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Roman is a heavily disabled 21 y/o boy to whom the use of CBD hemp oil has changed his life. And not only to him but to his whole family. Romans's Mother was so kind she agreed and gave us a life story about the use of CBD hemp oil and its effects on her son.



How did you find that your son is ill? How did his illness go? 

I have a 21-year-old son Roman, who was diagnosed with severe mental retardation and epilepsy in his childhood - lifelong trapped in a wheelchair. We were able to manage everything until the 18th year when he began to show great aggression and anger. At first, we were advised to visit psychiatry where he was treated with synthetic medicines. Although they allayed anger and aggression but had a great influence on the life of Romance - he stopped talking with us, always wanted to sleep, and he never did it before. He even began to pee and was very nervous. When we stopped eating all of this, I began to feel very hopeless. At that moment, I decided to tell the synthetic drugs NO and look for an alternative.

What did Roman use before he switched to CBD hemp oil?

We gave to son Roman synthetic drugs but decided to stop taking them after deciding with my husband because of the huge side effects. We called the psychiatrist that we are stopping taking the tablets and will try alternative medicine. We began to use Bach's drops against anger, which made the partial - aggression slowed down, but unfortunately, it was still there.

How did you get directly to CBD hemp oil?

I learned about this product on a social network in a group of autistic children, where mums were greatly praising him. I myself have said that if CBD oil can help children who have autism, they could also help our son with mental retardation. I started to browse with the hope the Internet and then I came across a Cannadorra e-shop, where I met the adviser Mr. Pavel Čermák, who helped me with the product selection and the right dosage.

What opinion did you have on hemp products before you started giving it to your son?

A year ago I did not even know, that there exists such a thing at all. Now I am very glad that I came across such great products and I certainly recommend it to all of them. For us great improvement in aggression and mood.


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How did you start using the products – please tell us something about the first days, the dosage method?

CBD we ordered 10 % after consultation, - three drops three times a day. At the beginning of the treatment, our son responded with hyperactivity, one word he repeated repeatedly and was tense. We, therefore, reduced the dose and started to rise again a week later. We found the dose that suits us - (4 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the evening). In addition, we began to add spoonfuls of hemp seeds oil, which we combine with fish oil. I can say that the son has built up excellent immunity thanks to oil – we recently had the flu in our family, it always worked so that the son was the first to be sick. This time we only fell ill with our husband, and our son was completely flu-free.


When did you start seeing the first improvement?

We saw the first improvement after about 4 weeks of regular consumption of CBD hemp oil, a total improvement - means a complete disappearance of anger and aggression - we observed after the dosing stabilized (about 6 weeks). CBD hemp oil we take now half a year and the change is huge. Roman is just wonderful! Very kind! He started to laugh, is talkative and we develop the vocabulary together. It's relaxed and looks very happy. His sleeping has improved, and he falls asleep and sleeps until morning. Even epileptic seizures are gone. Aggression does not exist at home anymore :-) And the most beautiful - after three years he says „mommy-kiss”again.. the most beautiful gift is to see your child satisfied and happy.

"The most beautiful gift is to see your child satisfied and happy".

What would you like to tell everyone who thinks about hemp oil but has not tried it yet?

To all the parents of our wonderful and precious children, I would like to say never to give up and lose hope. Certainly to try the CBD hemp oil and do not worry - we are all, of course, individual and acts on someone else, rather than other ... how exactly do you know after today's conversation, Roman helped incredibly.

We greatly thank the Mother of Roman for the wonderful story that really touched us, and we are thrilled with Romance in his journey through life because he is a wonderful boy. As a thank you, we also give Roman a hemp pack for free :-)



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