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CBD oil and why it won’t work for everyone?

While for many CBD hemp oil is salvation, for some it is not. There are many known reasons why CBD oil does not always work and everyone in the same way. However, this fact has nothing to do with its effectiveness in general. Here are a few options why it can be and how to correct it. 

CBD oil - quality

Let's start from the bottom. You may have bought a bad product or misfeed it. Never buy CBD oil from a company that does not offer third-party laboratory results. At present, many CBD products are on the market, of course, even those of the worse quality or misleading guarantee of cannabinoid content. The current analysis of guaranteed CBD content eliminates most of the doubts about brand reputation.

CBD oil – dosage

Dosage is a very individual thing. Some small doses of CBD work and some of them do not benefit. The basic rule is always to start with a lower dose and gradually increase by effect. If the effect occurs, do not increase the dosage and stay for some time at this level.

Hemp support: If you need support with CBD dosing, do not hesitate to contact us.

CBD oil and genetics

The reason may also be your genetics. CBD works with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and believe it or not, some of us were born with more endocannabinoids than others. Records show that approximately 20% of the population has a genetic mutation that increases the natural level of endocannabinoids in the body. If you are lucky to have this mutation, feelings of anxiety are fading away, but CBD may also have no effect.

You surely know someone who has tried to smoke marijuana sometime in his life and nothing has done to him. Nothing. It just did not connect :-).

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CBD oil - Men vs. Women

If you are a woman, you are naturally more sensitive to cannabinoids - including CBD. This means you also have a better chance of relieving pain. Since men are generally larger than women, they need higher doses of CBD to alleviate chronic pain.

The menstrual cycle also has a significant impact on how CBD oil works. Research shows that cannabinoids work closely with estrogen. It is assumed, therefore, that CBD works best for women at a time when estrogen levels are at the peak.

CBD oil - biochemistry and lifestyle

In general, some people are more sensitive to CBD than others. For example, do you notice how you can drink six beers and feel good while your friend is drunk for two? It's all about ECS (Endocannabinoid System). Factors such as genetics, stress, diet, and lifestyle affect the functioning of the ECS.

If CBD does not work according to your ideas, take a close look at your lifestyle and pay special attention to the amount of fatty acids in your diet.

CBD oil and psyche

Again, CBD will be much more effective if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or other problem that affects your mental health. In this case, there is a chemical imbalance in the brain and this is partly the cause of your mental problems. When using CBD, the balance should be restored, which should make you feel much better.

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CBD oil and tolerance

In general, the more CBD you use, the higher your tolerance is. Obviously, if you take 100 mg a day for five years, it will not have the same effect as your first use. Fortunately, there are ways to solve the situation. One of the best ways to reduce tolerance is to omit CBD doses. Even a couple of weeks should be enough to restore tolerance and make sure your body responds positively to "new" stimuli.

CBD oil - companion effect

We have a "companion effect" that basically means that CBD oil works best when it contains other natural "full-value" hemp compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. Based on several studies, CBD is not particularly effective when used alone as an isolate (99% CBD crystal). This is the case if the manufacturer guarantees 0% THC, which means that the product contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids or other hemp accompaniments. You will also find out about it by smell and taste.

Conclusion on the effectiveness of CBD oils

If you tested CBD and it was inefficient, do not automatically assume that all CBD products are bad. You may have bought a bad oil, poor concentration, you need to advise on dosing, or try different ways of using it. Taking oral CBD oil is by far the only way to accept CBD. In some cases, the vaporization of CBD liquid proved to be more effective. You can also make strong CBD tea.


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