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How To Easily And Quickly Prepare Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is also suitable for vegans and is made from mixed hemp seeds mixed with water. The resulting cream mixture has an excellent hazelnut taste - in addition, unlike cow's milk, this alternative is much more digestible. How to prepare it easily and quickly at home?

Hemp milk is the most ecological of all 

Before we embark on the recipe itself, let's take a look at why you should definitely try hemp milk - in addition to the amazing nutritional properties, you will find that you consume the most ecological milk of all. So you are not doing something good just for your body, but even for the whole planet. 

The following analysis shows that the relatively new variant in the form of hemp milk is the most ecological milk of all. 

Did you know that one study from 2018 estimates that dairy products account for about three times as much greenhouse gas emissions as plant milk production?

  • Carbon dioxide 

A kilogram of carbon dioxide per litre of milk produced - ranges from 1.14 in Australia to 2.50 in Africa. It is many times more than with milk of plant origin. The emission contribution for almond and coconut milk is on average 0.42, for soy milk 0.75.

  • Soil expenditure

Milk production generally requires nine times more land than the production of any of the plant alternatives. An area of 8.9 square meters is needed each year to produce a litre of cow's milk, compared to 0.8 for oats, 0.7 for soya, 0.5 for almonds and 0.3 for rice milk. 

  • Water consumption 

Consumption of cow's milk is 628 litres for each litre of milk, compared to 371 litres for almond, 270 litres for rice, 48 litres for oats and 28 litres for soy milk.

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You can use the hemp plant practically in any way:

Hemp seeds are processed into oil and milk, or can be consumed separately as an excellent "treat" for television :-) The plant itself has a very universal use. All its parts can be used, for example, as a building material, textile fibre, paper or hemp plastics. The roots grow deep, which improves the soil structure and reduces the presence of mould. 

Hemp creates a lot of shade, which prevents so many weeds from growing, which in turn reduces the need for chemicals to remove it. Growing hemp requires more water than soy, but less than almonds and dairy products. 

How to prepare hemp milk easily and simply? 

You can playfully manage hemp milk at home, you only need hemp seeds and water.

Ingredients For Hemp Milk


1. Leave the seeds in the water for 4 to 5 hours - this is very important. Then replace the water with 0,5 l freshwater.

Preparation Of Hemp Milk

2. Next, mix with a hand mixer for 3 to 5 minutes to thoroughly grind the seeds.

Mixing Of Hemp Seeds

3. Then strain through a cloth or semi-cloth. And it is ready! You can leave it in the refrigerator for a while. Hemp milk can be used also for cooking. Enjoy it!

Hemp Milk


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