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Coconut Oil

Are you using CBD or are you thinking about it? Are you looking for a quality, natural and effective product? So you just found it. Find out all about this unique CBD product that was born of the most beautiful intent - gently, naturally and effectively enjoy the beneficial effects of hemp.




CBD coconut oil - what is it?

CBD coconut oil is made according to a secret recipe from BIO CBD hemp herb and BIO coconut oil and hemp oil. It is a unique CBD product with maximum absorption and CBD content - 1000mg CBD in one glass.

What is CBD coconut oil different from other CBD products?

  • maximum BIO availability,
  • great taste - it does not burn in the throat
  • easy to use for children as well
  • full spectrum of all cannabinoids
  • BIO quality
  • and unique gentle processing

Cbd Coconut Oil

What makes CBD coconut oil so unique?

Its advantage is the method of processing. This is a natural, hand-made production, when the herb gets everything she has. This is the difference, for example, from other CBD products that are processed in the laboratory by machines. In addition, they have a beautiful coconut-walnut aroma and flavor. The smell is already relaxing :-). 

For whom is CBD coconut oil suitable?

CBD coconut oil is a great alternative to classic CBD oils. The advantage is especially its coconut flavor and rigid structure that allows us to consume it with a spoon and add it to cold or hot kitchens.

For CBD to work properly, it must be absorbed through the intestinal wall. By using CBD coconut oil with other fats, its effectiveness increases up to three times!

CBD coconut oil is, therefore, suitable for all who appreciate its delicious coconut flavor and the way it is used. The use of the CBD has never been so easy and tasty, which will be appreciated by the children.

CBD coconut oil effects

  • Strengthening cardiovascular health
  • Regulation of inflammation
  • Improve metabolism
  • A great nutritional supplement for Autism
  • Dietary supplement for the prevention of cancer and epilepsy
  • Pain reduction
  • Help with fear, anxiety and depression
  • It has a beneficial effect on the natural defenses of the organism and its cells
  • It promotes hair growth, nails and human skin health
  • Harmonizes natural processes in the body
  • It has a positive effect on the function of muscles and joints

The truth is that CBD coconut oil has a beneficial effect on a whole range of ailments, but we can not mention it here. There is nothing left to try it and add your own experience.

CBD coconut oil use

As with other CBD products and coconut oil, the way of use plays a crucial role. We summarized the most common way of using CBD coconut oil.

Cbd Coconut Oil Use

  • On a spoon

You can simply enjoy CBD coconut oil - take on a spoon and straight into your mouth :-)
Best to use a different than a metal spoon.

  • In the kitchen

You can add it to your ready-made dishes/beverages or prepare them.

It can be added to sauces, salads, cocktails, etc.

  • Adding to coffee or tea

You can add a spoon of CBD coconut oil to coffee or tea.

  • Massage oil 

Another advantage over conventional CBD oils is that the CBD coconut oil can be lubricated on the skin. The oil penetrates deeper into the skin and is therefore effective in the form of lubrication. Oil can also be used to treat wounds, cuts and burns. Can be used for chronic pain or arthritis.

As you know, coconut oil has the ability to absorb directly into the skin. This fabulous character puts it in the first position in terms of massage products, - it cools the heat and regenerates. 

Massage Oil

Do not forget

When determining the right dose, think of the proverb: "Less is sometimes more." So take a smaller dose divided into several parts of the day.

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