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This article summarizes all the important and known effects of hemp and the substances contained in the human organism. Hemp contains more than 1,000 different cannabinoids. These substances are also a natural part of the human organism. These types, human´s cannabinoids, are called endocannabinoids and there is a part of a human cannabinoid system, which harmonizes practically all the functions of our organism - digestion, growth, development, nervous system, defense and metabolism.

How cannabinoids affect the human body:

1) Hemp oil with CBD harmonizes natural processes in the body and this supports its defenses.

2) By simple living and breathing our body creates harmful free radicals. Cannabinoids help reverse this process and suppress free radicals.

3) Cannabinoids kill brain cells, but they are cells called gliomas, which are brain tumor cells. All other brain cells cannabinoids protect and heal. (Glioma cells do not tolerate cannabinoids.)

4) Except for insects, we find endocannabinoids at each animal in this world. The endocannabinoid system maintains the balance of our body's functions (homeostasis).


5) Cannabinoids protect the heart against arrhythmia.

6) Cannabinoids slow down the aging process.

7) Hemp relieves liver disease and itching as well. It also helps with sleeping problems and depression. Hemp has been here for hundreds of millions of years.

8) According to a brain function study carried out on 150 people suffering from hemp depression, the brain protects against cell death and protects neurons.

9) Hemp protects nerve cells from death and thus from Alzheimer's disease.

10) When we feel the appetite, it's because our body has created substances which are similar to natural cannabinoids. Once we are saturated, production of these substances will slow down. Receiving food is one of the most important life functions.


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