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Now, hemp returns to the center of attention: more and more clinical studies show that especially the CBD substance contained in hemp can even be a revolution in medicine. There are plenty of reasons to ask Andrea Šťovíčková, the director of Cannadorra, who specializes in hemp products. They are now supplying 33 European states and its revenues are reaching 50 million crowns.



When it comes to hemp, most people associate it with marijuana...

” It’s sad. Marijuana contains high THC content. However, this is not the only substance in hemp. The much more interesting and beneficial for the human being is called the CBD. Simply put, while THC encourages, the CBD calms down. Because THC is forbidden in food and / or food supplements, our products are primarily built on CBD content. "

That's why your products are legal?

"All our products are made from industrial varieties that are grown all over the world, and the difference between this hemp and marijuana is in the content of the psychoactive substance THC. In legal industrial hemp varieties, THC content is up to 0.2%. These varieties also contain a number of other valuable substances and cannabinoids that have a great therapeutic effect - especially the CBD. "

What makes this substance so exceptional?

"The discovery of the CBD is sometimes compared to a revolution in medicine comparable to the discovery of penicillin. CBD can calm our whole body, and if we are not exposed to stress and pressure, space for natural self-healing and harmonizing processes opens. But most of the problems we are having today are associated with stress and enormous pressure. Our bodies are not ready for it. CBD is a natural substance that can help us very well. The therapeutic effect of the CBD is well documented in the field of nerve problems. "

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The general trend is over-use of pain-relieving drugs. Do you see the future in hemp medicines that are a natural alternative to chemical analgesics?

"Definitely yes. In addition, CBD has so-called reversed tolerance, unlike chemical drugs. You do not have to use it more and more, but rather less. It's quite an unknown but well-described phenomenon. "

That sounds almost unbelievable.

"There is no magic in it. The effects of CBD (cannabidiol) have been confirmed in many clinical trials and its effects are routinely investigated. On the other hand, hemp has more or less a negative media deposition. It’s a pity, because this is a crop that has helped a man for many years.”

Can hemp preparations replace other drugs?

"Cannabinoids naturally occur in the human body, called endocanabinoids and are also in breast milk and act on the endocannabinoid system that all mammals have. Hemp is therefore completely natural to the human body and harmonizes the most basic processes and functions. It is not about robbing Peter to pay Paul like with chemical drugs but supporting the natural activity of our organism. And thanks to this, CBD can be successfully used for many diseases. Helps people with joint and muscle pain, reduces insomnia, helps hearts activity, has anti-inflammatory effects and greatly affects swelling and redness. It helps in the treatment of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy. It can minimize inflammation in patients with asthma and has proven itself in the treatment of children with ADHD and attention deficit disorder. "

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