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Did you know that on April 22nd our mother Earth celebrates her birthday? This day is supposed to remind us of the importance of the Earth for us, and that we are responsible for the future of our planet. This year the Earth Day falls on Sunday and we recommend you to relax, and maybe go for a nice trip to the nature with your family, where you can reveal the beauties of our beautiful planet Earth.

The history of the Earth Day

Over 20 million people gathered in various places in the United States on 22nd April of 1970 in order to demonstrate a healthier environment. The campaign set a goal of pushing through some new laws regarding environmental protection, forcing these issues into a political discussion and supporting public interest in environmental problems. It was initiated by an American senator Gaylord Nelson, and it got the support of other American politicians.

The campaign had an unprecedented response and it started the tradition of celebrating the Earth Day – on 22nd April as an international day of the environment.

Why celebrate the Earth Day?

Earth day gets more and more fans around the world through a wide range of activities and events, and it reminds them even they are responsible for the future of our planet. This day really gives a chance to everybody – everyone can contribute to environmental protection and care in a local, national and international context at the same time.

„Nowadays over one billion people in 175 countries celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day thus became the largest secular holiday that is celebrated by people all around the planet regardless their origin, religion or nationality.“

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Start with little things that you will adopt even for the following days.

  • Make less waste

- Always take only one shopping bag with you when going shopping.

- Buy only as much food as you can eat

- keep your own bottle of water, and regularly fill it with tap water

  • Recycle

- ideally, compost biological waste

- throw plastics, glass and paper into specific trash cans

- throw away clothes also only in a designed trash can

  • Save water

- take a shower for only 5 minutes

- don’t let the water run when brushing your teeth

- always wash dishes and clothes when the washing machine is full

  • Save energy

- unplug electric devices when you don’t use them

- unplug the chargers once the device is fully charged.

- get saving light bulbs

  • Be considerate

- stop using the aggressive cleaning chemistry (chlorine bleach, detergents), ecological detergents are just as effective and they are affordable. You contaminate your own water which will come back to your faucet later.

- do not litter. Do not throw cigarette butts other trash wherever you like.

  • Grow your vegetables or start a flower pot on the balcony

- you can plant anything you buy often (herbs, tomatoes, lettuce...., hemp)

  • Go to nature

- every day, at least for a little while


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