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The Bill, which would legalize medical marijuana in the United Kingdom, passed absolutely unqualified in Parliament's first reading.


Legislative has been put forward by Paul Flynn in great expectations. It is no coincidence that on the same day was held at London's Houses of Parliament and protest, where dozens of defenders consume marijuana, hemp food, hemp tea drinking or smelled cannabis essence.

This courageous act of civil disobedience was initiated by Flynn in July when he urged medical marijuana users to come to open their Hemp products in protest.

The aim of this action was Flynn's attempt to challenge current legislation and try to find out if the cops are ready to arrest people suffering from debilitating diseases who find relief from marijuana use.

"Today, the Bill passed the first reading without any protest," Flynn said.

"The most important thing is that several hundred people have gathered here and violated the law. I invited them here and suggested that they use marijuana, because the law turned out to be total nonsense, "Flynn added.

Flynn remarked that fortunately there was no arrest.

"For what these people did to protest, they could sit for up to five years in jail. I think the time is right to show the government that when they are so cowardly and unintelligent and believe that the illicit market is better than a legitimate market, it is public to prove they are wrong. "

Although Flynn himself never used hemp, he joined the protest.

"Today I did not have the hemp, but I would have it if there was any arrest. There is solidarity here, as I have called on people myself. Members of the protest used marijuana in cakes, drinks and vaporized, "Flynn said.

Vaporization is carried out via a device called vaporizer. This medical method of inhalation is recommended for anyone who wants to inhale non-combustion herbs as a truly medical way of gentle healing. 

Flynn added that the bill itself still has a long way to go to parliament, but hopes that approval will be given if people continue to protest.

"To date, two police commissioners have joined our protest to support us," Flynn said.
Despite the fact that the UK government has only frowned on marijuana in the past, Flynn believes that things will ultimately turn for the better.

"I believe there will be a positive change. People see what's happening in other parts of the world and see for example legislative changes in the US. Do not be afraid, after the legalization of marijuana, human civilization will not fall or fall on us, "concluded Flynn wittily.

The draft law will be headed for the second reading in February 2018.

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