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Do you still have a prejudice against hemp or have any questions about using it? We have selected the 6 most common questions about hemp, perhaps yours.






1. What is the difference between technical cannabis and "marijuana"? Can not I get confused?

The main difference is THC content. It's one and the same Cannabis Sativa / Indica plant. Technical hemp is a specially grown registered cannabis species that meets the standards for common cultivation. It is a mix of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, which further bred other varieties of technical hemp with THC content up to 0.2% - eg Fedora, Finola, Ferimon ...While "Marijuana" is a well-known name for hemp with higher THC content, there are also more varieties that are further bred for that purpose. This kind is illegal, and you do not find it "unfortunately" in store shelves.

2. Can I drive a car using technical hemp?

Yes you can. In seeds, protein, hemp oil, flour and other products, there is no THC representation. In addition, THC contains only plant flowers.In hemp tea and CBD hemp oil, the THC content is 0.2%, which is not a psychoactive amount. For interest only, if someone wants THC hemp to have an effect, we talk for example about 20% -60% THC. This is for comparison. However, if you are a top sports athlete, a policeman, a soldier, and others who go through drug tests at times, choose instead of CBD Hemp oil from the extract instead of a crystal variant where THC is 0%. After long-term use of higher doses, something could be licked / peed.3 Can I grow cannabis at home?

3. Can I grow cannabis at home?

Yes you can. Technical cannabis without restrictions, if you want in a larger quantity (whole field etc ..), it is the duty to report to the customs what you grow and sow the area.Hemp with higher THC content can also be used. If a good neighbor gives you: up to 5 bunches per person it's just a misdemeanor, over 5 flowers a criminal offense. How well do you know your neighbors.

4. I grew some weed at home what should I do with it?

Ideally dry it. Then you can use a leaf and a flower for tea, make a mastic (just heat a few times in lard / coconut oil / shea butter / butter at 80-120C and overcome, tincture (alcohol maceration), suppositories (like ointment, ). Do not tell the neighbors :-)

5. Will hemp help me? With what specifically?

Ideally, a combination of multiple products. Everyone is unique and has to try what makes him the best. In addition, hemp helps most when using multiple substances contained therein. Each product is unique in its composition and effects, each carrying a different body of information. To begin with, start with hemp tea and CBD hemp oil before bedtime to start a healing and body regeneration process. Add hemp seeds, hemp oil or hemp butter to your diet. For more active individuals and weakened people, include hemp protein in the diet.

6. Can hemp products also be used by children, pregnant and nursing mothers?

Yes Yes Yes. Hemp products are not psychoactive, on the contrary they have a calming effect. I think every mom will appreciate. I myself have been tested in all these stages. Both children and mothers need good nutrition for growth and regeneration, and cannabis foods are clearly. It offers quality protein, omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins, terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids that help with immunity and brain development.

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    dịch google bê nguyên con vô nên đọc thấy ngớ ngẩn , biết thì thưa thốt không biết thì cố mà học hỏi ,đừng láo lếu như thế ~!
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