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Nano CBD What It Is


Nano CBD is not a new cosmic term - it is a water-soluble CBD! Products with nano technology are created using the same technologies as classic CBD products. So what are they really different about?


Let's first clarify: What is CBD oil?  

When extract is made from hemp rich in CBD, the result is a thick, oily substance containing a wide variety of hempcompounds. Cannabinoids inside, like CBD, are hydrophobic substances, which means that they do not dissolve in water. Although the CBD molecule is isolated from this extract and becomes a white crystalline substance, it is still hydrophobic. The term "CBD oil" is used to specifically describe oil-based tinctures, but is also used to describe CBD within any product formed with these extracts.

What is nano CBD? 

Nano - or also water - soluble means that the CBD has gone through the process of breaking the oil into small particles. These small droplets are then mixed with a surfactant which serves to emulsify the particles, allowing them to remain stable and not rearrange. Despite the name, CBD-rich emulsified oils do not actually dissolve in water. The small particle size simply allows them to disperse in liquids. This process helps in absorbing CBD into the body. These water-soluble extracts can be in liquid or powder form. They are then used to make CBD consumer products such as tinctures, capsules, food and beverages.


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Several important technologies are used in the production of NANO CBD products: 

  • Nanoemulsions use a mechanical process to create 10-100 nanometer particles. The small particle size allows the use of small amounts of natural surfactants, which reduces the need for high volume use of synthetic surfactants with other water soluble methods.
  • Liposomes are spherical structures ranging in size from 50 to 5,000 nanometers. They are made of an inner water-impermeable (hydrophilic) layer surrounded by a water-insoluble (hydrophobic) bilayer. CBD extract can be stored in a bilayer membrane. Products using this technology are common in the hemp industry. The disadvantage of this method is that it uses highly complex manufacturing processes and requires a high level of surfactant.
  • Microemulsions form 100-5,000 nanometer droplets formed by solubilizing CBD oil in water. These emulsions are formed by a chemical process which has the disadvantage of requiring a high amount of surfactants, which results in some undesirable side effects for the user. This size emulsion is not commonly found in the CBD industry.


Classic CBD oils vs. water soluble CBD: 

Bioavailability - subject to first pass effect when CBD is ingested. The compounds must pass through the body and into the liver before they reach total circulation. During this process, much of the CBD is destroyed by the liver and only a fraction of what was originally consumed reaches where it belongs.

Bioavailability is defined as: "the amount of a substance which enters the bloodstream when introduced into the body and therefore may have an active effect." 

For example, when swallowing oil-based CBD, studies show that the bioavailability can be up to 4%. 

You can try to solve this problem and look for alternatives to CBD use - such as vaporization or others - however, in general, with nano CBD, the particles are smaller and thus greater bioavailability, as you can see in the picture:


CBD specification

Comparison of CBD and nano CBD effects 

Now comes the most important thing - efficiency

With classic CBD, the effect comes more slowly, lasts longer and is absorbed less. For example, in sublingual tincture, the onset of effects lasts 20-60 minutes, but the effects can last up to 8 hours. 

While with nano CBD the effect comes faster - about 20 minutes, but the effects last only 5 hours.

So which one to choose? 

Of course, it always depends on your preferences. Nano CBD is much more expensive to produce and therefore the product will be more expensive, compared to conventional "classic" CBD oils. It is also advisable to consider whether the faster onset of effects, or rather their duration, is more important to you.

In our range, you will find only classic CBD oils so far, so if we can recommend something, then it is a combination of cannabinoids together to create a synergistic effect. So try using CBD + CBG hemp oil together and you will see how it will affect you.



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