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Christmas is already coming and Cannadorra team diligently works to get all the packages in time where they should be. How does our team spend Christmas? What do these holidays mean for us, and do we also give something other than hemp? :-)


Christmas with the Šťovíček family

Andrea and Ondrej are owners of the Cannadorra. They are in charge of maintaining the right direction and business development.

Andrea, what Christmas means for you?

Christmas is for me - magic, family, enjoyment of receiving and giving.

What are you looking forward to most for Christmas this year?

This year we are looking forward to Christmas at home. For the first time, we will be five - our daughter Majinka was born, and we also have a dog Rori. Christmas, we treat traditional/unconventional, we will decorate in the garden our huge fir and give gifts under it.

Please tell us what you will give your family this year?

Like every year, this year I also present my family and my closest friends with hemp novelties, mainly CBD coconut oil, which we produce, and photos.


Christmas by Kristy and Zoli

Kristyna is mainly responsible for foreign wholesale in the Cannadorra and administers English and Italian e-shop. Her smile conjures up the Christmas atmosphere right now. Zoli, her boyfriend, takes care of the Hungarian e-shop and is also the leading site administrator.

Kristy, what Christmas means for you?

For me, Christmas means especially humility - in the sense, the realization that the most is the possibility to be with the family.

What are you looking forward to most for Christmas this year?

I'm most looking forward to the quiet, to the free time ... but of course to the gifted response, because I love to give presents. I look forward to the good food that we will cook with our boyfriend together. I'm also looking forward to the first Christmas with a new family member – dog Bailey.

Please tell us what you will give your family this year?

For our grandmothers there are magical hemp ointments, our dog gets plenty of hemp dainties then I bet on classic - clothes and different surprises.




Christmas by Pavel Čermák

Pája in Cannadorra takes care mainly of customers in the Czech Republic and is also known as hemp advisor. He practically constantly rings his phone or goes through emails. Pája is simply the number one and he also allowed us to look into his privacy.

Pavel, what does Christmas mean at your home?

At home, Christmas is mainly a holiday of well-being and a meeting with the family.

What are you looking forward to Christmas?

We are all looking forward to the Christmas Eve and then to the Midnight Mass, which we regularly participate with our daughter every year.

What do you give your loved ones?

For most of my family, I'm especially giving healthy gifts. For my daughter, I already have a toy bought.




Christmas by Alexandra

Although Sasha speaks several world languages - including Czech and is responsible for some of our website, she comes from Russia. At home, they do not celebrate Christmas but the New Year. What will Christmas be like for Sasha?

What does Christmas mean to you?

Coming from Russia, we most celebrate a New Year's Eve. Since my childhood I associate Christmas with a kind of magic, silence and comfort, especially when I saw advertising and movies with decorated houses, shops with gifts. Of course, everything in Russia is also colorful, but the feelings are completely different. Maybe because of the heavy frost: D It turns out, then, that Christmas is a kind of warmth for me when, after a busy year, families finally meet and enjoy each other without much stress.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Of course at the Christmas markets! Mulled wine and Christmas cookies! Mittens and caps (I hope it will be cold and snow). Peace and freedom.

How do you gift your loved one this year?

For parents, of course, CBD, so they could withstand the harsh Russian winter :-) Well, something personally from me that I will not write here, otherwise my mother will read and know :D.




Lucy`s Christmas

Lucka takes care of the running of the, arranges papers, helps where it is needed and is also an ambassador for hemp for animals. She also told us how Christmas would look at her home.

What does Christmas mean for you?

Mainly warmth of home and love. Family comfort ...

What are you looking forward to Christmas, Lucy?

Food, food, food ..! No, I'm kidding ... :-) I'm definitely looking forward to all the Christmas holidays that I will live in peace and quiet with my family, my friends, including the four-legged ones.

What do you present to your loved ones?

I have something different for everyone, I like to make something special every year. So far, it's a surprise. I will tell you, however, that this year's hemp gifts will, of course, be under our tree. My mom even buys our dainties to give it to my dogs. My brother is buying our products to give his grandmother ... So I put a lot on personal gifts, for animals – specifically for our horses I have a pile of carrots and apples.




Christmas in Jihlava

For the Jihlava team, we contacted Dasha, warehouse manager. Dasha takes care of the warehouse in Jihlava with care and love, where she arranges orders across Europe. It is a very demanding job and we appreciate it very much. Dasha also told has told us how this Christmas is going to take place this year.

Dasha - what does Christmas mean to you?

STRESS - no, I'm kidding ... it means family comfort and free time.

What are you most excited about?

Well for gifts of course :-) and also on the first Christmas with a grandchild, which is a gift to us.

What do you offer your loved ones?

These are, above all, personal gifts that are the first of all to me. For dogs, we have our hemp dainties and oil :-)





Cannadorra wishes you a beautiful Christmas

Cannadorra wishes you a beautiful Christmas and HEALTH New Year 2019. Thank you for being with us! After all, thanks to you we do what fills us in life.


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