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The most common New Year's resolutions include detox - a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, and playing sports. With the New Year, we simply try to start afresh and better, but alas, we like to prescribe our own diets and regimes, and that's how it often ends: after a few weeks, we go back to our old ways. That's why Cannadorra offers expert tips to help you keep your resolutions with hemp.

It's all about balance

"Although it may seem surprising, I would advise all the eager ones not to go headfirst into the resolution. The best results in terms of lifestyle are achieved with deliberation and patience," emphasises Ondřej Št'ovíček, director of Cannadorra.

"It is the same with dietary changes, which are the essence of all cleansing cures, recovery diets, weight loss regimes, etc. I would recommend waiting for spring, when our body is awakening with nature and our diet is naturally changing," Ondřej continues and adds: "In spring, we like to prefer lighter, fresher foods and thus replenish the body with the missing substances. Spring is the ideal time to try out hemp products, which can prove to be powerful allies in fulfilling your resolutions."

Starting from hemp seed

After the winter, the body needs to regain its strength and replenish its supply of various precious compounds. And since hemp seed is considered to be a source of virtually all the substances necessary for the healthy functioning of the human body, you certainly won't go wrong if you start adding it to various dishes.

"From hemp seed, the body can obtain proteins, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals," says Ondřej Št'ovíček. After all, it is not for nothing that the Buddha is said to have made do with one hemp seed a day during his meditations.

Hemp seed can be consumed firstly in its raw, unhulled form, which naturally contains the most valuable substances. The whole seed can be roasted, added to baking or simply crunched. Alternatively, it can be soaked in water overnight, blended in the morning in the same water with a stick blender, strained and used to make nutritious plant milk.

The second option is the hulled seed. This is an ideal diet, especially for our brain and nerve cells. It can be used in many ways, for example in salads, soups, spreads, yoghurt, on bread and as a stand-alone treat.

TIP! Recipe: How to easily and quickly prepare hemp milk?

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Hemp tea

As is well known, the success of all cures and detoxifications lies in whether or not the nervous system is calmed. In other words, if we don't relieve ourselves of stress, our efforts may completely miss the mark. This is where hemp tea, which has a positive effect on the entire nervous system, helps significantly.

"Hemp tea soothes and relaxes, brings relief from insomnia or migraines, supports digestion, contributes to strengthening immunity, lowers blood pressure and regulates cholesterol or blood sugar levels. All of its positive effects on the human body cannot be listed," concludes Ondřej Št'ovíček.

Hemp protein

An easily digestible hemp protein with a high protein content also has a place in New Year's resolutions. It includes all the nutritious substances of hemp seed and is a great help for building and restoring muscle mass and strengthening the whole body.

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"However, it has been proven in practice that hemp protein is appreciated not only by those who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose weight or undergo detoxification: it is equally suitable for athletes, children and seniors," Ondřej points out.

Hemp protein is very easy to apply: it can be added to spreads, porridges or smoothies. It can be used pure, blended with banana, for example, or purchased already flavoured.

Hemp seed oil - balm for the body and soul

If we don't want to stick to the seed, we can reach for one of the products made from it. The basic hemp product is hemp oil, obtained by pressing the seeds. 

"Hemp seed oil is one of the most valuable food oils ever, thanks to its ideal ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids, and has countless uses, especially in cold cooking. In addition, it has found applications in cosmetics and massage, as it contributes to the pH balance of the skin and regenerates the natural protective microfilm. And since the skin is the largest organ of our body, we should not forget about it when cleansing the body," explains Ondřej Št'ovíček.

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