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You've never heard of Edestin? Then you should pay attention! Edestin is one of the main proteins found in hemp seeds and therefore in hemp protein. It can be very nutritious and useful for humans. Not for nothing is edestin being studied for its ability to replace human plasma. Read about what edestin is and why it is so important for us.

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Edestin - what is it?

Edestin is one of the main proteins found in hemp seeds. It is significant for its similarity to proteins found in the human body. Edestin is also being researched by leading Czech scientists who are trying to use edestin to replace conventional blood plasma.

Edestin contains all the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own and must obtain from food. It is also rich in iron, fiber, amino acids and some minerals.


It is a suitable choice for all those looking for a healthy source of vegetable protein.

The name "edestin" is derived from the Greek word "edestos," meaning easily digestible, and this protein is indeed easily digestible and well tolerated by the human digestive system.


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What are the effects of edestin?

  • Similarity to human proteins - noticed by Czech scientists who are now studying it intensively
  • Easy digestibility - Edestin is known for its easy digestibility by the human digestive system.
  • Complete amino acids - a quality source of protein (not only for vegetarians and vegans, but also for athletes)
  • Potential health benefits - Consumption of edestin may be associated with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, these effects are still being researched.

Where is edestin found?

Edestin is naturally found in hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds are consumed as a food and can be used in the form of whole seeds, hemp oils, hemp seed flour or hemp protein.

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Edestin is also used in the food industry to produce a variety of food products such as protein bars, energy drinks and other foods designed for athletes, and people with nutritional needs.

And even in cosmetics, you can find edestin, specifically hemp seed oil is used for skin and hair care.

Can using edestin have side effects?

Edestin is considered a safe and well-tolerated plant protein that does not have significant side effects for most people.

However, as with any food, there can be individual variability in how individuals react to edestin. People with seed allergies should be cautious.

It is also important to consider the quality of the particular product containing edestin. Low-quality products or irresponsibly processed hemp seeds and hemp derivatives may contain contaminants that can cause adverse effects. It is therefore important to choose quality products from reputable vendors.

Did you know that Czech researchers are replacing blood plasma with edestin?

Yes, it is. Edestin could become a key product in the future as a blood plasma substitute.

Czech scientists are studying the possibility of using individual parts of the hemp plant and have begun to investigate the proteins contained in hemp seeds. In the mind of Associate Professor Irena Šlamborová, an idea for a patentable use of the protein edestin was born, which could be a long-sought and still not found source to replace the main blood protein albumin.

Edestin can help with problems associated with albumin deficiency, such as poor metabolism. Moreover, edestin and albumin are strikingly similar. "And hemp seed porridge contains the highest concentration of edestin of all-natural sources, but it also contains unsaturated fatty acids, which have a number of health-promoting effects," explains Pavel Kubů, director of medical development at Plasma for People, on why this plant was chosen.

"Organic blood plasma also lasts much longer and does not have to be stored in specific conditions like frozen human plasma. "We make a powder, it is vacuumed and it is completely inert. Edestin powder can be quickly transported to mass disaster sites, for example, where it can be administered in field conditions after mixing with saline," Kubu adds.

The organic plasma solution is based on patent ownership and subsequent development. The experts at Plasma for People are already able to prepare the cornerstone of the project - edestin in 99.9 percent purity - and have begun to prepare a clinical study of the Plasma for People Bloody Organic substitute. A significant part of the work has already been done by the Czech researchers. "Isolating edestin so that it is completely separated from the other proteins contained in hemp seed and retains its 3D structure is a complex discipline. When we succeeded in this process, animal tests were carried out down to the primate level. And even I was surprised that even a post-mortem check of immune system activation showed that the body did not perceive edestin as a foreign substance," says Kubu.

The project has now entered the next phase, in which funds are being sought for the next phase of clinical testing and the process of preparing for market approval.

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