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Hemp massage gel with CBD - Cannabidiol delivers relaxation and refreshment in muscle fatigue and in the difficulties of the musculoskeletal system.  Hemp gel with a functional combination of active ingredients is suitable for skin massage in the area of muscles, back and joints. It spreads well, absorbs quickly and does not grease. Even a small amount treats a large area of skin. The composition is pure of plant origin and is therefore also suitable for vegans.


CBD - what is it?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main cannabinoids in hemp without a narcotic effect. Harmoniously works and harmonizes natural processes in the body. According to known studies and experience, it has a calming effect on the nervous system.

CBD cooling gel

It is a hemp gel with menthol and CBD content - Cannabidiol, hemp seeds oil, and essential oils of mint and comfrey. It is suitable for rapid relief of stiffness and pain in muscles, effusions, contusions, rheumatism, and swelling. Ideal even for heavy legs and varicose veins. Removes the feeling of fatigue after increased physical exertion. Contains 50 mg of CBD. It has a pleasant menthol scent.

CBD cooling gel application:

  • Gently massage on the skin
  • Thanks to the cooling feeling of the gel you will immediately feel a refreshing and relaxing effect
  • The gel is suitable for massages, helping to cool the stressed parts of the body. It helps relieve muscle fatigue and reduce swelling.

CBD cooling gel composition:

Cbd Cooling Gel Cannadorra

Ingredients contained in this gel speed up the process of regenerating the joints and limbs and give them long-lasting relief.

CBD warming gel

This is power. Special hemp warming cloves-menthol gel with CBD - Cannabidiol, hemp seeds oil and essential oil of the comfrey. This warming gel is applied by skin massage. Contains 50 mg of CBD. The gel is suitable for massages, helping to warm up the stressed parts of the body, helping to relieve muscle fatigue. Helps blood circulation in the joints area and suppresses the feeling of stiffness and pain. It has a pleasant clove scent.

CBD warming gel application:

  • Apply a small amount of the preparation to affected areas (feet, neck, back, etc.) and gently massage.
  • When applied to the skin and massaging, it has a warm, blood-stimulating and relaxing effect
  • The gel is suitable for massages, helping to warm the stressed parts of the body. It helps to relieve muscle fatigue and to bend the joints and stiff parts of the body.

CBD warming gel composition:

Cbd Warming Gel From Cannadorra

The unique formula contained in this gel speeds up the process of regenerating the clamped joints and limbs and delivers long-lasting relief.

While the CBD gel can be enjoyed by the whole family, it is perfectly suited for everyone. For athletes and non-sportsmen. When using gel, avoid contact with eyes and weaknesses.

Zz Cbd Gel Chladivy Eng Mockup 200x200

CBD cooling gel

CBD cooling menthol gel - contains 50mg of CBD. It is suitable for rapid ...


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Zz Cbd Gel Hrejivy Eng Mockup 200x200

CBD warming gel

CBD warming gel with menthol and cloves - contains 50mg of CBD. It is ...


Sales price: 26,50 €
 283.87 kr


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