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Hampa har varit en del av människans näring sedan tidernas begynnelse. Dock så söker fler och fler människor Hampa och Hampaprodukter av många olika skäl - många använder det som en form av förebyggande istället för någon typ av behandling, eller väljer det för att inkludera det i en del av deras hälsosamma livsstil. Hampaprodukter är lämpliga som ett protein komplement för vegetarianer och veganer eller för någon som söker 100% naturlig mat av hög kvalitet utan tillsatser.

Rekommendationer till Hampaprodukter:


Brigitte Malz

I am just amazed! Just after a few days of using CBD oil I observed a significant improvement of my overall health. I have more energy, my chronic tiredness has disappeared as well as my skin eczema and my chronic intestinal inflammation has improved too. I also belive my vision has improved, now I can see clearly again. It is a great product! 

Brigitte Malz
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Jiří Pícha

On recommendation from my daughter, I tried CBD hemp tea since I suffer from insomnia for ages. To be precise - I could not fall asleep earlier than 3 AM in the morning... After the first cup of tea, I felt calm and relaxed. I have been drinking CBD hemp tea regularly for 14 days now before going to sleep. When I prepare the tea I add some CBD butter or coconut oil to the tea. It happens rarely that I hardly fall asleep later than midnight and in the morning I wake up well rested with enough energy for the whole day of work as a forester. Thank you, I will further recommend this product. 

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Aneta Hvězdová

After 1 week of using hemp protein, my husband started to feel much better physically and mentally. Regular intake of hemp protein helped him also helped him with digestion problems. 
To sum it up - hemp protein is natural, tasty and effective. Thank you.

200x200xaneta Hvezdova O Konopnem Proteinu
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I add hemp seeds to all my sweet and savory dishes. It gives them all a special crunch and adds all the necessary vitamins. For me, it is a great alternative to meat. I definitely recommend it! It's great as a snack too!  

Kristyna Konopne Seminko
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I received hemp tea as a present from my granddaughter. I use it shortly before going to sleep because it helps me to fall asleep easily. It also reduces my knee pain, so I don't need to take painkillers anymore. My digestion has improved over time too. I definitely recommend it. 

200x224xmarie O Konopnem Caji
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Dalibor Uhlíř

For me, sport is a hobby. That is relaxing and fun. Every day I mix hemp protein, usually with a half of a banana together with rice or oat milk. It gives my body energy, but also important nutrients and doesn't slow my digestion after training. It also speeds up my regeneration after training. 

200x282xdalibor Uhlir O Konopnem Proteinu
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Ondřej 32 | Praha

Sometimes I can't sleep after doing sport in the evening. This is the time when I reach for hemp tea. I know it is going to calm me down and make me fall asleep easily. Moreover, I sleep much better after drinking a cup in the evening, so my body feels well rested in the morning. 

200x248xondrej O Konopnem Caji
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Monika 22 | Rakovník

I sampled hemp seed oil and hemp seeds at a festival. I was surprised at how delicious it actually is! Now, I use it at home as a healthy snack or I add oil to my salads.

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Dagmar 51 let | Olešná

After drinking hemp tea on a regular basis I have been able to stop taking my pills for menopause. Rushes and nervousness have completely disappeared and I can finally sleep properly. I feel relaxed and calm. 

200x245xdasa O Konopnem Caj
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Hampaprodukter och lagstiftning

 Alla presenterade Hampaprodukter är 100% lagliga enligt EU-lagstiftningen. De är gjorda av lagliga jordbruksstammar av hampa som innehåller en laglig nivå av THC (mindre än 0,2%). Hampafrön används för produktion av olja, protein och även för direkt konsumtion. Hampaörten används för CBD utvinning, te, och salvor & kosmetika. Alla våra produkter är INTE psykoaktiva. 

Cannadorra.com erbjuder ett komplett sortiment av hampa, CBD produkter & livsmedel. All produktion är ekologisk och inom EU. 

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Cbd Hemp Oil 591 200x200

CBD Hampaolja 5%, 10 ml

CBD Olja - Hampfröolja berikad med CBD-extrakt 5% - 10 ml. Ett unikt ...

Pre-discount price38,90 €
Pris 31,90 €
 306.24 kr
Zz Gel Thermocann It Mockup 200x200

Thermocann - warming gel

Thermocann - warming hemp gel with chilli, 100ml


Pris 12,99 €
 124.7 kr
Zz Gel Menthocann Eng Mockup 200x200

Menthocann - cooling gel

Menthocann - cooling gel with mint, 100ml


Pris 12,99 €
 124.7 kr
Cbd Kokosovy Olej Eng Maly Mockup7 200x200

CBD coconut oil, 30ml

CBD coconut oil - a food supplement is a unique blend of high-quality ...

Pre-discount price11,99 €
Pris 9,99 €
 95.9 kr
Hemp as Natural Medicine

Hemp has great medicinal and nutritional properties. It can be used against many diseases or just as a prevention and source of vitality & longevity.  

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