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What is CBD tea and why is it the best-selling hemp product? In this article, you will learn the CBD hemp tea and 6 best of it that make it what it is - a helper for anyone who wants their body and mind to indulge in peace and regeneration and healing.

THE HIGHEST contain cannabidiol CBD

It is common for a variety of hemp to be bred in order to have a high share of THC, but this does not concern us. A new trend is the breeding of hemp plants for higher CBD content, the second most important substance in hemp - in terms of therapeutic effect. For example, the Ferimon French variety has over 4% of CBD.

Harvested at THE LATEST

When it comes to tea with Cannabidiol, the content of the CBD must be at least 1.5% of the CBD. Of course, the more, the better. We will ensure a higher content of CBD by showing a suitable variety of cannabis and later harvesting than is common for hemp tea. So we don’t harvest it after 3 months of sowing, but after up to 5 months when the hemp plant is fully matured. Therefore, the colour is not green, but rather green-brown.


By being fully mature at the harvest time the CBD hemp plant is giving the tea a fuller, more earthy and distinct flavour. It is possible and even recommended to mix tea with other herbs as needed. For example, a combination of chamomile or marigold is amazing and versatile.

THE STRONGEST in effects 

If you do CBD tea for the first time, I recommend doing it 1 hour before bedtime and then staying relaxed. The tea has very strong soothing and relaxing effects that induce deep sleep when the body can regenerate and heal itself. You can do it even in the morning when you are full of strength and reflection so that you can better concentrate your mind and calmly feel the new day. I do not recommend making tea after lunch or in the afternoon when classical fatigue is coming, and this condition would be supported. So if you do not plan to relax and have something else to do, wait for the tea for the evening.


How can it work when cannabinoids are only soluble in fat and alcohol?

First of all, it is important to mention that hemp is not just about cannabinoids, although they play an important role in its effects on the human body and mind... Tea from hemp also contains terpenes, essential oils and other substances.

CBD Hemp tea contains hemp seeds, sometimes even crushed. These seeds then contain oil (fatty acids) that are released into the water to help cannabinoids attach better.

And thirdly, it is known that cannabinoids have the ability to dissolve in water to some extent.


The preparation of hemp tea is quite easy. Use one tablespoonful, pour 250ml boiling water, and allow to sit for about 5-10 minutes. The longer the sitting will last, the stronger the tea will be.

For maximal therapeutic effect, it is recommended to enrich the tea with a piece of butter or a few drops of hemp oil from seeds right at the beginning of the soaking process.

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