twitches appear in all limbs. At the end of the seizure, they often get wet and remain slack and unconscious (or deep sleep) for some time.

Even in adults, absenteeism (typical of childhood) may occur, characterized even by brief gaze and “blackout”. Myoclonic seizures are manifested by an involuntary violent jerking of the head, limbs or the whole body.

Seizures occur day and night, in sleep. One patient may have multiple seizures.

How can hemp help epileptics?

In principle, mechanisms of action can be observed in the treatment of epilepsy leading to an improvement in the patient's symptoms. First of all, hemp is anticonvulsant (it acts against convulsions). In the long term, health professionals have been aware of the anticonvulsant properties of hemp. They have even been demonstrated in animal experiments. Even with the use of CBD without psychotropic effects, it is already possible to effectively combat seizures.

Another advantage is the neuroprotective (protective effect on the nervous system) properties of hemp. It is believed that epilepsy can be countered by hemp consumption. This is a consequence of the developing endocannabinoid system of our body. Patients whose endocannabinoid system is unbalanced or otherwise impaired (which may also be genetically predisposed) often suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy, which is characterized by sensory disorders of all kinds.

It has been found that hemp can partially reduce particularly severe seizures better than traditional medicine (for example Phenobarbital). Patients who regularly fall under “status epilepticus”, i.e. seizures lasting more than five minutes, could, therefore, benefit from hemp treatment.

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From theory to practice

In theory, hemp is therefore very suitable for the treatment of epilepsy, especially in severe cases where conventional medicine fails. This research showed that some people were already able to “heal” themselves, such as an eight-year-old girl who had more than 150 epileptic seizures per day. Although doctors did not expect to be older than ten years, she and her family did not give up hope and opted for an "emergency solution" - hemp oil.

Eight-year-old Tara experienced a tremendous improvement in all her symptoms. For one year, it consumes small, safe amounts of hemp every day and now has no seizures of any kind, without the side effects of benzodiazepines or other conventional epilepsy medicine. Sometimes she suffers from fatigue and loss of appetite, which she likes to accept. Tara's brother, Sean, also suffered from epilepsy, albeit with weaker symptoms, and was able to benefit from cannabis treatment within a very short time.

Resource:  https://www.hanf-magazin.com/medizin/hanfmedizin-bei-erkrankungen/cannabis-bei-epilepsie-endlich-ein-wirksames-heilmittel/?fbclid=IwAR1FuMBFEaLRNY_C8xAfGJ4IyeRfWB0JIWeyCFGHes6adddQdJHu5Q0xpG8


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